Kevin C. Wong

Tunnels and Trolls Collection


Flying Buffalo

FBI-xxxx 2013 1E PDF Tunnels & Trolls 1E (scanned reprint)

FBI-0079 2015 1P PDF Deluxe Goblin Lake (3E)
FBI-0094 2016 1P PDF Solo 27: Deluxe Agent of Death

FBI-8101 2013 3E PDF Solo 01: Buffalo Castle
FBI-8102 2013 PDF Solo 02: Deluxe Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon
FBI-8104 2017 1P PDF Solo 04: Deluxe Naked Doom
FBI-8109 2013 3E PDF Solo 09: Deluxe City of Terrors
FBI-8110 1978 1P PDF Solo 10 (or 11): Sorcerer Solitaire
FBI-8112 2017 1P PDF Solo 12: Deluxe Arena of Khazan
FBI-8113 2018 3P PDF Solo 13: Deluxe Sewers of Oblivion
FBI-8114 1981 1P PDF Solo 14: Sea of Mystery
FBI-8125 2014 PDF Adventurers Compendium (best of Sorcerer's Apprentice magazine)
FBI-8130 2019 PDF Elven Lords Deluxe Edition (2E)
FBI-8201 2018 1P PDF T&T Adventures: Japan (from T&T Magazine #1-3, published in Japan)
FBI-8300 2013 2P PDF The Complete Dungeon of the Bear (includes Castle Ward)
FBI-8305 2018 1P PDF Vaults of K'Horror
FBI-8311 2018 40thA PDF Uncle Ugly's Underground Doom (scanned reprint)
FBI-9102 1976 PDF Monsters! Monsters! (scanned reprint)
FBI-9103 2015 1P PDF Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls RPG
FBI-9105 2015 PDF Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls GM Screen

Trollhalla Press

FBI-0089 2011 PDF Dwarf World (for T&T 7.5E)
FBI-0090 2012 PDF Battle School
FBI-0091 2012 PDF Seven Challenges of Kartejan