Kevin C. Wong

GORF #176/B&B 4 - The Fairy Ring of the Nibble Onions p2

Christopher: Busi Bunni the Runner
Christopher Jr: Eyeball the Squirrel (Grifter) [playing on iPad]
Corina: Mysti the Seer
Dave S: Huggy the Herbalist [Lake Tahoe]
Donald: Percival the Chipmunk (Spy)
Mary: Coraline the Porcupine (Guardian)

Source: Bunnies & Burrows 3E module "The Fairy Ring of the Nibble Onions"

Main Plot

  1. Back at burrow, determine equipment
  2. Travel to dark forest
  3. Three encounters (raptor, raptor, snake)
  4. In the dark forest
  5. Javelinas. Can't talk to them.
  6. Clearing with faerie ring
  7. Busi digs a tunnel
  8. Mysti gets a vision, red sneakers hung on power lines
  9. Loqui and 8 rats demand 2 onions
  10. Coraline and Mysti give up onions
  11. Party gathers 4 more onions


Christopher: Free Point
Corina: Running
Donald: Free Point
Mary: Free Point