Kevin C. Wong

Humanx Commonwealth Collection


Humanx Commonwealth

     Pip and Flinx

     1983 1E    PBk    For Love of Mother-Not
     1972 10P   PBk    The Tar-Aiym Krang
     1977 7P    PBk    Orphan Star
     1977 4P    PBk    The End of the Matter
     1988 1E    PBk    Flinx in Flux
     1995 1P    Pbk    Mid-Flinx
     2001 1P    PBk    Reunion
     2003 1P    PBk    Flinx's Folly
     2004 1P    PBk    Sliding Scales
     2005 1P    HdC    Running from the Deity
     1973 3P    PBk    Bloodhype
     2006 1P    PBk    Trouble Magnet
     2007 1P    HdC    Patrimony
     2009 1E1P  HdC    Flinx Transcendant
2017 1P PPB Strange Music

     Founding of the Commonwealth

     1999 2P    PBk    Phylogenesis
     2000 1P    PBk    Dirge
     2002 1P    PBk    Diurnity's Dawn

     Icerigger Trilogy

     1974 5P    PBk    Icerigger
     1979 3P    PBk    Mission to Moulokin
     1987 1E    PBk    The Deluge Drivers

     Commonwealth Novels

     1982 1E    PBk    Nor Crystal Tears
     1984 4P    PBk    Voyage to the City of the Dead
     1975 6P    PBk    Midworld
     2003 1P    PBk    Drowning World
     2008       PBk    Quofum
     1997 4P    PBk    The Howling Stones
     1985 1E    PBk    Sentenced to Prism
     1980 1E    PBk    Cachalot

     Anthologies (each contains 1+ Commonwealth story)

     1977 4P    PBk    With Friends Like These...
     1984 1E    PBk    ...Who Needs Enemies?
     2008 1P    PBk    Exceptions to Reality