Kevin C. Wong

Shadowrun 5 Bundle of Holding

There are two bundles, SR5 Essentials and SR5 Missions. SR5 Essentials is from 2019 and I probably declined since it was only some 5th edition books and no adventures. SR5 Missions is one big supplement and the rest are campaigns and adventures.

There are lots more SR5 products published in book or just PDF, maybe enough for another couple of bundles. So I guess I'm not inclined to buy these bundles, noting I already have much of 1E, 2E, 3E and 6E. I'll pass and maybe it'll be on Humble Bundle one day and even as two bundles there it'd be like half the price of Bundle of Holding.

SR5 Essentials ($31)

CAT-27000 Shadowrun 5E (2013)
CAT-27004 Run Faster (2014)
CAT-27005 Chrome Flesh (2015)
CAT-27002 Run & Gun (2014)
CAT-27003 Street Grimoire (2014)
CAT-27006 Data Trails (2015)
CAT-27007 Rigger 5.0 (2015)

SR5 Missions ($32)

CAT-27110 Seattle Sprawl (boxed set) (2016)

CAT-27400 Splintered State (2013)
CAT-26S051 Lethal Forces (2017)
CAT-27405 Toxic Alleys (2017)

CAT-27485 Boundless Mercy (2015)
CAT-27481 Firing Line (2013)
CAT-27482 London Falling (2014)
CAT-27480 Sprawl Wilds (2013)

CAT-27200 Stolen Souls (2014)
CAT-27300 Lockdown (2015)
CAT-27231 Dark Terrors (2017)
CAT-27450 Bloody Business (2015)
CAT-27451 Market Panic (2016)

CAT-27401 Serrated Edge (2016)
CAT-27402 False Flag (2016)
CAT-27403 Ripping Reality (2017)

Apple WWDC Keynote 2024

WWDC opened this week and the keynote was yesterday.

iOS 18

  • iPhone 14 and later can send and receive Messages via satellite (was limited to SOS only). I wonder how much it'll cost one it's a paid feature.
  • Multi-page Control Center seems a bit much since CC is a bit confusing to me due to a lot of small icons without text. But I guess I simply don't create a second page of controls.

iPadOS 18

  • Calculator app, which also adds Math Notes: handwriting recognition, deciphering formulas you write and calculating results including graphs. It's neat use of AI even if I'll never use it.

macOS 15 Sequoia

  • iPhone Mirroring so you can remote control your iPhone -- meaning Mac automation tools will be able to remote control an iPhone (blindly even if they can't read what the iPhone showing).
  • Tiling a window by dragging it to the edge of the screen and letting macOS suggest a tile. Not as versatile as Mosaic which is the app I use now but it's nice having basic capabilities built-in.
  • Passwords app. I hope it can replace Keychain Access though I can't tell if Passwords supports secure notes.

Apple Intelligence

  • Half the keynote was on this. It's more like a framework that is integrated into apps in various ways. Since Apple's AI efforts are all on-device no-server it makes Private Cloud Compute interesting for third parties that want to do more, maybe aggregate, AI work that maintains privacy.

Diary - Jun 01 to Jun 07 2024

Sat Jun 01 2024

Sleep 0700 to 1230 (5-1/2 hours)

  • It's been over a week and still gives me "Account verification is Pending. Please try after some time." when I try to download Fusion Pro. Broadcom process is very slow. I give up.

Sun Jun 02 2024

Sleep 0530 to 1330, 30m nap (8-1/2 hours)

Mon Jun 03 2024

Sleep 0100 to 0200, 1030 to 1530 (6 hours)

  • Met with Coil guys and showed them around a bit. They're starting install today and it should three weeks.

Tue Jun 04 2024

Sleep 0000 to 0945 (9-3/4 hours)

  • Twitch raising US prices Jul 11. it'll be $6 instead of $5. Mobile app prices will increase at a future date. I guess I'll subscribe via mobile for a month or two if I can.

Wed Jun 05 2024

Sleep 0600 to 1000, 1530 to 1700 (5-1/2 hours)

Thu Jun 06 2024

Sleep 2230 to 0945 (11-1/4 hours)

  • Twitch added ability for mods to issue a private warning, which must then be acknowledged by the target. You also get user warning count just like for timeouts and bans.

Fri Jun 07 2024

Sleep 0700 to 1400 (7 hours)

  • Gloomhaven with DS playing on his work MBP. Usually he uses Riley's laptop but R needs it this weekend. Work MBP he can't use Bootcamp so no Windows games and can't use emulators so no CrossOver for DDO.

Delta Green RPG Humble Bundle

This Delta Green RPG bundle is almost a superset (except for Handler's Screen) of the Bundle of Holding one and that one cost $40. Yikes!

The price is $18 and even though I either own or don't care about most of it. The four books I would want are worth $85 as PDFs so the bundle still makes sense to buy.

Already Own

Delta Green Agent's Handbook
Delta Green Handler's Guide
The Labyrinth
Evidence Kit: The Labyrinth
The Complex
Impossible Landscapes
Static Protocol
Agent Dossiers

Extra Accessories - which I probably wouldn't buy anyways

Digital Assets: Known Vectors Pack 1 ($15) - blank handouts and in-world documents
Digital Assets: Law Enforcement Pack 1 ($15) - blank handouts and in-world documents
Digital Assets: Murder Board Pack 1 ($15) - 500 PNG and WEBP files
Digital Assets: Public Interest Pack 1 ($15) - blank handouts and in-world documents
Evidence Kit: God's Teeth ($5) - handouts

Worthwhile Items

God's Teeth ($25) - 264p 6-adventure campaign that spans two decades
A Night at the Opera ($20) - 206p with 6 independent adventures
Control Group ($20) - 180p with 4 independent adventures
Black Sites ($20) - 210p with 7 reprinted adventures

Saving Private Ryan

I have a definite but low level dread watching a lot of dramas today because I often expect a character to get shot in the head with graphic blood spurt and all.

This began with Saving Private Ryan which has an intense opening sequence: D-Day at Omaha beach. Lots of people dying suddenly and rather graphically. It has other instances of graphic sudden death but that first scene is definitely the worst.

At the time I don't think it affected me that much but after that there seemed to be more movies with graphic sudden death and even tv shows were doing it (way toned down of course more like surprise suddenly killed without the graphic part).

The dread has slowly gotten a bit worse but not that bad. Like right now I'm watching Megan Leavey and she's been deployed to Iraq and I keep expecting bad things to happen at any time so I watch a few minutes and in some scenes I might watch without sound (I always have subtitles on) and only focus on the dialog not the rest of the screen.

This is a bit different than watching a horror movie -- I get the regular horror movie dread but there the gory deaths are expected. It's when I'm watching a regular show with a bit of a dramatic or quiet moment and I get a feeling of dread that someone is going to die even though that has in no way been hinted at.

I was watching an episode of New Amsterdam (#3.16 "Perspectives") that reminded me that my fear is a bit PTSD-like. In that episode a bunch of high school students got PTSD from a realistic shooter scenario that was run without warning (not even the teachers knew it was a drill).

Diary - May 25 to May 31 2024

Sat May 25 2024

Sleep 0330 to 1100., 45m nap. (8-1/4 hours)

  • Didn't realize this before: my building doesn't have any x13 units so no 113, 213, 313 units. We skipped over those numbers.

Sun May 26 2024

Sleep 0700 to 1300 (6 hours)

  • Got an Amazon email asking me to link my Amazon Rewards credit card to Amazon. Doing so would give Amazon access to those credit card statements so they would get my purchasing data with that credit card. No thanks since the benefits -- I can view my credit card statements from Amazon and pay my credit card bills from Amazon, which would also mean linking my bank info to Amazon -- don't seem worth it.

Mon May 27 2024

Sleep 0115 to 0700, 1:45 nap (7-1/2 hours)

  • I listened to a review for B10 Night's Dark Terror (levels 2-4) and now I want to run that next. On the positive side it's sort of the logical next module after B2 because it's relatively close to the Keep on the Borderlands and is meant to transition players to Expert Set and outdoor adventures.

Tue May 28 2024

Sleep 2245 to 0300, 0730 to 1130 (8-1/4 hours)

  • Got my EVCS doc signed and notarized. A+ Mailboxes is not in a great place because their front and side parking gets blocked by commute traffic so hard to get out. I parked around the corner.

Wed May 29 2024

Sleep 2300 to 0400, 1400 to 1630. (7-1/2 hours)

  • Spent about 4 hours watching Sonic get Internet working in the office. They installed an ONT there when they wired our building but I don't think it was ever connected a cable to the splitter. They had to drill a hole in the floor because the other two holes are filled. Then the other problem is that the office was assigned to the far splitter which would have been another 100' or so but the tech got the central office to change it to the near splitter (now I wonder if they got the office and recreation room ONTs mixed up). Tech was really good about tying the new cable to the existing wiring so it's not hanging loose and looks professional.
  • Dinner at C3's. Cjr and I played an hour of Laser Kittens. Thai takeout for dinner.

Thu May 30 2024

Sleep 2345 to 0900 (9-1/4 hours)

  • Thinking about Coil WiFi installation. They will use conduit to protect the Ethernet cabling but the Comcast and Sonic cabling runs throughout the garage ceiling and it's not protected that way. So is that just an excuse to charge an extra $100 per 20' of cable run or does Ethernet cable need more protection?

Fri May 31 2024

Sleep 2330 to 0130, 0700 to 1100 (6 hours)

  • Borderlands 3. We got a couple hours doing side quests.

Passkeys on macOS

I've started setting up Passkeys on sites that support them. With Safari when I go to a site that has Passkeys set up I login with a click -- not really faster than the browser auto-filling in user/pass. The advantage is that on the wire the browser and web site send a one-time token back and forth so you can't intercept then eventually decrypt the password.

When I'm using my Windows partition if a web site has Passkeys I can choose external phone -- I don't have Passkeys set up on my Windows partition -- then the site shows a QR code which I can scan with my phone and then verify with thumbprint (I have an iPhone with TouchID) and it logs in. This is more time than doing it the old way but maintains high security.

On macOS the setup is stored in iCloud so available on all your other devices and at least with Safari and any other browser that uses iCloud Keychain (for example, Chrome supports Passkeys on iCloud Keychain).

Rifts Bundles

Rifts Coalition Wars and a resurrected Rifts Core Mega bundle from Bundle of Holding. There are a lot of Rifts books and the two bundles are like 1/3th or 1/4th of the books. At least the new bundle is fairly focused on a particular campaign though you'd still need the first bundle for the core rules. There's also Savage Worlds Rifts if you'd like to play with a non-class based ruleset.

In any case I'm still too biased against Palladium and I don't really have interest other than their licensed games such as Robotech and TMNT so will skip these bundles.

Rifts Core Mega Bundle ($41)

PAL-800 Rifts Ultimate Edition (2005)
PAL-801 Rifts Sourcebook One: Revised (2007)
PAL-803 Conversion Book One - Revised (2002) - converting Palladium Fantasy and Heroes Unlimited to Rifts
PAL-805 Rifts Sourcebook Two: The Mechanoids (1992)
PAL-811 Conversion Book Two: Pantheons of the Megaverse (2005)
PAL-812 Rifts Sourcebook Three: Mindwerks (1994)
PAL-823 Rifts Index and Adventures Volume One (1996)
PAL-831 Rifts Index and Adventures Volume Two (1997)
PAL-845 Rifts Game Master Guide (2001)
PAL-848 Book of Magic (2001)
PAL-849 Rifts Adventure Guide (2002)
PAL-850 Bionics Sourcebook (2002)
PAL-852 Conversion Book Three: Dark Conversions (2002)
PAL-882 Rifts Black Market (2012)
PAL-884 Rifts Vampires (2013)
PAL-896 Rifts Bestiary Volume One (2019)

Rifts Game Master Kit (2011)

Rifts Coalition Wars Bundle ($39)

PAL-813 Rifts Mercenaries (1994)
PAL-821 Rifts World Book 11: Coalition War Campaign (1996)
PAL-828 Rifts Sourcebook 4: Coalition Navy (1997)
PAL-839 Rifts Siege on Tolkeen 1: Sedition (2000)
PAL-840 Rifts Siege on Tolkeen 2: Coalition Overkill (2000)
PAL-841 Rifts Siege on Tolkeen 3: Sorcerer's Revenge (2000)
PAL-842 Rifts Siege on Tolkeen 4: Cyber-Knights (2000)
PAL-843 Rifts Siege on Tolkeen 5: Shadows of Evil (2001)
PAL-844 Rifts Siege on Tolkeen 6: Final Siege (2001)
PAL-846 Rifts Aftermath (2002)
PAL-863 MercTown (2005)
PAL-865 Merc Ops (2005)
PAL-867 Rifts Adventure Sourcebook: Mercenary Adventures (2005)
PAL-889 Secrets of the Coalition States: Heroes of Humanity (2016)
PAL-894 Rifts Coalition Manhunters (2022)

Diary - May 18 to May 24 2024

Sat May 18 2024

Sleep 0300 to 1000 (7 hours)

  • Christopher Jr had his first communion today which is an important Catholic event. Marina and kids flew in for the day. Jessica and her kids and mom were here. My mom and dad drove in for the day. There was Mexican food from Chavez Market afterwards.

Sun May 19 2024

Sleep 0200 to 0300, 0900 to 1200, two 30-min naps (5 hours)

  • D&D session 13 at W3's house. We got a couple of hours (CJr and Corina not present) then Jonathan wanted to go to the park and we were there for over an hour.
  • I had to record the session on my iPhone. Also had two of the Laser Kitten sessions recorded there. Voice Recorder audio is Actually quite good and I don't think it needs Levelator processing.

Mon May 20 2024

Sleep 0200 to 1000 (8 hours)

  • Getting sent a replacement ATM card because "a batch of cards were sent with an illegible security code on the back of the card." Sure enough the security code on the back is black on dark blue, though you can read it if you angle the card and reflect light off the back.

Tue May 21 2024

Sleep 0730 to 1130, 1700 to 1900 (6 hours)

Wed May 22 2024

Sleep 0030 to 0900 (8-1/2 hours)

  • HOA special meeting where vendor presented a couple of designs for the courtyard. Both are quite nice and better than I expected. For some reason I was expecting a bunch of cardboard cutouts of trees and shrubs but this is a good amount of foliage with benches.

Thu May 23 2024

Sleep 0130 to 0600 (4-1/2 hours)

  • Oh, A+ Mailboxes & More moved locations (use them for notary service). It's across the street from my local Safeway. 30m walk instead of 10m. Guess I'll try tomorrow and go grocery shopping.

Fri May 24 2024

Sleep 2200 to 0300, 0800 to 1100 (8 hours)

  • One thing I kind of like is that when you buy a product on you get signed up to a mailing list for that product so you can get notices if the product is updated or very similar. But if you have several products from a company and they want to send out a news blast you get several notices. It'd be nice if recognized that use case and not send multiple emails... And generically it'd be nice if companies didn't use product mailing lists (e.g. Kickstarter and BackerKit have similar one-email-list-per-product) for general announcements.

Mike Mignola's B.P.R.D. Book Bundle

Hellboy comics are about Hellboy and even though there may be other characters he's the star. B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) is like a team comic book where Hellboy is one of a team, though I don't recall if he's even in these comics because he retired from the BPRD and then went missing for a few years.

Mike Mignola's BPRD Bundle ( link) is $18 and you can add the first bundle (Hellboy TPBs) for another $12.

I have the first BPRD series and a few of the second in physical TPBs. Still this bundle would be 17 new books for me so well worth it.

Jan 2003 BPRD v1: Hollow Earth (own)
Aug 2004 BPRD v2: Soul of Venice (own)
Feb 2005 BPRD v3: A Plague of Frogs (own)
Sep 2005 BPRD v4: The Dead (own)
Jul 2006 BPRD v5: The Black Flame (own)
Jan 2007 BPRD v6: The Universal Machine (own)
Jan 2008 BPRD v7: Garden of Souls (own)
May 2008 BPRD v8: Killing Ground (own)
Nov 2008 BPRD v9: 1946 (own)
Apr 2009 BPRD v10: The Warning (own)
Oct 2009 BPRD v11: The Black Goddess (own)
Apr 2010 BPRD v12: War on Frogs (own)
Jul 2010 BPRD v13: 1947 (own)
Nov 2010 BPRD v14: King of Fear (own)

Aug 2011 BPRD Hell on Earth v1: New World
Dec 2011 BPRD: Being Human (own)
Feb 2012 BPRD Hell on Earth v2: Gods and Monsters (own)
Aug 2012 BPRD Hell on Earth v3: Russia (own)
Dec 2012 BPRD Hell on Earth v4: Devil's Engine & Long Death
Jul 2013 BPRD Hell on Earth v5: The Pickens County Horror
Aug 2013 BPRD Hell on Earth v6: The Return of the Master (own)
Sep 2013 BPRD: 1948
Jan 2014 BPRD Hell on Earth v7: A Cold Day in Hell
Apr 2014 BPRD Hell on Earth v8: Lake of Fire
Sep 2014 BPRD Hell on Earth v9: The Reign of the Black Flame
Mar 2015 BPRD Hell on Earth v10: The Devil's Wings
Sep 2015 BPRD Hell on Earth v11: Flesh and Stone
Dec 2015 BPRD Hell on Earth v12: Metamorphosis
May 2016 BPRD Hell on Earth v13: End of Days
Sep 2016 BPRD Hell on Earth v14: The Exorcist
Mar 2017 BPRD Hell on Earth v15: Cometh the Hour
Feb 2019 BPRD: Vampire 2E

Apr 2018 BPRD The Devil You Know v1: Messiah
Feb 2019 BPRD The Devil You Know v2: Pandemonium
Jul 2019 BPRD The Devil You Know v3: Ragna Rok

2024-06-03: bought the bundle. BPRD Vampire is actually first edition (144 pages vs 160 pages).