Kevin C. Wong

Starfinder Bug-Buster Bundle

Humble Bundle has a Starfinder Bug-Buster Bundle which I think is the second Starfinder bundle. For $25 you get these PDFs:

PZO-7101 Starfinder Core Rulebook (2017) [OWN]
PZO-7102 Starfinder GM Screen (2017) [OWN]
PZO-7103 Starfinder Player Character Folio (2017) [OWN]
PZO-7105 Alien Archive (2017) [OWN]
PZO-7108 Armory (2018)
PZO-7109 Alien Archive 2 (2018)
PZO-7112 Character Operations Manual (2019)

PZO-7219 Starfinder #019 - Fate of the Fifth (Attack of the Swarm! #1) (2019)
PZO-7220 Starfinder #020 - The Last Refuge (Attack of the Swarm! #2) (2019)
PZO-7221 Starfinder #021 - Huskworld (Attack of the Swarm! #3) (2019)
PZO-7222 Starfinder #022 - The Forever Reliquary (Attack of the Swarm! #4) (2019)
PZO-7223 Starfinder #023 - Hive of Minds (Attack of the Swarm! #5) (2019)
PZO-7224 Starfinder #024 - The God-Host Ascends (Attack of the Swarm! #6) (2019)

PZO-7301 Starfinder Flip-Mat: Basic Terrain (2017) [OWN]
PZO-7302 Starfinder Flip-Mat: Basic Starfield (2017) [OWN]
PZO-7303 Starfinder Flip-Mat: Cantina (2017) [OWN]
PZO-7305 Starfinder Flip-Mat: Urban Sprawl (2018) [OWN]
PZO-7308 Starfinder Flip-Mat: Asteroid (2018) [OWN]
PZO-7309 Starfinder Flip-Mat: Ghost Ship (2018) [OWN]
PZO-7311 Starfinder Flip-Mat: Jungle World (2019) [OWN]
PZO-7314 Starfinder Flip-Mat: Ice World (2019)
PZO-7316 Starfinder Flip-Mat: Undercity (2019)

PZO-7601 Starfinder Adventure: Junker's Delight
PZO-SF-1001 Starfinder One-Shot #1: Band on the Run (2021)

PZO-SFS-0201 Starfinder Society Season 2-01: Pact World Warriors (2019) [OWN]
PZO-SFS-0205 Starfinder Society Season 2-05: Meeting the Queens (2019)
PZO-SFS-0206 Starfinder Society Season 2-06: The Stumbling Society, Part 1 - Sangoro's Lament (2019)
PZO-SFS-0208 Starfinder Society Season 2-08: The Stumbling Society, Part 2 - Sangoro's Gifts (2019)
PZO-SFS-0209 Starfinder Society Season 2-09: Bluerise Breakout (2019)
PZO-SFS-0214 Starfinder Society Season 2-14: Data Purge (2019)
PZO-SFS-0217 Starfinder Society Season 2-17: Cost of Living (2020)
PZO-SFS-0220 Starfinder Society Season 2-20: Shades of Spite (2020)
PZO-SFS-0221 Starfinder Society Season 2-21: Illegal Shipment (2020)
PZO-SFS-0224 Starfinder Society Season 2-24: Cornered Rat (2020)

PZO-4082 Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Darklands Starter Set (2019) [OWN physical]

PZO-30090 Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Forest Fire (2018)
PZO-31005 Pathfinder Flip Mat Classics: Forest (2010) (also PZO-SQW-30035 GameMastery Flip-Mat: Forest)

Kind of disappointing how much is a repeat from the previous Starfinder Humble Bundle, though understandable to have the Core Rules for new people. Still, I do like adventures and the bundle is $25 for a professional adventure path of six adventures and nine semi-pro Starfinder Society adventures. Good price.

Diary - May 21 to May 27 2022

Sat May 21 2022

Sleep 0500 to 1130. (6-1/2 hours)

  • Gaming at Dave and Sophia's.
  • Ran B&B #6.

Sun May 22 2022

Sleep 0430 to 0730. 1 hour nap. (4 hours)

  • Today my body is really tense. Maybe too much salty food yesterday?

Mon May 23 2022

Sleep 0400 to 1230. (8-1/2 hours)

Tue May 24 2022

Sleep 0400 to 1200. (8 hours)

  • Oh, GCC RPG is basically a 5E d20 variant but not compatible. Also no PDFs because they don't currently have a license to do PDFs.
  • I guess I'll end up passing because it's only Batman not DC Universe in general, it's d20-based, and no PDFs (the last probably will be fixed, and maybe even the first, but I doubt they'll ever change the system).

Wed May 25 2022

Sleep 0430 to 1230. (8 hours)

  • Scheduled 2nd booster shot for Jun 01.

Thu May 26 2022

Sleep 0245 to 1115. (8-1/2 hours)

  • Out There: Oceans of Time - sequel to the 2014 rogue-like space exploration game. Seems to build on the original gameplay adding crew and location exploration with your crew. Currently Windows only.

Fri May 27 2022

Sleep 0200 to 0400. 0900 to 1400. (7 hours)

  • Received my Noble Knight Games package. All were used items and everything in good shape as usual. FASA Star Trek - The Klingons 1E even has unpunched counters (though I did pay double for UP). My FASA Star Trek boxed rules are missing and probably still in Christopher's house somewhere.

California Primary Election 2022 p4

Superintendent of Public Instruction: theoretically non-partisan yet CA GOP endorses someone. I'll vote the incumbent, Tony K Thurmond.

County Superintendent of Schools: Nancy Magee (only candidate)

County Board of Supervisors, 2nd district: None because Noelia Corzo's campaign sent me an unsolicited text message.

County Assessor/Clerk: Mark Church

County Controller: Juan Raigoza (only candidate)

County Coroner: Robert Jon Foucrault (only candidate)

Country District Attorney: Stephen Wagstaffe (only candidate)

County Sheriff: Christina Corpus, not Carlos Bolanus because his campaign sent me an unsolicited text message.

County Treasurer/Tax Collector: Sandie Arnott (only candidate)

Raid Shadow Legends: Deliana

Deliana is a new legendary High Elves HP champion you get as a 7-day bonus. Currently is no recommended artifact set in Ayumilove so I want to try it out on my own and see how close I get.


  • Heart Stealer - attacks all enemies, 50% of placing Leech for 2 turns. Damage based on HP.
  • Wither Scorn (4 turns) - attacks 1, 75% of placing 50% Decrease RES for 2 turns. If target has Block Buffs applies Debuff Spread. Damage based on HP.
  • Know Your Place (5 turns) - attacks all, 75% of placing Block Buffs for 2 turns, heals allies for each Block Buffs placed, fills this champions Turn Meter for each Block Buffs placed. Damage based on HP.
  • Magnificent (Passive) - +2 ACC per 1000 HP, place 25% Strengthen on allies when this champion's HP drops below 50%


Quite the HP-oriented champion, which leads me to

  • Weapon: ATK
  • Helmet: HP
  • Shield: DEF
  • Gauntlets: HP%
  • Chestplate: HP%
  • Boots: HP% or SPD
  • Ring: HP
  • Amulet: HP
  • Banner: ACC

Artifact Sets

Likewise artifact sets that give you HP would be nice.

Immortal (2 items) - HP +15% and heal 3% per turn
Divine Life (2 items) - HP +15% and 15% HP self shield for 3 turns
Perception (2 items) - ACC +40 and Speed +5%

I like Immortal since you heal a bit and the more MAX HP the more you heal. Divine Life's Shield to make up a bit for no DEF and again the Shield is better the more MAX HP you have. Perception combined with the ACC bonus per 1k HP to make sure Know Your Place affects everyone and a bit of extra Speed is nice.

Diary - May 14 to May 20 2022

Sat May 14 2022

Sleep 0100 to 0200. 0630 to 1130. (6 hours)

  • Didn't feel well last night so had trouble getting to sleep.
  • Using a USB-C to USB-C cable between my MBP and Drobo 5C
    • 1 file transfer from Drobo to MBP: 38 MB/s
    • 1 file transfer from MBP to Drobo: 37 MB/s
  • Through USB bus (Drobo 5C and MBP connected via USB-A)
    • Pretty much same speeds
  • I guess using USB-C 2m cable doesn't really matter.

Sun May 15 2022

Sleep 0230 to 0930. (7 hours)

Mon May 16 2022

Sleep 0230 to 0930. (7 hours)

  • Went to work, forgot my headphones. I should bring and leave my wired Beats headphones there.

Tue May 17 2022

Sleep 0315 to 0915. 2000 to 2100. (7 hours)

  • Window cleaners woke me up, mostly because their truck was playing loud music the whole time.

Wed May 18 2022

Sleep 0500 to 1100. (6 hours)

  • I've gotten like three emails about my www2 web site in the past month and the last one it's fairly clear the person did a web search and hit my collections page for one of my games. I forgot to add "Disallow: /kcw.v5/" to my robots.txt file when I moved over to RapidWeaver. Hopefully that solves it.

Thu May 19 2022

Sleep 0530 to 1300. (7-12 hours)

  • After the last Sonic outage my IP addresses changed. Really need to setup that dynamic DNS client. Anyways it also means I can read SJGames forum (it was IP blocked and I was reading it while VPNed to work).

Fri May 20 2022

Sleep 0200 to 1000. (8 hours)

  • $181 order from Noble Knight Games for their Spring Sale. Almost completed my XTR Command Magazine collection.

California Primary Election 2022 p3

This year we're electing two US Senators. Full 6-year term for Dianne Feinstein's seat who is not running and is almost certainly going senile at 91. The other seat is for a 2-year term, temporarily filled when Kamala Harris became US Vice President. Naturally the full term seat has the most candidates.

US Senator (Full Term): Yikes. Mark P Meuser the endorsed candidate is very anti-vax. Cordie Williams also seems anti-vax. Chuck Smith has a very monkaS candidate statement.

US Senator (Partial Term): Just has Meuser and the Democratic incumbent who was appointed to replace Harris. I'm going to vote Daphne Bradford for both seats. Independent with no chance but more of a chance than she would have had in the old voting system.

US Representative 15th district: Gus Mattammal (R) - CA GOP endorsed candidate and only Republican running.

State Assembly, 21st district: Blank. Mark Gilham (R), the CA GOP endorsed candidate ends his candidate statement with a QAnon tag. F to pay respects to my dying political party.

Superior Court Judge, office #4: Sharon Cho (only candidate)

Noble Knight Games Super Spring Sale

Noble Knight Games is having their Super Spring Sale. It's been like 18 months since I shopped there last so let's take a look. Calling it super doesn't make it any better than previous Spring sales but at least there is some discount. In my experience almost everything is 10% off with the occasional item at a higher discount.

Command Magazine #3 - Samurai Sunset, EX (UP) $27 (10% off)

Command Magazine #27 - Proud Monster, VG+ (UP) $19.80 (10% off)

This would almost complete my collection, only missing #14.

Strategy & Tactics #30 - Combat Command, VG $19.80 (10% off)

Strategy & Tactics #31 - Flying Circus, VG/VG+ $15.30 (10% off)

Strategy & Tactics #194 - The Forgotten Axis, VG+/EX $19.80 (10% off)

Still have about a couple of dozen issues left so just sniping the cheap stuff.

FASA Star Trek #2003 The Klingons 1E boxed set, Fair/EX (UP) $63 (10% off)

There is a $45 punched but would leave me just short of free shipping ($14 estimated). So might as well go a bit over for unpunched.

With tax total is $180.55.

They have other stuff but RPG products nowadays you get the PDF if you buy from the publisher so it's tough buying it retail.

Diary - May 07 to May 13 2022

Sat May 07 2022

Sleep 0200 to 1000. (8 hours)

  • No DDO tonight so Christopher and I went to see Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Sun May 08 2022

Sleep 0400 to 1230. 30 min nap. (9 hours)

  • Fried some daikon, one of the time it came out non-burnt (I think more than half the time I burn it).

Mon May 09 2022

Sleep 0230 to 1130. (9 hours)

  • Had a demo tonight. Of course it failed because there was a server reboot so cold start timeouts.

Tue May 10 2022

Sleep 0400 to 1300. (9 hours)

  • Time to rebuild my dev env. And sometimes it goes wrong and have to redo it. This is one of those hidden things that is not accounted anywhere.

Wed May 11 2022

Sleep 0345 to 1015. (6-1/2 hours)

  • Construction noises woke me up.

Thu May 12 2022

Sleep 0300 to 1300. 2000 to 2100. (11 hours)

  • Construction noises but I was able to keep going back to sleep.

Fri May 13 2022

Sleep 0700 to 1330. (6-1/2 hours)

  • PhotoChess 24-hour stream started at 0230. I did first mod shift until 0630.
  • Watched the second Friday Night Baseball game live then by the time that was over I could watch the replay of the first game. Overall done by 0300 instead of 0600.

California Primary Election 2022 p2

State Controller: Lanhee Chen (R) - CA GOP endorsed and no other Republicans running.

State Treasurer: Jack M Guerrero (R) - not endorsed but the only Republican with a candidate statement.

Attorney General: Nathan Hochman (R) - CA GOP endorsed and not a bad choice as he's a career prosecutor and has experience running a DOJ Tax Division team of 350 people.

State Insurance Commissioner: Robert Howell (R) - no CA GOP endorsements for this office.

State Board of Equalization, 2nd District: Peter Coe Verbica (R) - CA GOP endorsed candidate and the only Republican running.

DriveThruRPG May D&D Sale

Continuing to fill out my collection of BECMI D&D materials. Pretty much going in alphabetical order.

CM4 Earthshaker - PCs versus a huge automaton, blending fantasy and clockwork or steampunk
IM1 The Immortal Storm - PCs travel to modern-day America
IM3 The Best of Intentions
M2 Vengeance of Alphaks

DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor
DA2 The Temple of the Frog
DA3 City of the Gods
DA4 Duchy of Ten

Dave Arneson's Blackmoor I knew was it's own setting but apparently it's in the Known World but 3000 years ago. Which is a bit strange since City of the Gods has an ancient "futuristic" city to explore which means that even farther back in Known World history the tech level was fairly high and maybe has been slowly going down to present Known World times.

Diary - Apr 30 to May 06 2022

Sat Apr 30 2022

Sleep 0430 to 1130 (7 hours)

Sun May 01 2022

Sleep 0600 to 1315. 45 min nap. (8 hours)

  • Ice cream with CW3 at Cold Stone.
  • Did a bit of work. Felt a bit sick and had a nap. Think maybe dehydrated as it was a sunny day.

Mon May 02 2022

Sleep 0400 to 1100. (7 hours)

Tue May 03 2022

Sleep ???

  • Finished the KFC in two days. That was faster than usual.

Wed May 04 2022

Sleep 0200 to 1000. (8 hours)

  • Went to work.
  • Safeway on the way home.
Thu May 05 2022

Sleep 0330 to 0815. 1100 to 1330. (7-1/4 hours)

  • Drilling noises woke me up. We're renovating the elevator opposite my front door. Could be three months of this.
  • Sonic Internet down for a couple of hours.
  • Sad. QTCinderella's Girls Trip event was cancelled. From the first half day plus this morning's stream it looks like QT had done a lot of planning to put this together.

Fri May 06 2022

Sleep 0230 to 1030. (8 hours)

  • Even though I had a normal night's sleep I felt too mentally dead to work today. Did about an hour.

California Primary Election 2022 p1

California is a bit weird in that the Voter Information Pamphlet doesn't have that much information. There is a sample ballot and some candidate statements but only for candidates that accept campaign finance spending limits so there are few candidate statements.

A few years ago we got rid of party primary ballots so the ballot has every candidate for every party for each office. Top two winners for each office are in the final ballot in the November election, which I guess is advantageous if one party dominates which the Democratic Party does currently (which is fine because politics shift, we used to be a Republican Party majority until I was a teenager).

For reference here's the California Republican Party endorsements. A lot of people I've never heard of.

Edit: You know I just realized I'm putting too much effort in to the Primary ballot and voting like it's a regular election. I should just vote for the best candidate in my party and then make further decisions in the November elections. So in general I'm going with CA GOP endorsed candidates unless another Republican make a much stronger case.

Governor: Jenny Rae Le Roux (R) because the CA GOP endorsed candidate Brian Dahle is all "here are the things going wrong I will fix all of it" which is not much of a plan.

Lt Governor: Angela Underwood Jacobs (R) - CA GOP endorsed candidate. Even though she didn't submit a candidate statement I'll let it pass.

Secretary of State: Rachel Hamm (R) - there is no endorsed candidate and she is the only Republican with a candidate statement.

Bundle of Holding - Shadowrun Sixth World

Bundle of Holding has three Shadowrun Sixth World bundles:

Shadowrun Sixth World Essentials ($42)

Shadowrun, Sixth World Core Rulebook - sixth edition of Shadowrun
No Future - guide to 2080 culture
Neo-Anarchist Streetpedia - corps, orgs and people

Firing Squad - core combat rulebook
Street Wyrd - core magic rulebook
Double Clutch - core rigging rulebook
Krime Katalog - weapons and vehicles for SR 5e and 6e
Gun Rack - weapon cards

Shadowrun Power Plays ($32)

Free Seattle - 58-page sourcebook and adventure
Collapsing Now - 10 organizations
Power Plays - 10 megacorps

Cutting Black - 176-page campaign
30 Nights - 144-page campaign
Slip Streams - 146-page plot book
Tales from the UCAS: Age of Rust - 15-page adventure ideas

Sixth World Stories 2 ($10) - 7 novels and 4 novellas

Crimson (Kevin R Czarnecki)
For a Few Nuyn More (Stephen Dedman)
Hell on Water (Jason M Hardy)
Shadow Dance (Aaron Rosenberg)
Stirred (Russell Zimmerman)
Tourist Trapped (Bryan CP Steele)
Veiled Extraction (RL King)

Crocodile Tears (Chris A Jackson)
A Kiss to Die For (Jennifer Brozek)
See How She Runs (Jennifer Brozek)
Under Pressure (Scott Schletz)


Overall it's sourcebook heavy. If I wanted the base rules and the adventures it's $18 + $32 = $50. Not feeling it.