Kevin C. Wong

February 2020

Diary - Feb 22 to Feb 28 2020

Sat Feb 22 2020

Sleep 01:45 to 10:00.

  • Visit Dave and Sophia with C3.
  • Two games of Tiny Epic Galaxies
  • Chinese take-out for dinner

Sun Feb 23 2020

Sleep 05:00 to 10:30. 1 hour nap.

  • Lego-like Mouse Guard figures. Very tempting. $18 each but if you consider them "painted" figures then not bad price.

Mon Feb 24 2020

Sleep 01:15 to 08:45.

  • First day back at work.
  • Right wrist and thumb almost healed.

Tue Feb 25 2020

Sleep 01:45 to 09:30. 1 hour nap.

  • Late morning meeting and then decided to work from home.

Wed Feb 26 2020

Sleep 01:30 to 10:15.

  • After a few man-days of trying to figure out why docker stopped working I requested a reimage of my workstation.

Thu Feb 27 2020

Sleep 01:00 to 07:15.

  • Chessbae told me a big secret. I don't know who else knows so I have no one to talk to about it.

Fri Feb 28 2020

Sleep 01:00 to 10:00.

  • Mad Queen had a disastrous stream tonight. There were only a few loyal viewers and one troll who we're trying to get banned.

Kickstarter Zine Quest 2

The Zines are not necessarily just magazines but can also be small RPGs or supplements.

Nadir ($8) - Standalone solo game where you lead your ship through space and try to survive through a series of encounters from a 100-encounter book.

Face Folio ($11) - 24-page zine with 100 character portraits for fantasy games.

Science Vessel of Dr. Uaerom ($9) - a standalone space hexcrawl for 1+ players. You are a scientist trying to make the perfect creature while wandering space in your ship. Lots of random tables.

Dark Path: A weird interactive fiction zine ($7) - a choose-your-own-adventure fantasy(?) story.

The Black Pyramid ($10) - a giant pyramid is found in space, what's inside. An adventure for the space horror RPG Mothership.

Beyond the Weird ($10) - a 12-page science fiction setting. In this setting debtors and prisoners are forced to do random impossible missions.

The Evils of Illmire: A Mini-Mega Hexcrawl Adventure Zine ($10) - An OSR level 1-3 setting with a cult-ridden town and 18-surrounding hexes to explore.

Kickstarter Make 100

Kickstarter has a Make 100 project where creators are doing limited edition products (100 count).

The Rolling Cat House - Koro Koro Neko (HK$ 180, US $24) - A cardboard d20 made for a cat to roll around in. Unfortunately I don't think it'll last long before a cat tears it apart.

Cat Postcards (£6 for 10) - Homemade blank postcards of this photographer's pet cat.

Tales from Ane Moni: The Keep of Bane ($10 for print+pdf) - a 24-page comic book adventure quest book and perhaps a bit raunchy.

MusicServe - create your personal music collection! (£100 for 48 cards and box) - This is neat. A box with little record-album-cover cards (they'll print 48 of you). On the back of each card are QR codes so you can scan with your phone and play that album on your favorite non-Apple streaming service.

Tortuga 1667: A Pirate Game of Mutiny, Plunder & Deceit ($23) - Who knows if this is a good game but the prototype looks nice.

Water Annukuh Plushie (1 of 9) (MX$ 600, US $30) - 11 inch tall plushie dragon-looking cutie.

Diary - Feb 15 to Feb 21 2020

Sat Feb 15 2020

Sleep 02:00 to 07:30.

  • Breakfast at Residence Inn. Hot breakfast and not awful.
  • Star Trek: Ascendancy. 4 players: Andorian, Klingon, Vulcan, Federation (me). I think I came in second and the Vulcans won.
  • Dinner at San Ramon Marriott. Angus Burger.
  • Rainbow. We had about a dozen people using two adjacent booths. I had six drinks. The last five stayed up until 02:00 talking.

Sun Feb 16 2020

Sleep 04:00 to 11:00.

  • Fried chicken lunch
  • Ultra-Tiny Epic Galaxies with CSr and DS. CSr won.
  • Mexican grocery store tamales for dinner.

Mon Feb 17 2020

Sleep 01:45 to 07:30.

  • Mariott breakfast buffet then head home.
  • Dinner with C3 at Jeffrey's, then Cold Stone.

Tue Feb 18 2020

Sleep 02:30 to 10:30.

  • Doing a bit of house cleaning.
  • While in the morning my wrists don't feel good, most of the day it's not bad and I can tell they're healing.

Wed Feb 19 2020

Sleep 02:45 to 11:00.

  • Dad downloaded malware to the family PC. Noice.

Thu Feb 20 2020

Sleep 03:15 to 10:00.

  • Visit parents to work on family PC.

Fri Feb 21 2020

Sleep 02:00 to 10:00.

  • Set up mom and dad with LastPass.
  • Drive back home.

Dad Got Phished

I spent Thursday evening checking my parents' pc. Dad went to a web site in Safari and got a security warning which sent him to a web site (on an Azure temp host) and a phone number to call. He did and talked to a guy who convinced him to log into the PC and run some sort of remote control software. Dad did catch on after ten minutes and shut down the computer.

There did not seem to be anything significant changed in the last day (I did a search by time using admin account). Way too many small files changed but I didn't see any applications. This does not rule out changing settings or Windows configs. I also ran Norton antivirus which was clean though once again I don't think it catches setting changes.

They did a lot of stuff under remote control and both mom and dad were but couldn't really tell what was going on. Unlikely that a program was installed. I couldn't find the Windows install usb that Christopher had left and I didn't want to wipe out their hard drive and then try to manually restore their files (they had no working backups).

I set them up with LastPass because they were putting their passwords in plain text files and this way their passwords can be managed by Christopher and Corina and they can automatically use their passwords on their second device (mom uses pc and iPhone, dad uses iPad and iPhone).

Next time we're there I will setup iDrive cloud backup which can do image backups so you can restore a wiped disk. Also make sure that C2 can unlock their LastPass if they forget the master passwords.

DunDraCon 44 AAR

Not as good a DDC this year, mostly because we got bumped out of our rooms (according to Dave S, SAP had a bunch of rooms the previous week and extended them to this weekend). C3 and I stayed at the Residence Inn, which we did one year, it's a 20 minute walk or there were supposed to be shuttles but not as regular as promised.

Christopher Sr/Jr and I carpooled on Friday. We had to leave late because solar panel inspector had to stop by. Left at 14:45. We had one stop for bathroom and coffee. Got to Residence Inn about 17:15. Lots of traffic for what is normally a 35 minute drive.

Ended up not playing anything on Friday. Once Corina arrived from Bakersfield we went to dinner with Dave S at Sachi Sushi. Forgot it was Valentine's Day so the place was booked solid but we could sit at the sushi bar (which got full right after we got our seats). Food was good.

Saturday I woke up early for the hot breakfast. Scrambled eggs (a bit dry and very popular so had to wait for it to be refilled), biscuit, sausage patty, fruit juice and coffee. They also had hard boiled eggs, waffle maker and a few cereals. Not good enough for me to use it on Sunday morning.

I got into a Star Trek: Ascendancy game with three experienced players (could have been a six player game and it was full but I was the only registered person to show up). Game took about 4 hours and I had fun. Came about second.

Dinner at the hotel restaurant with C3, Dave S, Dave W. I had the Angus Burger which was good. Their regular menu is smaller, possibly because of the convention. For Rainbow we had about a dozen people on adjacent lounge tables. I had six drinks and we talked to 02:00 or so. Fairly fun.

I did get into a game Sunday noon but was too tired (went to sleep at 04:00) to attend. CSr and I woke up late and took the shuttle to the con. Fried chicken lunch at the hotel. Then hanging out in DS's room. CSr, DS and I played Ultra-Tiny Epic Galaxies with Christopher winning.

DS had a game so C3 and I went back to Residence Inn. Got some sushi for CJr at Nob Hill Market and ate some chicken or pork tamales that Corina had bought. Could have gone to sleep early but did not.

Woke up early on Monday and packed. We got out and to the con at 09:00 for breakfast buffet with DS. Then we went home.

So I played in one official game and no seminars or war college. Hit the dealer room a couple of times but didn't find anything to buy. I gave away about 1-1/2 boxes of stuff: Deadlands Doomtown CCG, Deadlands Disc Wars, latest Doomtown CCG. I kept the Doomtown Premium Edition set (in a wood box, with chips and extra cards) for now.

Next year hopefully we'll get rooms at the Santa Clara Marriott (it has triple the rooms).

Diary - Feb 08 to Feb 14 2020

Sat Feb 08 2020

Sleep 04:30 to 11:30.

  • Joe started doing study streams as he studies for MCAT. So far it's been chemistry and physics and all stuff I learned in college (if I could remember still) so not too bad. I mean, when you get down to it the GRE, MCAT and other graduate school entrance exams are meant to test stuff you should have learned in college assuming you took the classes and did your work and didn't laze off. When I took the GRE I didn't really prep and did well because I had paid attention in my college classes.

Sun Feb 09 2020

Sleep 02:30 to 10:30.

  • Alexandra/Anna Sub Battles. I gifted 60 subs in Anna's channel.
  • Gifted 50 subs in Neeko's channel on a whim.

Mon Feb 10 2020

Sleep 01:30 to 10:30.

  • After groceries a guy hailed me down and offered to fix the various dents in my car. Fix-A-Dent mobile body shop. They did a good job (as far as I can tell) for $1540 which is fine since it was like an hour (there is some cost to taking a car in to a body shop and picking it up a day or two later).

Tue Feb 11 2020

Sleep 02:15 to 10:30.

  • Have been playing bots on live chess, so they are counted as rated games. Starting with the low level ones I've won like 10 and tied once (for many negative points). Got my blitz elo above 1000.
  • Hair cut. Apparently Alex's may have to move because of rising rent costs. More housing in downtown area means more shoppers so building owners feels they can raise rent prices.
  • Had lunch at Urban Momo, which replaced Las Americas. Was good.
  • Received JTAS KS package. Original estimate was Friday so was worried I'd have to miss the P session or come back Friday night to get package.

Wed Feb 12 2020

Sleep 02:30 to 11:30.

  • God I hate McAfee. So many network-based problems since I installed it.

Thu Feb 13 2020

Sleep 03:00 to 09:00, 1 hour nap.

  • Latest DDO client is now 64 bits (BETA). Cool!
  • Looking at the Humble Bundle for Cypher/The Strange. No new Strange RPG products in last couple of years so could be dead and it seems incomplete (due to being such an expansive setting). Meanwhile a random amount of Cypher System products which I didn't check for completeness. Guess I'll pass.

Fri Feb 14 2020

Sleep 01:30 to 10:00.

  • Drive to DDC with Csr and Cjr. Left a little late (Csr wanted to make sure solar panels were inspected by PG&E). Lots of traffic and stopped once for Cjr. Got to Residence Inn San Ramon almost 17:00.
  • After Corina arrived Dave S joined us and we had dinner at Sachi Sushi.
  • Went to Con and got badges. Dropped off my Doomtown CCG stuff.
  • Back to the hotel for DDO.

Science Fiction Book Recommendations

Someone asked for my recommendations. After a few minutes of looking at my collection list I came up with:

Living in San Mateo

I've been living here two years and so far it's been great. Although Union City was ok for me, I was living in a suburb-y place with some corner mall stuff half a block away. The main theater at Union Landing was a half hour walk and everywhere else was driving distance.

Where I live now I'm less than 10 minutes walking from downtown San Mateo with lots of restaurants and a 12-screen movie theater. 15 minutes from the main San Mateo Library, and same for Central Park. 20 minutes from C3's house.

It's pretty quiet here, a bit down a side street from El Camino Real which can be busy but far enough away that it's quiet. I thought being above the garage door would be a problem but it's hardly noticeable unless you're in the bonus room; the elevator is more noticeable.

Weather has been great. Summer only a few warm days. There are two floors above me to absorb the heat and the sun only shines into my apartment in the morning. Yeah, means it can get cold in winter but wearing extra layers is a lot easier than going nekked.

Apartment is one bedroom with the bonus room and additional bathroom. It's spacious enough, especially since I keep getting rid of games I don't want.

20 minute commute to work. Traffic around downtown can be bad during rush hours but you get experience in avoiding the worst spots. Not having to use a bridge every day also saves money.

Overall, great move, great apartment, great city.

Diary - Feb 01 to Feb 07 2020

Sat Feb 01 2020

Sleep 05:00 to 12:15. 45 min nap.

  • Dinner with C3 at Taku Taku Peruvian Cuisine. It's ok but Emelina's is better.

Sun Feb 02 2020

Sleep 05:00 to 13:00.

  • Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl 54 beating San Francisco 49ers 31-20.

Mon Feb 03 2020

Sleep 02:30 to 09:30.

  • Dental cleaning. This time I came home immediately for GDT's birthday stream.

Tue Feb 04 2020

Sleep 02:00 to 09:30.

  • Iowa caucuses were yesterday though problems with new voting procedures delayed results through today. So far, Bernie Sanders tied for first with Pete Buttigieg (whom I've never heard of before).

Wed Feb 05 2020

Sleep 02:30 to 11:00.

  • Left wrist is mostly ok now. Right wrist was definitely getting better but as usual I overdid it and it feels bad today.

Thu Feb 06 2020

Sleep 02:15 to 09:15.

  • Light work and right wrist feels about as good as a couple of days ago. Can barely wipe my bum and it's annoying to wipe, rest, wipe, rest.

Fri Feb 07 2020

Sleep 03:00 to 11:00.

  • The first BotezLive rebranded stream. A wild night as I gifted 200 subs, maprail also gifted 200 subs, other people gifted 200 subs combined. We hit 2k subs and VeelaAllure had to drink the Botez Special (beer, raw egg, tabasco, bacon, a couple other random ingredients). He drank it like a champ.

DunDraCon 44 - Overall Plans

Carpooling with my brother and nephew and we can't leave until my nephew gets out of school at noon, so we'll skip P session games. Assuming I get into my primary games:

Fri 20:00-00:00 [165]119 A Pound of Flesh (Mothership)
Sat 09:00-10:00 [TV2] Live Streaming Board Games and Tabletop RPGs
Sat 10:00-11:00 [TV2] What’s New at Flying Buffalo and Rick Loomis Celebration
Sat 11:00-17:00 [S1T6] 247 Star Trek: Ascendancy
Sat 20:00-00:00 [Bar] Rainbow
Sun 10:00-14:00 [154] 513 Lords of Mars
Sun 15:00-16:30 [TV2] World War 2 Myths about Winston Churchill
Mon 09:00-13:00 [S1T14] Hosted Merchant of Venus

DunDraCon 44 - Sunday Plans

Didn't really see anything interesting Sunday afternoon/evening.

*** 513 Lords of Mars

Sunday 10 AM in 154 for 4 hours
Room Map
GM: Aron Clark
Type: RPG
System: Lords of Mars
Players: 6
Provided: Characters created for game
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream

Rules light Mars planetary romance rpg.

562 Holding the Line over Mars: Yamato 2202

Sunday 9 AM on Hall Table 5 for 8 hours
Room Map
GM: Keith Holmes
Type: Sci-Fi Miniatures
System: Star Blazers
Edition: 2nd
Players: 6
Provided: All miniatures provided by GM
Variations: Yamamoto 2202
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream

Space battle game that I sometimes want to play but have never gotten a chance.


In case I don't get into a 500 game these are my alternates.

641 Leaving Earth

Sunday Noon on Salon 1 Table 1 for 5 hours
Room Map
GM: Gregory Wong
Type: Board
System: Leaving Earth
Players: 5
Provided: All materials provided by GM
Variations: base game; Mercury mini-expansion only
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Very Complex

Space Race 1950's. Not sure if it's realistic or 1950's sci fi.

661 Storming the Beaches of Litoreta

Sunday 1 PM on Salon FG Table 5 for 6 hours
Room Map
GM: Raymond Metzger
Type: Mixed-Genre Miniatures
System: Warhammer 40K
Edition: 8th
Players: 6
Provided: Miniatures may be provided by GM
Power Level: 1500 pts
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream

W40K is another game I've never played.

Site Updates - Jan 05 to Feb 01 2020


Diary - Jan 25 to Jan 31 2020

Sat Jan 25 2020

Sleep 03:00 to 11:30.

  • Corina, Cjr and I visit my parents for dinner and lunch tomorrow. Csr sick with flu, Steph getting sick also.

Sun Jan 26 2020

Sleep 03:45 to 12:45.

  • Kobe Bryant (41), his youngest daughter and a few other people died in a helicopter crash. Rather somber.

Mon Jan 27 2020

Sleep 19:30 to 00:00. 07:00 to 09:00.

  • Dungeon Fantasy Companion 2 KS ends. Total is $20 for book and $6 shipping.

Tue Jan 28 2020

Sleep 03:00 to 12:30.

  • Went a bit crazy last night and donated 65k bits ($800+) on IM Marc Esserman's channel during a hype train. Mad Queen makes me spend too much money. Not that I mind.

Wed Jan 29 2020

Sleep 01:45 to 09:15.

  • I realized my wrists have been hurting like a week ago. Not sure if from RSI activities or my fall in Oakland. Have been trying to type less...

Thu Jan 30 2020

Sleep 01:15 to 11:45.

  • Ending Twitch donations this month with a 5k bit donation to InjuryToInsult, who rarely streams. And it's Overwatch which I don't really understand.

Fri Jan 31 2020

Sleep 03:00 to 09:30.

  • Went a little over Twitch budget but hopefully make it up next month and not start a long slide.