Kevin C. Wong

Diary - Feb 01 to Feb 07 2020

Sat Feb 01 2020

Sleep 05:00 to 12:15. 45 min nap.

  • Dinner with C3 at Taku Taku Peruvian Cuisine. It's ok but Emelina's is better.

Sun Feb 02 2020

Sleep 05:00 to 13:00.

  • Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl 54 beating San Francisco 49ers 31-20.

Mon Feb 03 2020

Sleep 02:30 to 09:30.

  • Dental cleaning. This time I came home immediately for GDT's birthday stream.

Tue Feb 04 2020

Sleep 02:00 to 09:30.

  • Iowa caucuses were yesterday though problems with new voting procedures delayed results through today. So far, Bernie Sanders tied for first with Pete Buttigieg (whom I've never heard of before).

Wed Feb 05 2020

Sleep 02:30 to 11:00.

  • Left wrist is mostly ok now. Right wrist was definitely getting better but as usual I overdid it and it feels bad today.

Thu Feb 06 2020

Sleep 02:15 to 09:15.

  • Light work and right wrist feels about as good as a couple of days ago. Can barely wipe my bum and it's annoying to wipe, rest, wipe, rest.

Fri Feb 07 2020

Sleep 03:00 to 11:00.

  • The first BotezLive rebranded stream. A wild night as I gifted 200 subs, maprail also gifted 200 subs, other people gifted 200 subs combined. We hit 2k subs and VeelaAllure had to drink the Botez Special (beer, raw egg, tabasco, bacon, a couple other random ingredients). He drank it like a champ.