Kevin C. Wong

December 2022

Diary - Dec 24 to Dec 30 2022

Sat Dec 24 2022

Sleep 0415 to 0900. 1900 to 2100. (6-3/4 hours)

  • Woke up early. Shower. Get presents from C3. Drive to mom and dad's in time for BotezLive stream.
  • Oops. Got bored and got my DDO hardcore character killed. Don't feel like creating a new character and trying to grind him up.
  • We were doing The Iron Mines: Freeing Achka (Sorrowdusk Isle) and in the sonic traps I ran through to the middle and got hit hard eve with sonic resistance and energy protection. Instead of healing and refreshing energy protection I tried the second set of traps and that got me. You know you're tired of playing when you don't bother to replenish defenses.
  • The first quest of the night (Valak's Mausoleum) I ran through the trap section and knocked unconscious. It's like I hit the first trap and kept going through the second one which knocked me out. That should have been a sign that tonight I was too out of it to play hardcore.
  • Now that I died I'm disgusted with DDO. I'll probably feel better in a day or two and maybe by the time of next hardcore season I'll in the mood to try again. Might do same build since I liked it: some ranged, some healing, good anti-undead.

Sun Dec 25 2022

Sleep 0330 to 0600. 1 hour nap, 90 min nap. (4 hours)

  • Christmas Dinner. Dad made prime rib, mashed potatoes, yams, sesame salad, other salad, green beans. Marina, Phil and kids came over.

Mon Dec 26 2022

Sleep 2100 to 0100. 0900 to 1200. (7 hours)

  • DDO hardcore. Died again. In good mood so immediately started a new character and played all day to get to level 5.

Tue Dec 27 2022

Sleep 0400 to 11:45 (7-3/4 hours)

  • Since my new iPhone has no audio jack checked to see if will work with my Toyota Camry 2007. Apparently those cars only support Bluetooth for phones but not for music.

Wed Dec 28 2022

Sleep 0400 to 1130. (7-1/2 hours)

  • DDO weekly reboot didn't end Night Revels. My character was midway through level 6. Got her to level then did the eight Night Revel quests to get to level 8. Catching up to Christopher.

Thu Dec 29 2022

Sleep 0215 to 1015. (8 hours)

  • Some of my ceiling lights (laundry, hallway outside bedroom, master closet) use an E300850 lamp adapter so the light bulb are not screw in, they have two screws in the bottom and you still twist them into the socket.
  • Based on the laundry room they're CFL light bulbs and I think getting a bit dim. Want to replace with LED light bulbs.
  • Noticed that Amazon does this clever thing. I chose free shipping so it'll take an extra two days. The order placed page says "For the next 24 hours, you have FREE Shipping on all items shipped by Amazon. No order minimum. Why? We just want to thank you for shopping with us. To get this benefit, choose the same delivery address." which I think just means due to warehouse picking delay it'll be collated and shipped as if it had been one order anyways. It costs Amazon nothing and it feels like a perk to the customer.

Fri Dec 30 2022

Sleep 0345 to 1145. 1 hour nap. (8 hours)

  • More extra DDO and I've almost caught up to Christopher. He's about half a level ahead so I should try to play a bit more to catch up since I'll start falling behind once my premium subscription expires.


Looks like I didn't do any resolutions last year.

Weight: currently 229.0 lbs. Let's try to lose 12 lbs to 217.0 lbs.

Steps: I've averaged 4500 per day in the last 6 months. Let's try to hit 5k per day.

Twitch Spending: Since I'm laid off I have cut down a lot but still close to $500 in gifts per month. Let's try for $300 per month, $500 per month once I have a job.

Bundle of Holding - The Fantasy Trip

Bundle of Holding - The Fantasy Trip is stuff published for the current version of TFT released in 2018/2019. Prices are Warehouse23 (SJG's store) PDF prices.

SJG-3450 The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition ($35) includes
  • SJG-3450B Tollenkar's Lair ($5)
  • SJG-3450C TFT Megahexes Set 1 ($10)
  • SJG-3450D TFT Melee Character Record Pads (pdf not for sale)
  • SJG-3450E TFT Wizard Character Record Pads (pdf not for sale)
  • SJG-3450G TFT GM Screen ($5)
  • SJG-3450J TFT Dry Erase Character Card Pack (pdf not for sale)
  • SJG-3452 TFT: Melee (free)
  • SJG-3453 TFT: Wizard ($7.50)
  • SJG-3454 TFT: Death Test and Death Test 2 ($10)
  • SJG-3455 TFT: In the Labyrinth ($18)

SJG-3458 The Fantasy Trip Companion ($11)
SJG-3462 The Fantasy Trip Adventures ($25)
SJG-3463 Hexagram - Issue #1 ($6)
SJG-3477 TFT: The Book of Unlife ($15)
SJG-3480 TFT: Red Crypt ($6)
SJG-3481 TFT: Labyrinth Planner ($3)
SJG-3482 TFT: Deluxe Character Journal ($3)

Other PDF products currently available at Warehouse23, which I assume is all products published cause SJG is good at that.

SJG-3464 The Fantasy Trip Decks of Destiny ($30) includes
  • SJG-3464A TFT Player's Pack (pdf not for sale)
  • SJG-3464A1 TFT Character Journal (pdf not for sale)
  • SJG-3464B TFT Rumors and Treasures ($8)
  • SJG-3464C TFT Adversaries ($10)
  • SJG-3464D TFT Labyrinths ($8)
  • SJG-3464G TFT Megahexes Set 2 ($10)
  • SJG-3464J TFT Blank Melee and Wizard Cards (pdf not for sale)

SJG-3485 TFT: Ardonirane ($15)
SJG-3489 TFT 2019 Postcard Contest (pdf version is free as SJG 37-5581)
SJG-3492 Warlock's Workshop ($10)
SJG-3495 Adventures 2 ($25)
SJG-3497 Old School Monsters ($30)
SJG-3507 The T'reo School of Martial Magic ($15)

Hexagram - TFT zine

SJG-3506 Hexagram - Issue #9 ($6)
SJG-3508 Hexagram - Issue #10 ($6)
SJG 37-5591 Hexagram #1-8 Bundle ($40, separately the PDFs would be $48)

Quick Quests - small pamphlet format small adventures. Wouldn't be surprised if they are compiled into a separate product.

SJG-3601 QQ1: Tipping the Scales ($3.50)
SJG-3602 QQ2: A Moveable Feast ($3.50)
SJG-3603 QQ3: The Unself King ($3.50)
SJG-3604 QQ4: The Caravan Raiders ($3.50)
SJG-3605 QQ5: Black Top Hill ($3.50)
SJG-3606 QQ6: The Halfling's Hole ($5)
SJG-3607 QQ7: Incident at the Golden Badger ($5)
SJG-3608 QQ8: The Maddening Song ($3.50)

TFT Adventures - these are small PDF-only releases which may be compiled into a regular product

SJG 37-5531 The Chaos Triads ($5)
SJG 37-5532 The Curse of Katiki-Mu ($5)
SJG 37-5533 Fire in the Temple ($5)
SJG 37-5534 The Clockwork Tower ($5)
SJG 37-5535 Tomb of the Wizard-King ($5)

Gaming Ballistic - official 3rd party products (adventures and NPCs books)

GBL-0011 Ironskull Castle ($8)
GBL-0012 Citadel of Ice ($8)
GBL-0013 Curse of the Pirate King ($8)
GBL-0014 The Crown of Eternity ($8)
GBL-0015 Vampire Hunter Belladonna ($10)
GBL-0031 Dragon Hunt! ($12)
GBL-0032 Dark Lord's Doom ($9)
GBL-0033 Roc of Sages ($8)
GBL-0034 Catacombs of Living Death ($8)
GBL-0035 The Sunken Library ($11)
GBL-0036 Character Collection 1 - Experienced Adventurers ($4)
GBL-0037 Character Collection 2 - Rookies ($5)
GBL-0038 Character Collection 3 - Bandits and Outlaws ($8)
GBL-0039 Character Collection 4 - Wizards ($5)
GBL-0061 Tower of the Moon ($8)

The Fantasy Trip is still well supported and has more products coming out. A whole bunch of it is physical accessories: play mats, hexes, monster figures, cards. Although the bundle is good it's sort of tip of the iceberg that I don't want to tangle with. And I don't think there will ever be any official conversions to GURPS.

I've considered getting into TFT before and rejected it. After taking a hard look at this bundle and the current product line I think it's too big a commitment so once again I'll stay away.

Diary - Dec 17 to Dec 23 2022

Sat Dec 17 2022

Sleep 0700 to 1600. (9 hours)

  • For a few weeks was wondering what this "1 message unread" flag in my Discord DMs since I couldn't find it. Turns out it was the Nitro tab with an holiday offer.

Sun Dec 18 2022

Sleep 0430 to 1330. (9 hours)

  • Instagram asking me for a phone number so it can send sms verification code. Can't get around it. This will probably be used for marketing, if only to tie in this account to other accounts. Token authentication like Authy is more privacy friendly (though I guess Authy also needs a phone number but only having it in one place is better than multiple places).

Mon Dec 19 2022

Sleep 0430 to 1030. 30 min nap. (6-1/2 hours)

  • iPhone is too annoying and kind of useless since I have to keep it plugged in all the time. I guess the worst will be that I can't use it grocery shopping and paying with Apple Pay.
  • Ordered an iPhone SE 128 GB with AppleCare ($558). Using Apple Card Monthly Installments. You are charged for tax/shipping immediately and the installments charge on last day of the month (don't know if this month is first charge or next month).
  • Looking at benchmarks iPhone SE (3rd gen) will be 3x faster CPU, 6x faster Metal, and about 15% slower than an iPhone 14. Even compared to my iPad Pro 10.5" the iPhone SE (3rd gen) is about twice as fast.
  • Oh, theoretically I can use my Apple Watch for Apple Pay (does not require Internet connection). Have never tried it.

Tue Dec 20 2022

Sleep 0345 to 1145. (8 hours)

  • Won first two fantasy football s2 playoff games. Now it's me against last year's champion for the title. It's a two week playoff, which I guess is to reduce variance. He does have the better team but I can get a bit lucky.

Wed Dec 21 2022

Sleep 0200 to 1100. (9 hours)

  • New iPhone arrived. When you start it up next to your old iPhone they both prompt if you want to do a transfer so I'm doing that.
  • Anyways, old iPhone connected to my Mac via monitor USB hub doesn't show up properly on my Mac (it lists it but you go into it and it's blank). So I couldn't do a latest backup (last backup was a week ago and doing direct transfer so shouldn't matter).
  • After an hour transfer is done. New iPhone seems to be working fine and is a little harder to use one-handed. No audio port which I forgot about but I rarely used my old iPhone with wired headphones.
  • It's not connecting to my Mac and step two of "If your computer doesn't recognize your iPhone or iPad" is to update OS (iPhone came with 16.1.1 so update that; there is also a macOS 13.1 update I need to install).
  • After macOS update it can see the new iPhone now. Or maybe it only needed a reboot.

Thu Dec 22 2022

Sleep 0330 to 1230. (9 hours)

  • Bought DDO Isle of Dread Ultimate edition on 25% sale so it was $98. It just came out last June so I wasn't expecting it to go on sale until next Thanksgiving so too tempting to pass up.

Fri Dec 23 2022

Sleep 0345 to 1145. (8 hours)

  • DDO also has coins sale. Their standard $200 sale comes with a set amount of extra coins that hasn't changed in a couple years. But as a special also 20 shared storage slots so that's tempting and it's not like the extra coins go away, except I don't spend that many coins in the first place.

Humble Bundle - New Perils for Classic Dungeon Crawls

This is a mix bundle which I think overlaps a previous bundle.

Items I don't have

GMG-5081 Dungeon Crawl Classics #80.0 Intrigue at the Court of Chaos (2p, adds bonus adventure, 24 pp)
GMG-5084H Dungeon Crawl Classics #83.0 The Chained Coffin (2p includes #83.1 and #83.2, 164 pp)
GMG-5085 Dungeon Crawl Classics #84 Peril on the Purple Planet (167 pp)
GMG-50851 Dungeon Crawl Classics #84.1 The Rock Awakens (16 pp digest)
GMG-50852 Dungeon Crawl Classics #84.2 Synthetic Swordsmen of the Purple Planet (24 pp trade ppb)
GMG-50853 Dungeon Crawl Classics #84.3 Sky Masters of the Purple Planet (28 pp trade ppb)

GMG-5206 DCC Lankhmar #6 Cheating Death (24 pp)
GMG-5225 The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar (boxed set) (164 pp)
GMG-5226 DCC Lankhmar #12 Mercy on the Day of the Eel (16 pp)

GMG-5241 DCC Day #1 Shadow of the Beakmen (16 pp)
GMG-5242 DCC Day #2 Beneath the Well of Brass (16 pp)

GMG-GC-15 Goodman Games Gen Con 2015 Program Guide (230 pp)
GMG-GC-18 Goodman Games Gen Con 2018 Program Guide (The Black Heart of Thakulon the Undying) (112 pp)

GMG-DCCD-20 DCC Day 2020 Adventure Pack (48 pp) [DCC, DCC Lankhmar, MCC adventures]
GMG-DCCD-21 DCC Day 2021 Adventure Pack (22 pp) [DCC. DCC Dying Earth, MCC adventures]

Tales from the Magician's Skull #6 (84 pp)

Items I already have

GMG-5066 Dungeon Crawl Classics #67.0 Sailors on the Starless Sea (20 pp)
GMG-50665 Dungeon Crawl Classics #66.5 Doom of the Savage Kings (16 pp)
GMG-5067 Dungeon Crawl Classics #68.0 People of the Pit (32 pp)
GMG-5070 Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG (504 pp)
GMG-5075 Dungeon Crawl Classics #74.0 Blades Against Death (24 pp)
GMG-5080 Dungeon Crawl Classics #79.0 Frozen in Time (16 pp)
GMG-5082 Dungeon Crawl Classics #81.0 The One Who Watches from Below (24 pp)
GMG-5088 Dungeon Crawl Classics #87.0 Against the Atomic Overlord (20 pp)
GMG-5102 Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Judges Screen (6 pp)

GMG-5206 Masks of Lankhmar (16 pp)

GMG-GC-14 Goodman Games Gen Con 2014 Program Guide (100 pp)
GMG-GC-19 Goodman Games 2019 Yearbook Presents - Riders on the Phlogiston (196 pp)

Tales from the Magician's Skull #1

The stuff I don't have is definitely worth the $18. Especially appealing is the Mutant Crawl Classics stuff in some of the Gen Con and DCC Day products.

World Cup 2022 Final

Argentina beats France 3-3 (4-2) in penalty shootout. Missed watching the match (0700 local and I stay up late Fri/Sat nights) but from reading the discussion it was quite exciting...

Actually watched the last half hour which was replaying on FS1 (on my dad's Xfinity account). Exciting.

1 - Netherlands Netherlands 3-1
2 - United States ----------------
| Argentina 2-2 (4-3)
3 - Argentina Argentina 2-1 |----------------
4 - Australia ---------------- |
| Argentina 3-0
5 - Japan Croatia 1-1 (3-1) |--------------
6 - Croatia ---------------- | |
| Croatia 1-1 (4-2) |
7 - Brazil Brazil 4-1 |---------------- |
8 - South Korea ---------------- |
| Argentina 3-3 (4-2)
9 - England England 3-0 |----------------
10 - Senegal ---------------- |
| France 2-1 |
11 - France France 3-1 |---------------- |
12 - Poland ---------------- | |
| France 2-0 |
13 - Morocco Morocco 0-0 (3-0) |--------------
14 - Spain ---------------- |
| Morocco 1-0 |
15 - Portugal Portugal 6-1 |----------------
16 - Switzerland ----------------

Diary - Dec 10 to Dec 16 2022

Sat Dec 10 2022

Sleep 0415 to 1215. (8 hour)

  • Noticed that the current macOS you don't have to quit Safari (or disable the extension) in order to update an extension via Mac App Store.

Sun Dec 11 2022

Sleep 0400 to 1400. (10 hours)

  • YouTube a bit annoying in that when I mute a stream a few minutes later it puts the volume back on... Wow it also sets volume to max if you've lowered it.
  • Ludwig's xBoxing event was pretty good. Andrea Botez vs WGM Dina Belenkaya chess boxing was a nail biter.
  • Oops. Latest iPhone SE (3rd gen) was introduced last March so very recent. So actually might buy an iPhone SE in April after any March models, if any, are introduced. And if my iPhone dies now I'm still comfortable buying an immediate replacement.

Mon Dec 12 2022

Sleep 0200 to 0400, 1115 to 1415. 2 hour nap. (7 hours)

  • Fantasy Football s2. Won my first playoff game 171.36 to 161.14 which is pretty close in this league. Justin Jefferson (WR, MIN) had a great day and is my best player even if there are weeks when he has little production. Daniel Jones (QB, NYG) is my primary quarterback and if he gets 20 points which he did this week then I'm happy. Jash Jacobs (RB, LV), Donovan People-Jones (WR, CLE) and Shaq Thompson (LB, CAR) had good games and everyone else underperformed but a win is a win.

Tue Dec 13 2022

Sleep 0500 to 1300. (8 hours)

  • Sleeper does not do playoffs matchups based on a tree. Each round it matches the best vs the worst remaining team.

Wed Dec 14 2022

Sleep 0400 to 1200. (8 hours)

  • DDO hardcore. Christopher's character fell into a trap and got killed. He has a level 3 he will work on leveling up.

Thu Dec 15 2022

Sleep 0145 to 1015. (8-1/2 hours)

  • DDO Night Revels for a couple of weeks. Even if I don't get any items doing the quests is a good amount of experience.

Fri Dec 16 2022

Sleep 0330 to 1330. (10 hours)

  • My iPhone battery monitoring seems messed up. One minute it's 100% then I look again and it's shut down. When I restart it battery is at 1% Pretty much have to leave it on the charger all the time. Battery health keeps saying it's fine. Not sure if it's the latest iOS update since I started noticing it since. Or could be lingering damage from dropping it a bunch last week and cracking the screen.

DDO Deep Gnome v2 Planning

We're doing Iconic Reincarnation. I went through my current Deep Gnome wizard seeing what I want to tweak.

For enhancements add a bit of Force spell critical chance. For epic destinies no changes. Not surprising in both cases because it's fairly cheap to respecify them.

For feats I'm changing out five out of the 21 feats we get. And this is after I did several feat re-specifications but much harder in DDO since you have to do it like "change out the feat you picked at third level with a feat you could get a third level, but don't take out a feat that breaks prerequisite for a feat you got later".

For equipment I went through all the bonuses and put them in a spreadsheet. I changed out one item where I was only getting +10 Wisdom which gives me +21 Spellcraft (strange I didn't have any Spellcraft items equipped).

Deep Gnome Enhancements

Tier Enhancement Ranks AP Notes

Core Wariness 1 1 +1 Dodge, +2 MRR
Core Wisdom 1 2 +1 INT or WIS
Core Wariness 1 1 +1 Dodge, +2 MRR
Core Wisdom 1 2 +1 INT or WIS
1 Wand and Scroll Mastery 3 3 +25%/50%/75% from wands, scrolls, item spells; +1/3/6 DC offensive wands
2 Greater Color Spray 3 3 Color Spray spell-like ability (2 SP, Cooldown 8s) [shares cooldown w Feydark]
3 Spellcraft 1 1 +5/10/20 Spellcraft
3 Racial Spell Focus: Illusion 3 3 +1/2/3 Illusion DCs
4 Phantasmal Killer 3 3 Phantasmal Killer spell-like ability (5 SP, Cooldown 16s)

Total: 19 AP

Feydark Illusionist Enhancements

Tier Enhancement Ranks AP Notes

Core Find Familiar 1 1 Familiar: Illusory Sprite
Core Ability I 1 2 +1 INT, WIS or CHA
Core Greater Color Spray 1 1 Greater Color Spray spell-like ability (10 SP, Cooldown 8s)
Core Ability II 1 2 +1 INT, WIS or CHA
Core Familiar's Reach 1 1 +1 Illusion DC, Enlarge Metamagic at no additional cost
Core Master Illusionist 1 1 +2 INT, WIS and CHA; +2 Illusion DC, Active: party gets 95% concealment 15s, CD 3m
1 Feydark Explorer 2 2 +1/2/3 Spellcraft, Move Silently, Concentration; Rank 3: +1 UMD [-1 pt]
1 Twist Reality 1 2 Offensive Illusions reduce enemy Will saves by 1 for 10s, max stack 3
2 Reality Bulwark 3 3 +1/2/3 to all saves; Rank 3: Immune to Fear
2 You've Got My Back 1 2 Familiar acts as Shield spell; Shield adds +10 PRR, Nightshield +10 MRR
2 Shadowblade 3 3 Ranged attack for 1d6+2 Force/caster level; 6 SP, Cooldown 6s
3 Spell Penetration 3 3 +1/2/3 Spell Penetration
3 Magical Attunement I 1 2 +2% Force Spell crit chance; +1% Universal Spell crit chance
4 Be My Eyes 1 2 Familiar grants True Seeing and automatically finds Spell Wards
4 Magical Attunement II 1 2 +2% Force Spell crit chance; +1% Universal Spell crit chance
4 Improved Shadowblades 3 3 Shadowblade attacks apply 1/2/3 of Shattermantle (-3 SR for 9s)
5 Illusory Augmentation 1 2 +1 Illusion DC; Feats Imp/Augment Summ +5 Force Power +1 Illusion DC
5 Permanent Displacement 1 2 Permanent Displacement (50% concealment, does not stack with Blur)
5 Magical Attunement III 1 2 +2% Force Spell crit chance; +2% Universal Spell crit chance
5 Force in Tandem 1 2 Familiar grants +10 Force, +10 Universal, 5% Force absorb

Total: 40 AP

Archmage Enhancements

Tier Enhancement Ranks AP Notes

Core Archmage Specialization I 1 1 Illusion I: Invisibility spell-like ability
Core Archmage Specialization II 1 1 Illusion II: Blur spell-like ability
Core Archmage Specialization III 1 1 Illusion II: Displacement spell-like ability
Core Archmage Specialization IV 1 1 Illusion IV: Phantasmal Killer spell-like ability
1 Energy of the Scholar 1 2 +30/60/90 max spell points
1 Traditional Caster 2 2 +3/6/10 Universal Spell Power when wielding Orb or Staff [-1 pt]
1 Spell Critical: Elemental and Force I 1 2 Acid, Cold, Electric, Fire, Untyped +1% crit change, Force +3% crit chance
2 Spell Critical: Elemental and Force II 1 2 Acid, Cold, Electric, Fire, Untyped +1% crit change, Force +3% crit chance
3 Spell Penetration 3 6 +1/2/3 caster level to overcome enemy Spell Resistance
3 Spell Critical: Elemental and Force III 1 2 Acid, Cold, Electric, Fire, Untyped +2% crit change, Force +4% crit chance
4 School Mastery 1 2 Primary Spell Focus: Illusion. +1 DC
4 Spell Critical: Elemental and Force IV 1 2 Acid, Cold, Electric, Fire, Untyped +2% crit, Force +4% crit [+2 pts]

Total: 24 AP

Draconic Incarnation Epic Destiny

Tier Enhancement Ranks AP Notes

Core Draconic Bloodline: Red 1 1 Feat: Magical Training. +50 SP, +5 (Fire) Spell Pwr, +5 USP, +1 Epic Spell DC per core enhancement.
Core Draconic Heritage 1 1 -5% Spell Point cost. Eschew Materials as per feat.
Core Elemental Blood 1 1 -5% Spell Point cost. Cast (Fire): 15% chance +10 temp hp/level for 10s.
Core Draconic Heritage II 1 1 -5% Spell Point cost. Don't need special material components.
1 Draconic Perception 3 3 +2/4/6 Spot and Reflex saves
1 Dragonhide 3 3 +1/2/3 natural armor, +2/4/6 Fortitude saves. Rank 3: can't fail Fort save on 1.
1 Attune the Arcane 1 2 Draconic Destiny Mantle. Offensive spells deal +1d6+6 caster level (Fire) dmg. 5s cooldown.
1 Dragonscales 3 3 +1/2/3 PRR and MRR
1 Arcane Studies 3 3 +2/4/6 Concentration, +1/2/3 UMD. Rank 3: +5 (Fire) Spell Pwr and +5 USP
2 Coalescence 3 3 Your spells bypass 5/10/15 DR. Rank 3: +5 (Fire) Spell Pwr and +5 USP
3 Inevitable 1 2 Destiny Mantle does an extra three ticks of damage
3 Scales of the Dragon 1 2 Absorb 15 dmg/character level ablative, 50% (Fire) damage shield, 30 sp, 30s
3 Draconic Spell Focus 3 3 Evocation, Conjuration, Necromancy, OR Transmutation: +1/2/3 DCs; not cumulative with other Tier 3 Epic Destiny spell focus with same school
4 Dragonspeed 1 2 Destiny Mantle: spell cooldowns reduced 10%, gain Mobile Spellcasting, +30% movement speed
4 Epic Improved Metamagic 3 3 Quicken OR Enlarge: -1/2/4 spell point cost
5 Bring About Destruction 1 2 +10 (Fire) Spell Power, +10 USP. Some spells stack two additional times.
5 Dragonform 1 2 Epic Moment (5m cooldown). 30s of immune to (fire), DR 100; hp regeneration; spells 50% spell point cost reduction; might turn target to gold
5 Enhanced Draconic Spell Focus 3 3 +1/2/3 all spell DCs.

Total: 40 AP

Magus of the Eclipse Epic Destiny

Tier Enhancement Ranks AP Notes

Core Touched by the Moon 1 1 Feat: Magical Training. +50 SP, +5 Cold/Negative/Force Spell Pwr, +5 USP, +1 Epic Spell DC per core enhancement
Core Deepening Arcana 1 1 +10% Spell Points; Echoes of Power restores up to 30 SP
Core Nullmagic Aura 1 1 Active, 20s: you and nearby allies immune to harmful spells. Cooldown 2m.
Core Nightwind 1 1 +7 Spell Penetration; Nearby enemies 5% chance to be frozen 10s no saves
1 Imperceptible Casting 3 3 -10/20/30% spell threat. Rank 3: if you have Discipline feat, double bonuses.
1 Grand Summoner 1 2 Summons, pets, hirelings: +4 ability scores, increased health, 100% fortification +40% movement speed.
1 Impregnable Mind 3 3 +2/4/6 Will Saves and Concentration. Rank 3: don't auto fail Will on 1.
2 Moontouched 3 3 +1/2/3 to Fear-based spell DCs.
2 Call Upon 1 1 Summon CR20 creature. Select one type to summon.
3 Partial Eclipse 3 3 +1/2/3 Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion OR Necromancy DCs.
3 Piercing Spellcraft 3 3 +1/2/3 spell penetration

Total: 22 AP


Level Origin Feat

1 Standard Quicken Spell
1 Wizard 1 Spell Focus: Illusion
3 Standard Greater Spell Focus: Illusion
5 Wizard 2 Extend Spell
6 Standard Spell Penetration
9 Standard Greater Spell Penetration
10 Wizard 3 Enlarge Spell
12 Standard Empower Spell
15 Standard Maximize Spell
15 Wizard 4 Heighten Spell
18 Standard Discipline
20 Wizard 5 Augment Summoning

21 Epic Feat Epic Spell Penetration
22 Epic Destiny Feat Epic Spell Power: Force
24 Epic Feat Embolden Spell
25 Epic Destiny Feat Epic Spell Power: Fire
27 Epic Feat Intensify Spell
28 Epic Destiny Feat Epic Spell Power: Cold
30 Epic Feat Epic Spell Focus: Illusion
30 Legendary Feat Scion of the Feywild
31 Epic Destiny Feat Spell Specialty: Evocation (or Enchantment)


Location Item Set

Head Crown of Bone (29) Minor Artifact
Neck Legendary Reflective Bloodstone (29) Adherent of the Mists
Eyes Deceiving 7 Goggles of Spell Penetration 10 (32)
Trinket Epic Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (28)
Armor Legendary Barovian Nobles' Regalia (29) Beacon of Magic
Cloak Legendary Phasecloak (29) Adherent of the Mists
Wrists Legendary Falrinth's Folly (31)
Waist Legendary Burnscar Sash (29) Beacon of Magic
L Finger Legendary Ring of Nightfall (29) Adherent of the Mists
R Finger Legendary Deathwarden (29) Adherent of the Mists
Feet Orcish Privateer's Boots (24)
Hand Legendary Blurfingered Gloves (29) Beacon of Magic
Main Hand Legendary Fusible Sceptre of Impulse (29)
Off Hand The Legendary Mistfallen (29) Adherent of the Mists

Twitch Recap 2022

Twitch has a recap page for each viewer and you can download a summary graphic:





Hours Watched: 4.17K
Days Watched: 335
Channel Points: 2.08M
Chat Messages: 6.1K

Subs Gifted: 1027
Bits Cheered: 455K (for top 4 watched channels)

Favorite Streamers

  1. akaNemsko (1194 hours)
  2. PhotoChess (792 hours)
  3. BotezLive (611 hours)
  4. AnnaCramling (462 hours)

#5 would be HashtagChess since that's the only other followed channel.

Top Categories

  1. Chess
  2. Just Chatting
  3. Marbles on Stream
  4. Poker

Diary - Dec 03 to Dec 09 2022

Sat Dec 03 2022

Sleep 0445 to 1115 (6-1/2 hours)

  • USA lost 3-1 to Denmark. Argentina won 2-1 vs Australia.

Sun Dec 04 2022

Sleep 0300 to 1100 (8 hours)

  • 49ers win 33-17 at home vs Dolphins with backup QB Brock Purdy taking over after Garoppolo is injured in the first series. Hopefully it's not a serious injury though if you can't come back in the same game and it's not a concussion then it's probably a multi-week injury. After today five games left in the season.

Mon Dec 05 2022

Sleep 0245 to 1245 (10 hours)

  • Prepping Studio3 headphones for return. Amazon is fairly easy: you pick a reason from LOV, choose whether you want to exchange with another item or refund to Amazon credit (or buying credit card, as usual a bit different link so you don't notice), then give comments. Shipping instructions (put it in box, print barcode and description and put in box, add lithium battery warning -- though I'm using the original packing box which already has the sticker). UPS will pick it up tomorrow and they'll have a shipping label for affixing to box.
  • Bought Shadowrun 1E-2E Mega bundle. Most of the sourcebooks, though short on adventures. Hopefully there will be a future bundle to fill the gaps.
  • Got rejected for the opening. Sadge.
  • Looks like Varsity Tutors accounts are created manually by staff and a new user by themselves can only create a practice account. I was going to create an account with my phone number then say not to call me. Oh well, guess I'll keep ignoring their messages.
  • Actually I do already have Beats Studio3 Wireless and those fit fine. They also aren't really over-ear but I don't recall them being uncomfortable (they're broken because they're plastic).

Tue Dec 06 2022

Sleep 0400 to 1200. (8 hours)

  • UPS came and collected Beats Studio3 box.

Wed Dec 07 2022

Sleep 0315 to 1015. (7 hours)

  • Eye exam. Getting reading glasses. Current computer glasses still good enough.
  • My mouth still a bit sore from last week's dental work. Mostly acts up in the evening after a big meal when I chew a lot. Advil to kill the pain so I can sleep.
  • So after returning the Studio3 the only thing I bought for Black Friday was RapidWeaver Classic upgrade for $32 which I think is 20% off upgrade price.
  • Dropped my phone several times today and finally cracked the screen. Have been thinking about replacing it next year once the new iPhone SE comes out so that would be Sep which may be too far away... Also the battery, even though status says it's fine, sometimes drains very quickly. It's not all-day unless I'm only listening to music/podcasts with screen off.

Thu Dec 08 2022

Sleep 0400 to 1315. (9-1/4 hours)

  • Discord permissions hierarchy is pretty much non-existent which makes channel bans hard to implement. I can think of doing it like: (1) Set channel permissions for normal users, (2) normal user role has no extra permissions, (2) ban role adds restrictions. I'd rather not set per-user permissions because that's not readily apparent the way a role tag is.

Fri Dec 09 2022

Sleep 0230 to 1200. (9-1/2 hours)

  • Studio3 arrived at Amazon destination.
  • We'll be finishing Temple of Elemental Evil this weekend and then Iconic Resurrection and restarting from level 15. Should see if I want to keep the exact same build or tweak a bit.

Fantasy Football s2 Regular Season End

Division 1

2. KevinCWong (9-4)
4. NateTheGreat213 (7-6)
7. (NM_Budda) (6-7)
8. Tepps23 (6-7)
9. Btente (5-8)
12. GerberBaby3 (4-9)

Division 2

1. MegamanManiac (10-3)
3. Bada55Noob (9-4)
5. Londezzy (7-6)
6. DaBarrister (Emad) (6-7)
10. BitsyRain (5-8)
11. SexyRanger (4-9)


1. MegamanManiac
8. Tepps23 ------------------
4. NateTheGreat |----------------
5. Londezzy ------------------ |
3. Bada55Noob |----------------
6. DaBarrister ------------------ |
| |
2. KevinCWong |----------------
7. NM_Budda ------------------

Sleeper has a losers bracket for place 9-12 and in both brackets losers keep playing to end up with exact finishing places but I don't care about that. This is the USA and only #1 matters.

DDO Sun Elf

For the upcoming DDO Hardcore season I'm making a Sun Elf specializing in Light and a bit of extra Turn Undead. Wont' be a great healer and may be short on spell points. My brother said when you hit level 15 you get the iconic equipment package hence why we're doing iconics and why I'm heavy mace rather than bow.


This will be a Sun domain Cleric and I will use two of my regular feats to get the Domain level 3 and 12 feats for flavor though I'll be an ok warrior with the Heavy Mace.

That leaves me five feats. Quicken (so I don't worry about Concentrate skill), Enlarge (for extra range), Maximize (lots of spell power). At level 15 and 18 I'll either do turn undead stuff or double down on spell power with Empower and Intensify.

Level Feat Description
1 Deity: Favored of Amaunator +1 to hit w Heavy Maces
1 Racial: Elf Sense and Saves +1 Listen, Search, Spot, saves vs enchantments. Immune to magical sleep.
1 Racial: Proficiencies Longbow, Longsword, Rapier, Shortbow
1 Class: Proficiencies Simple Weapons, Light/Medium/Heavy Armor, Shields (not tower)
1 Class: Turn Undead
1 Feat: Quicken Spell faster caster, don't need Concentrate checks
2 Domain: Sun (Spell Power) +2 Fire and Light Spell Power per Cleric Level
2 Domain: Sun (Turning) Turn Undead: allies gain True Sight, 20s enemies incorporeal negated + 10% Light dmg vulnerability
3 Deity: Child of Amaunator +2 to hit/dmg w Heavy Maces
5 Domain: Sun (Searing Light) Searing Light SLA (4 SP; 4s cooldown, shares with DD). Ray. 1d6+6 Light per level (x2 vs Undead)
6 Deity: Amaunator's Flames Stance. 1d8 fire dmg to enemies that hit you, Sacred bonus 25% cold dmg reduction
6 Feat: Enlarge Spell x2 range
9 Feat: Maximize Spell +150 spell power
9 Domain: Sun (Sunbeam) Sunbeam SLA (8 SP, 6s cooldown). 1d6+7 per level + temp blindness (x2 dmg vs undead/oozes)
12 Deity: Beloved of Amaunator +3 to hit/dmg w Heavy Maces
14 Domain: Sun (Sunburst) Sunburst SLA (20 SP, 8s cooldown). 1d6+4 per level AOE + blindness (x2 dmg vs undead/oozes)
15 Feat: Extra Turning +4 Turn Undead
18 Feat: Improved Turning +1 cleric level for Turn Undead

Sun Elf Enhancements

Sun Elf has some nice Light and Turn Undead enhancements. Also I'll get the weapon training so that I'm ok in melee.

There is a path where you do archery except I think being far back shooting makes it harder to heal allies. Also kind of dilutes the cleric part to be an above average archer but why not be a ranger instead?

Ranks is how many ranks I'm planning on buying. I have a spreadsheet so it calculates total points spent.

Tier Enhancement Req Cost Ranks MaxR Total Notes
Core Elven Accuracy I L1 1 1 1 1 +2% to hit w all attacks. Point Blank Shot and Ranged Sneak Attack +2m per Elven Core Ability
Core Sun Elf Intelligence I L4, 1 AP 2 1 0 +1 INT
Core Elven Accuracy II L7, 3 AP 1 1 0 +2% to hit w all attacks
Core Sun Elf Intelligence II L11, 4 AP 2 1 0 +1 INT
Core Elven Accuracy III L16, 6 AP 1 1 0 +2% to hit w all attacks
1 Rejuvenation Dawn 1 AP 2 2 2 4 Heal 10k hp + many effects. Rank 2: can be used on ally, +1 use. Cooldown 3m.
1 Bane of the Restless 1 AP 1 3 3 3 Turn Undead also does 6d6/12d6/18d6 light dmg no save. +2/4/6 cleric levels for turn undead.
1 Keen Senses 1 AP 1 3 0 +1/2/3 to Listen, Search, Spot
1 Morninglord Weapon Training 1 AP 2 1 1 2 +1 to hit/dmg with Morningstars, Maces, 1-H Hammers. +1 to hit/+2 dmg with Mauls.
1 Arcane Fluidity 1 AP 1 3 0 Armor arcane spell failure -5%/10%/15%
2 Blessing of Amaunator 5 AP 2 3 3 6 Blessing SLA (1m/level, 3/rest): T1 Aid, T2 + Spell Resistance, T3 + Death Ward
2 Enchantment Lore 5 AP 1 3 0 +2/+4/+6 saves vs Enchantments. T3: +1 Enchantment DC
2 Nothing Is Hidden 5 AP 1 3 0 Automatically do Search for traps/secret doors with -12/-8/-4 penalty
2 Morninglord Weapon Training II 5 AP 2 1 1 2 +1 to hit/dmg with Morningstars, Maces, 1-H Hammers. +1 to hit/+2 dmg with Mauls.
2 Arcanum 5 AP 2 3 0 +25/50/100 Spell Points, +1/2/3 Spell Penetration
3 Light of the Sun God 10 AP 2 3 3 6 +10/20/30 Light Spell Power
3 Fey Energy Trap 10 AP 1 3 0 Req: Enchantment Lore. 24 SP + 6/level, 10% Incorporeality, -2 Will saves. 1/3/5 uses per rest
3 Fey Sight 10 AP 2 1 1 2 (True Sight) while you have 100+ spell points
3 Morninglord Weapon Training III 10 AP 2 1 1 2 +1 to hit/dmg with Morningstars, Maces, 1-H Hammers. +1 to hit/+2 dmg with Mauls.
3 Arcane Archer 10 AP 4 1 0 Gain access to Arcane Archer tree
4 Amaunator's Brilliance 15 AP 1 3 3 3 Sunburst SLA with WIS-based DC. 25 SP, Cooldown 60/45/30 seconds.
4 Aura of Radiance 15 AP 1 3 3 3 Enemies 2d6/2d8/2d10 Light on melee atk you. Sacred AC +3/6/9 vs shadows and undead.
4 Grace 15 AP 1 1 0 Use DEX to determine dmg with Morningstars, Maces and Hammers
4 Morninglord Weapon Training IV 15 AP 2 1 1 2 +1 to hit/dmg with Morningstars, Maces, 1-H Hammers. +1 to hit/+2 dmg with Mauls.
4 Skill 15 AP 1 1 0 +3% Doublestrike, +3% Doubleshot, +3% Dodge, Bypass 3% Dodge

Divine Disciple Enhancements

Divine Disciple has good Light spell enhancements and SLAs. Although Radiant Servant is quite nice I won't have any points for it. Warpriest is interesting if you want a front-line combatant. Finally, the new Dark Apostate archetype seems totally incompatible with Sun Elf.

So this is my plan for the first 20 levels. Don't think we got past 10 in two tries last time so we'll worry about Epic levels when we get there.

Tier Enhancement Req Cost Ranks MaxR Total Notes
Core Divine Emissary of Light 0 AP, CL 1 1 1 1 1 +5 Light/Alignment/Universal Spell Power per Light Core Ability
Core Empowered by Light 5 AP, CL 3 1 1 1 1 +2 to all saving throws, +3 PRR
Core Divine Spell Knowledge 10 AP, CL 6 1 1 1 1 Sun Bolt (12 sp, cool 3s, 1d6+3/level all targets in path) as a Cleric 5 spell
Core Divine Spell Knowledge 20 AP, CL 12 1 1 1 1 Sunbeam as Cleric 9 spell
Core Divine Spell Knowledge 30 AP, CL 18 1 1 1 1 Sunburst as Cleric 15 spell
Core Priest of Endless Light 40 AP, CL 20 1 1 1 1 +4 WIS, +2 all saving throws, +10 Light/Alignment/Positive Healing spell power, +1 caster/max caster level Light/Alignment spells, +1 evocation DC
1 Prophetic Zenith 1 AP 1 3 3 3 Nimbus of Light SLA (4/3/2 sp, cooldown 6/5/4s)
1 Defense of the Heart 1 AP 1 3 0 +2/4/6 PRR
1 Divine Smiting I 1 AP 1 3 3 3 +2% crit chance with Light, Negative Energy, Alignment
1 Defense of the Soul 1 AP 1 3 0 +2/4/6 MRR
1 Spell Points 1 AP 1 3 0 +30/60/90 spell points
2 Spell Penetration 5 AP, CL 2 2 3 0 +1/2/3 spell penetration
2 Efficient Metamagic 5 AP, CL 2 2 3 3 6 Empower 2/4/6, Enlarge 1/2/4, Maximize 3/6/9, or Quicken 1/2/4 less spell points
2 Divine Smiting II 5 AP, CL 2 1 3 3 3 +2% crit chance with Light, Negative Energy, Alignment
2 Shield of Dusk and Dawn 5 AP, CL 2 2 1 1 2 When struck inflict 1/2/3d6 Light and Negative damage. T3: if crit enemy is blinded 2s no save
2 Light and Dark 5 AP, CL 2 1 3 3 3 Cast Light/Alignment/Neg Energy spell gain +3 L/A/NE spell power for 6s, stacks 3/6/10.
3 Prophetic Zenith 10 AP, CL 3 1 3 3 3 Searing Light SLA (8/6/4 spell points, cooldown 8/6/4 seconds shared with Domain: Sun)
3 Efficient Metamagic 10 AP, CL 3 2 3 0 Same as above but pick different metamagic feat
3 Divine Smiting III 10 AP, CL 3 1 3 3 3 +2% crit chance with Light, Negative Energy, Alignment
3 Disciple of Dawn 10 AP, CL 3 1 3 3 3 +5/10/15 Positive Healing Amplification and +5 Positive Spell Power
3 Wisdom 10 AP, CL 3 2 1 0 +1 WIS
4 Prophetic Zenith 20 AP, CL 4 1 3 3 3 Holy Smite SLA (13/10/7 spell points, Cooldown 10/8/6s) 1d6+4/level holy dmg to Evil + blind
4 Efficient Heighten 20 AP, CL 4 2 2 0 Heighten costs 1/2 spell points less
4 Divine Smiting IV 20 AP, CL 4 1 3 3 3 +2% crit chance with Light, Negative Energy, Alignment
4 Disciple of Dusk 20 AP, CL 4 1 3 0 +5/10/15 Negative Healing Amplification and +5 Negative Energy Spell Power
4 Wisdom 20 AP, CL 4 2 1 0 +1 WIS
5 Power Balance 30 AP, CL 5 1 1 1 1 Holy Power: Holy Smite does full damage regardless of alignment
5 Transcendence 30 AP, CL 5 1 1 1 1 Transcend Darkness: Cleric spell book has all Light Core Enhancement spells (Sun xxx)
5 Divine Smiting V 30 AP, CL 5 1 1 3 1 +2% crit chance with Light, Negative Energy, Alignment
5 Spell Critical Damage 30 AP, CL 5 1 3 0 Condemnation: +5% crit Light/Negative Energy/Alignment; +2 Caster Level/Max Caster Level
5 Divine Empowerment 30 AP, CL 5 2 1 0 +1 DC with Evocation and Necromancy Spells

Diary - Nov 26 to Dec 02 2022

Sat Nov 26 2022

Sleep 0230 to 0930. (7 hours)

  • Was trying to come up with a joke for the name soccer: Soccer is from the Old English "socc hēr" because the game had to be played wearing socks. And I researched the Old English words but it's too close to "sock her". Middle English would be "socke here" but less cool as a joke.

Sun Nov 27 2022

Sleep 0500 to 1200. (7 hours)

  • Throwing away some old Apple product boxes. My iPhone SE (1st gen) box still has its original Air buds. Score! Nicer than using my on-ear headphones though no noise cancellation.
  • Was thinking of buying undergarments for Cyber Monday but too many choices. I'll probably stick with Hanes but currently not on sale so I can wait.

Mon Nov 28 2022

Sleep 0130 to 1000. (8-1/2 hours)

  • BlackHole - a virtual audio device extension (free though you have to subscribe to their newsletter). There is a small wiki manual. Seems to be like Soundflower: adds a 2-, 16- or 64-channel device with ins and outs so it can be used as an output device or input device. Use macOS Audio MIDI Setup to then create an aggregate device and the aggregate can be used as a sound source.
  • Nice intro article How to get started with OBS Studio in macOS.
  • Christopher called relaying that Auntie Mien died yesterday. She was one of mom's childhood friends and had been living nearby for decades so a regular guest at our parents.

Tue Nov 29 2022

Sleep 0200 to 1000. (8 hours)

  • Looking at the Java version history, when I started at my last company we used Java 1.2 (or Java 2 if you extend current version numbering backwards). Then when I came back after the break and we started Fusion it was Java 6 and we eventually jumped to Java 8 (probably not in 2014, maybe a couple of years later) and I think our applications still ran on Java 8 when I left.

Wed Nov 30 2022

Sleep 0100 to 1200. (11 hours)

  • Hexcrawl Toolbox kickstarter. I'm kind of ambivalent about generic accessories but this looks way cool. 150 double-sided hexes (terrain on one side, terrain + feature on the other) with a cloth bag and a nice box. I'll probably buy the two previous products too since they're compatible hexes.
  • Today I applied for a Senior Java Engineer position. There are five essay type questions to fill out as well as sending a résumé so it took a few hours.

Thu Dec 01 2022

Sleep 0100 to 0800. (7 hours)

  • Dentist. Got a crown (back bottom right molar) and a filling in the same area. 2-3/4 hours and a bit worse because it's one of the least accessible tooths.
  • Received Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones. Kind of horrible. Not actually over-ear unless you have really small ears and actually these are made for a smaller head than mine and I don't think I have a big head. Will try to return them.
  • I didn't eat most of the day because it hurt when I tried to chew. Turns out there was some dental wad or something stuck under my tongue.

Fri Dec 02 2022

Sleep 0200 to 1245. (10-3/4 hours)

  • Modiphius losing their Conan RPG license Dec 31, though they can sell remaining stocks through Jun 30 2023 (not sure about PDFs). Soon it'll be time to buy their PDFs at a hopeful discount.
  • Actually I already have almost everything from some previous bundle or sale. Guess they haven't published much lately. DTRPG Conan by Crom! bundle says I only have $20 unowned product. The Crom bundle doesn't have everything so hopefully they'll add those extras before end of year.

FIFA Men's World Cup Final 16

Numbers are random not rankings. My top two picks, Argentina and United States, are still in, though unfortunately if they both advance they face each other.

I was kind of hoping Argentina and Brazil be in different halves so they can face each other in the finals.

1 - Netherlands
2 - United States ----------------
3 - Argentina |----------------
4 - Australia ---------------- |
5 - Japan |--------------
6 - Croatia ---------------- | |
| | |
7 - Brazil |---------------- |
8 - South Korea ---------------- |
9 - England |----------------
10 - Senegal ---------------- |
| |
11 - France |---------------- |
12 - Poland ---------------- | |
| |
13 - Morocco |--------------
14 - Spain ---------------- |
| |
15 - Portugal |----------------
16 - Switzerland ----------------