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DriveThruRPG We Love Games Sale

We Love Games Sale is a Valentine's Day romantic games themed sale though as usual I think it's up to each publisher to mark which of their games are on sale so some of the theme connections are dubious (a lot of them seem to be "if there is a female on the cover then it fits the theme"). Up to 40% off is mostly a deception as most products are 20% off.

Interesting products.

Bluebeard's Bride ($11.19)
BB: Book of Lore ($11.19)
BB: Book of Mirrors ($11.19)
BB: Book of Rooms ($11.19)
BB: Tarot of Servants ($2.39)

A one-scenario mystery/horror RPG which I think is about investigating what happened to the bride. I have the main book in hardcover and don't have any PDFs. Don't remember why I bought this in the first place.

Waterlands: Adventures in the Great Mire ($4.79) - A scenario for Mythic Britain (a Mythras RPG setting). I like the concept of Mythras and have a fair number of PDFs but not Mythic Britain.

Six of Cups ($14.36) - Six scenarios for Blue Rose RPG, which I have. Most or all of Blue Rose is on sale though there is not much and half of it is fiction.

The Dune Rose ($8) - Apparently a FATE-like RPG where you have a heroine and a love interest (with allies and other love interests as needed) and seems more cooperative storytelling than mission-based.

Book of Sires ($12) - King Arthur Pendragon supplement for doing a knight's family history for non-core backgrounds. I like that the current KAP focuses on knights from the core region and all the supplements add more backgrounds and details but are not necessary to play the Great Pendragon Campaign. It's like here's two books to run a complete (and rather long) campaign and other products are if you want more detail.

Diary - Jan 21 to Jan 27 2023

Sat Jan 21 2023

Sleep 0430 to 1200. 30 min nap. (8 hours)

  • Gaming at Dave and Sophia's. Sophia made food. We played Jaws of the Lion.

Sun Jan 22 2023

Sleep 0500 to 1000. (5 hours)

  • Apple Books app a bit inconsistent. PDF and EPUB render are like sub-apps with different UIs, which is not necessarily bad but inconsistent. To exit a PDF the top menu has a back button on the left. To exit an EPUB there is a close X button on the top right. It's one of those little annoying things that's not really important but a bunch of little annoying things add up eventually.
  • 49ers beat Cowboys 19-12 at home to advanced to NFC Championship game.

Mon Jan 23 2023

Sleep 0330 to 1200. (8-1/2 hours)

  • For some reason though FAT-32 max volume size is 4 GB. Actually max file size is 4 GB and max volume size is 2 TB.

Tue Jan 24 2023

Sleep 0315 to 1115. (8 hours)

  • Anime Network is free this week. Today watched first season (12 half-hour episodes) of The Demon Girl Next Door s1.

Wed Jan 25 2023

Sleep 0000 to 0200. 0800 to 1400. (8 hours)

  • Watched the 12-episode season two of The Demon Girl Next Door. At this point I'm a bit anime overloaded so that's it for me.

Thu Jan 26 2023

Sleep 0300 to 1315. (10-1/4 hours)

  • After moving everything to my new iPhone I neglected to check WhatsApp, which needs a confirmation to re-enable my account on a new phone. Didn't notice for a couple of months since I only really use it for an HOA group chat and I just remembered I hadn't seen any activity lately.

Fri Jan 27 2023

Sleep 0315 to 0945. (6-1/2 hours)

  • Benefit Connect left a voice message yesterday and today. I called them back (they use a voice IVR). They said coverage cancelled because my employer told them I was double covered. So sent an email to my employer's US HR inquiring. Auto response said they've been busy so might take a few days to get to my email.

California Nov 2022 Election Results

I forgot to check the election results from last November's election.

California Nov 2022 Statewide Election results

Voted: Yes, Passed 67%

Voted: No, Failed 33%

Voted: No, Failed 18%

Voted: Yes, Passed 64%

Voted: Yes, Failed 32%

Voted: Yes, Failed 42%

Voted: Yes, Passed 63%

US Senator, Full Term: Alex Padilla (D), Wins 59.1%
US Senator, Partial Term: Mark P Meuser (R), Loses

-- Both these were to fill Kama Harris' seat (elected 2016) when she became Vice President. The partial term ends beginning of 2023. The full term is then 2023 to 2029.

Governor: Gavin Newsom (D), Wins 59.2%
Lt Governor: Eleni Kounalakis (D), Wins 59.7%
Secretary of State: Shirley N Weber (D), Wins 60.1%
Controller: Malia M Cohen (D), Wins 55.3%
Treasurer: Fiona Ma (D), Wins 58.8%
Attorney General: Rob Bonta (D), Wins 59.1%
Insurance Commissioner: Rocardo Lara (D), Wins 59.9%
Board of Equalization, 2nd District: Sally J Lieber (D), Wins 69.8%

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony K Thurmond, Wins 63.7%

San Mateo County Nov 22 election results

US House of Representatives, 15th: Kevin Mullin (D), Wins 56.1%
CA State Assembly, 21st: Diane Papan (D), Wins, 72.44%
SM County Board of Supervisors, 2nd: Noelia Corzo, Wins 51.74%
SMFC School District Governing Board: Randi Paynter, Loses 30.06%, Wins 51.74%
SM County Harbor District Commissioner, 3rd: Kathryn V. Slater-Carter, Wins 60.82%

Measure CC: Increase property transfer tax on sales of $10M+ from 0.5% to 1.5%
Vote: YES, Passed 71.77%

Humble Bundle - RPG Worlds by Kobold Press and Friends

RPG Worlds $25 bundle has a lot of books. A mix of campaign setting and their adventures for 5E (some of them can be used in OSR games). A bit of Castles & Crusades, enough to get started playing. A few OSR RPGs though no accompanying adventures unless you repurpose adventures in this bundle.

The most interesting to me is the OSE Advanced Player's and Referee's Tomes. That's $30 regular price so $25 to get them in a bundle not worth it. The other stuff in the bundle doesn't really grab me.

D&D 5th Edition

Book of Ebon Tides (Kobold Press, 254pp) - splatbook about the plane of shadows
Endless Encounters:Dungeons (Pacesetter Games & Simulations) - encounter generator + sample mega-dungeon
Ultimate Bestiary: The Dreaded Accursed (Nord Games, 272pp) - monster manual of undead and cursed monsters
Ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde (Nord Games, 194pp) - more details about classic monster races
Vault of Magic (Kobold Press, 240pp) - lots of magic items

AK1 The Brain Gorgers Appetite (Gamehole Publishing, 38pp) - adventure
AK2 Into the Deep Dark (Gamehole Publishing, 46pp) - adventure
The Forbidden Caverns of Archaia (Greg Gillespie, 296pp) - mega-dungeon
Courts of the Shadow Fey (Kobold Press, 148pp) - a big adventure
Empire of the Ghouls (Kobold Press, 354pp) - campaign
Into the Unknown (Pacesetter Games & Simulation,s 144pp) - solo adventure
Tome of Beasts II: Lairs (Kobold Press, 80pp) - 14 standalone 1-shot adventures
Warlock Grimoire (Kobold Press, 300pp) - Issues #1-10 of Warlock zine

The Cities of Sorcery (Art of the Genre, 126pp) - double trilogy of adventures (also for AD&D 1E)
The Complete White Ship Campaign (Art of the Genre, 128pp) - 5 adventures + 6 mini-adventures + setting supplement (also for AD&D 1E)

The Blight: Richard Pett's Crooked City (Frog God Games, 886pp) - city setting
The Blight GM Guide (Frog God Games, 158pp) - city setting
The Blight Player's Guide (Frog God Games, 58pp) - system neutral, player-facing information
The Blight: Map Pack (Frog God Games) - 4 maps
The Tome of Blighted Horrors (Frog God Games, 124pp) - monsters plus rules
The Blight Pathologies (Frog God Games, 72pp) - seven short adventures
TB1 The Crooked Nail (Frog God Games, 36pp) - adventures set in The Blight campaign setting
TB2 Horror Sinks In (Frog God Games, 90pp)
TB3 Bloody Jack (Frog God Games, 80pp)
TB4 The Crucible (Frog God Games, 64pp)
TB5 Children of the Harvest (Frog God Games, 44pp)

The World of the Lost Lands (Frog God Games, 516 pp) - campaign for Necromancer Games and Frog God Games settings
The World of the Lost Lands 5E Rules Addendum (Frog God Games, 44pp) - 5E rules
The Lost Lands: World Map (Frog God Games) - possible also part of below
The World of the Lost Lands: Map Folio (Frog God Games) - world map + 12 regional maps

Southlands Worldbook (Kobold Press, 322pp) - a desert/Egyptian-themed setting
Southlands Player's Guide (Kobold Press, 80pp) - races, spells, equipment for Southlands
City of Cats (Kobold Press, 154pp) - city gazetteer and adventure collection set in Southlands campaign setting

The Eye of Chentoufi (Gaxxworx LLC, 36pp) - part 1 of an adventure trilogy
The Heart of Chentoufi (Gaxxworx LLC) - tournament adventure, part 2

Castles & Crusades

Castles & Crusades: Players Handbook (Troll Lord Games, 228pp) - rules-light fantasy rpg
Codex Germania (Troll Lord Games, 112pp) - splatbook supplement based on German myths

Codes of Aihrde Expansion: The Environs of Aufstrag (Troll Lord Games, 20pp) - mini-setting

C7 Castle on the Hill (Troll Lord Games, 18pp) - adventure
The Hallowed Ring (Troll Lord Games, 12 pp) - adventure
Stains Upon the Green (Troll Lord Games, 22pp) - adventure
Giant's Rapture (Troll Lord Games, 32pp) - adventure
Death in the Treklant (Troll Lord Games, 78pp) - 3 adventures


Dead Men Tell New Tales (North Texas RPG Con, 36pp) - adventure for D&D B/X set in the Sea of Dread
Guilds & Orders (Troll Lord Games, 16pp) - system-neutral supplement

Phylactery #1 (Planet X Games, 48pp) - OSR zine
Phylactery #2 (Planet X Games, 48pp) - OSR zine, perhaps only two issues and done

Gangbusters: B/X Edition (Mark A Hunt), 64pp) - based on TSR's Gangbusters adapted to D&D B/X rules
Tall Tales (Mark Hunt, 96pp) - wild west-themed game based on D&D B/X rules

Rocket Age (Why Not Games, 256pp) - pulp sci-fi rpg using Vortex engine (attribute+skill+2d6 >= difficulty number)

Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Player's Tome (Necrotic Gnome, 256pp) - Basic D&D retro-clone rpg
Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Referee's Tome (Necrotic Gnome, 256pp) -

Diary - Jan 14 to Jan 20 2023

Sat Jan 14 2003

Sleep 0330 to 1300. (9-12 hours)

Sun Jan 15 2023

Sleep 0400 to 1330. (9-1/2 hours)

Mon Jan 16 2023

Sleep 0030 to 0230. 0530 to 1230. (9 hours)

  • Took a week to go through my iCloud passwords that iOS flagged and updated password, deleted it cause account/service no longer exists, or marked as ok (mostly if account is shared on multiple web site addresses). Lesson is to always use unique passwords so you worry less if a site is compromised (and you never know when an old HD full of passwords is unearthed).

Tue Jan 17 2023

Sleep 0500 to 1230. 1 hour nap. (8-1/2 hours)

  • M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBookPros announced today. In 3-1/2 years (hopefully) when I replace my current MBP (the last generation of Intel MBPs) I'll be able to get a mid-ranged MBP (was thinking low end but actually would like 16 GB RAM) and it'll be so much faster than my current MBP.
  • Wrote up my COBRA appeal letter. Mailing it tonight.
  • Groceries from Trader Joe's.
  • Working a bit on fixing my GORF Podcast rss so it works with Podcasts app. On Apple's help site there is an RSS Feed Sample which references to validators, Podbase How's My Feed and Cast Feed Validator. They each test slightly differently so best to use both.

Wed Jan 18 2023

Sleep 0450 to 1320. (8-1/2 hours)

  • EDD (CA Employment Development Department) defaults to payments to an EDD debit card (administered by Bank of America). Seems limiting unless I buy a lot of groceries and gasoline. You can return a form to request payment by check, which I will do so. Guess no option for ACH or direct deposit.

Thu Jan 19 2023

Sleep 0600 to 1230. (6-1/2 hours)

Fri Jan 20 2023

Sleep 0545 to 1330. (7-3/4 hours)

  • Working on converting the existing Bunnies and Burrows 3E characters to GURPS 4E.

Bunnies & Burrows 3E to GURPS 4E (v4)

Yet another draft of doing a GURPS 4E Bunnies and Burrows. This time we're converting the existing Bunnies and Burrows 3E characters to GURPS 4E.


ST = B&B Strength (Base)
HT = B&B Constitution (Base)

DX = B&B (Speed (Base) + Agility (Base)) / 2, round even
IQ = B&B (Intelligence (Base) + Mysticism (Base)) / 2, round even

Taste and Smell = B&B Smell (Base)

Charisma = B&B Charisma (Base) - IQ
- if positive then this Charisma advantage
- if negative then this is Uncharismatic disadvantage, which is the opposite effect

Basic Speed = (DX + HT)/2 as per GURPS 3E B&B


B&B traits convert to average skills with defaults at attribute+0:

Strength (ST/A, Default ST)
Speed (DX/A, Default DX)
Intelligence (IQ/A, Default IQ)
Agility (DX/A, Default DX)
Constitution (HT/A, Default HT)
Mysticism (IQ/A, Default IQ)
Smell (Taste and Smell/A, Default Taste and Smell)
Charisma (IQ/A, Default IQ, Influence skill)

Any B&B AP spent to increase levels convert to GURPS XP.

B&B professions convert to average skills which default to the trait-1.
This is so that a PC only has to improve the trait to become more proficient
in their profession.

Special abilities are done at +0 or -3/-6 if the ability is unlocked at
level 3 or 6. For abilities without a roll they are instead unlocked at
skill level 13 and 16.

Each character can only have one profession skill.

Fighter (ST/A, Default Strength-1)
Runner (DX/A, Default Speed-1)
Scout (IQ/A, Default Intelligence-1)
Maverick (DX/A, Default Agility-1)
Empath (HT/A, Default Constitution-1)
Seer (IQ/A, Default Mysticism-1)
- Luck uses = Seer skill roll MoS+1, or 0 if skill roll fails
Herbalist (Taste and Smell/A, Default Taste and Smell-1)
Storyteller (IQ/A, Default Charisma-1, Influence skill)

Bandit (ST/A, Default Strength-1)
Herald (DX/A, Default Speed-1)
Spy (IQ/A, Default Intelligence-1)
Burglar (DX/A, Default Agility-1)
Guardian (HT/A, Default Constitution-1)
Shaman (IQ/A, Default Mysticism-1)
Trader (Taste and Smell/A, Default Taste and Smell-1)
Grifter (IQ/A, Default Charisma-1, Influence skill)

For the most part numbers that derived from:

- Attribute Base are now Attribute/Profession skill divided by 8.
- Attribute Rating are now Attribute/Profession skill divided by 4.


Own Language is Language (Spoken, Native)
Other Languages are Language (Spoken, Accented)
Languages do not have Written component.

Bundle of Holding - GDW 2300 AD

GDW 2300 AD bundle for $30 contains:


GDW-1000 Traveller: 2300 AD 1E
GDW-1010 Aurore Sourcebook
GDW-1011 Ships of the French Arm
GDW-1012 Nyotekundu Sourcebook
GDW-1030 Beanstalk
GDW-1031 Energy Curve
GDW-1032 Kafer Dawn
GDW-1033 Mission Arcturus


GDW-1000 2300 AD (2E)
GDW-1013 Colonial Atlas
GDW-1014 Kafer Sourcebook
GDW-1034 Invasion
GDW-1035 Bayern
GDW-1036 Ground Vehicle Guide
GDW-1037 Equipment Guide
GDW-1038 Ranger

Other products not included

GDW-1015 Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook
GDW-1016 Deathwatch Program
GDW-1017 Rotten to the Core

Far Future Enterprises, which I think is Marc Miller's company, sells GDW PDF sets on CD-ROMS. For $35 + shipping their 2300 AD CD-ROM contains the above plus

GDW-1050 Star Cruiser (boxed game of starship combat) [btw one of the shortcomings of rpggeek and boardgamegeek is that hybrid product lines are separated between the two]

2300 Resource #0-2 (newsletter)

Now is the Time (RPGA tournament)
Having Seen the Sky (unpublished, partially edited adventure)

Challenge Magazine articles (83 articles)

Miscellaneous bonus materials

So for completeness I would go with the CD-ROM which is about $10 more than the Bundle of Holding.

Diary - Jan 07 to Jan 13 2023

Sat Jan 07 2023

Sleep 0400 to 1200. (8 hours)

  • Received a letter that my COBRA coverage was terminated by request so now I have to figure what happened.
  • Darn. My left ankle is feeling tweaked. Think I've been walking around too hard. Might regret it tomorrow when I can't walk.

Sun Jan 08 2023

Sleep 0430 to 0630. 1100 to 1600. (7 hours)

  • Set up the Brother printer. Fairly easy if you connect it to USB and use the PC wizard utility. Once set up you can use network admin to configure. You can also configure using the LCD panel and buttons but rather clumsy entering text.
  • Printing via iOS Air Print is good. Printing from Mac via Bonjour also good. Since it's a Wifi printer I can set it up outside my bedroom.
  • Since it's going to storm tonight and tomorrow went grocery shopping. Ankle is stiff so hobbling around.

Mon Jan 09 2023

Sleep 0300 to 1100. (8 hours)

  • Ankle feels mostly ok today. That's a relief as I thought it might get worse and then it would be a week of not being able to walk.

Tue Jan 10 2023

Sleep 0245 to 0745. (5 hours)

  • Picked up my new reading glasses. Pretty nice. I can sit at my desk and read a book perfectly but look at the monitor and it's blurry. That's how precise the glasses are.
  • Got lunch from Jeffrey's.

Wed Jan 11 2023

Sleep 0330 to 1130. (8 hours)

  • Based on my payslip I had 3 days work end of Sep 2006. Looking up calendar that meant I started Wed Sep 27 2006. Last day Oct 03 2022 so my second stint at Oracle I worked 16 years and a week.
  • Going through filing for unemployment and after half an hour or so it kicked me out and now won't let me login. Guess I'll try again tomorrow.
  • DDO hardcore - Christopher's character got killed in the last fight of Undermine where the boss sets explosive mines which did more damage than he expected.

Thu Jan 12 2023

Sleep 0330 to 1030. 1 hour nap. (8 hours)

  • Fire alarm woke me up. Sometimes when I wake up suddenly in the morning I have to poop so I did that and by the time I was done the fire fighters had left.
  • Finished my unemployment claim (luckily it saved my progress) and submitted it.

Fri Jan 13 2023

Sleep 0415 to 1145. (7-1/2 hours)

  • Received new frying pan. I guess one advantage is that it's new and flat whereas my old pan pooled oil away from the center.

Bundle of Holding - Non-OGL Fantasy

The current table-top rpg drama is Wizard of the Coast's leaked OGL 1.1 license wherein they (1) want money from big companies that profit from using the license, (2) require automatic royalty-free licensing of other companies IP to WotC for their use, (3) de-authorize the OGL 1.0a license so everyone will have to use OGL 1.1.

Bundle of Holdings Non-OGL Fantasy bundle features RPGs not based on OGL. This is a fairly brief bundle available for about a week.

Starter Collection ($10)

Mythras - Design Mechanism did RuneQuest 6E and when they lost that license they refined the engine and released it as Mythras. Mythras itself is fantasy though they do have other rpgs in other genres.

The Dark Eye - This is one of Europe's oldest RPGs. It's a fantasy RPG.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2E - Based on the Jackson and Livingstone choose your own adventure gaming books. For a CYOA it was a fairly complicated system though sort of light by table top rpg standards. Not sure how light it is in this form.

Heroes Against Darkness - a fantasy rpg based on d20 mechanic and I don't think I've heard about it.

The Oldskull Manifesto - a ruleset for Castle Oldskull

Bonus Collection (+$20)

Worlds Without Number Deluxe - fantasy rpg compatible with the science fiction Stars Without Number

Sword Chronicle - a fantasy rpg focusing on noble house politics

Warlock! Traitor's Edition - rules light rpg based on Fighting Fantasy gamebooks

Fantasy Age - Green Ronin's fantasy rpg based on their Adventure Game Engine system

Against the Darkmaster - epic fantasy rpg

I guess these are intended as replacements for D&D 5E so they're all fantasy. As such other than Mythras, which I already own, they lack appeal.

NFL 2022 Playoff Seedings


1. Kansas City Chiefs (14-3)

2. Buffalo Bills (13-3)
7. Miami Dolphins (9-8)

3. Cincinnati Bengals (12-4)
6. Baltimore Ravens (10-7)

4. Jacksonville Jaguars (9-8)
5. Los Angeles Chargers (10-7)


1. Philadelphia Eagles (14-3)

2. San Francisco 49ers (13-4)
7. Seattle Seahawks (9-8)

3. Minnesota Vikings (13-4)
6. New York Giants (9-7-1)

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-9)
5. Dallas Cowboys (12-5)

Super Bowl Picks

1. Jacksonville Jaguars
2. Los Angeles Chargers
3. Buffalo Bills
4. Minnesota Vikings
5. Baltimore Ravens
6. Miami Dolphins
7. New York Giants
8. Dallas Cowboys
9. San Francisco 49ers
10. Cincinnati Bengals
11. Seattle Seahawks
12. Philadelphia Eagles
13. Kansas City
14. Tampa Bay

Naturally I actually want San Francisco to win it all. Ranking goes from lowest to highest based on:

Past Super Bowl winners (within last 10 years)
Past Super Bowl losers (within last 10 years)
Ranking on Super Bowl history wins/losses

Diary - Dec 31 2022 to Jan 06 2023

Sat Dec 31 2022

Sleep 0500 to 1300. (8 hours)

  • I didn't notice because it's a little hidden at the top of Settings. My new iPhone comes with complimentary 3 months of Apple News+ and I have until March 24th to activate. I'll probably wait until mid March to activate because I have plenty of books to read.

Sun Jan 01 2023

Sleep 0400 to 1200. (8 hours)

  • After a day of fantasy football I'm ahead 160.82 to 136.12+0.36=136.48, a 24.34 point lead. I have RB Joe Mixon (14.89 pts) and K Tyler Bass (9.16) left. He has WR T Higgins (16.82) and LB Logan Wilson (21.88). Even though I have an edge could easily go either way. I have a chance because QB Daniel Jones (40.18 pts, 18.46 expected) and QB Sam Darnold (24.64/15.16) each had their best game of the season.

Mon Jan 02 2023

Sleep 0330 to 1130. (8 hours)

  • My HP LaserJet 1012 printer died. I don't remember how long I've had it. Maybe late 1990's when I was living in Concord printing BattleTech Mech sheets. (I found the shipping paper and I bought this Dec 2003.) In the last couple of years it always jammed printing 2+ pages so I only fed in and printed 1 page at a time.
  • The Wirecutter recommended a nice HP Color LaserJet but HP uses security-chipped toner cartridges. With my 1012 I always bought HP-branded toner cartridges but I don't like being forced to do it.
  • The Wirecutter for b&w recommended Brother HL-L2350DW monochrome laser printer which I bought on Amazon for $164. This has Wifi and there is a cheaper one without but it'd be nice to air print from iDevices.

Tue Jan 03 2023

Sleep 0330 to 1130. (8 hours)

  • With my new iPhone it always wants to backup data to iCloud so every time I do a desktop backup I have to select to backup data to this Mac.
  • I do like that when you do that you have to enter passcode into your iDevice (this behavior has been around for a couple months).

Wed Jan 04 2023

Sleep 0300 to 1100. (8 hours)

  • Dropped one of my backup hard drives and now it won't mount. Not a huge problem as I have a second backup hard drive and a spare blank to start a new backup. Not worth trying to recover the data but I'll keep the drive around since I can't erase the data on it.

Thu Jan 05 2023

Sleep 0315 to 1200. (8-3/4 hours)

  • Replaced the 13W flourescents that are on the ceiling in guest bathroom hallway, laundry closet, master bed/linen cabinet hallway, master closet with 5.5W (60W equivalent) LEDs. Much brighter now so I think the 13Ws were closer to 40W than 60W.

Fri Jan 06 2023

Sleep 0400 to 1200. (8 hours)

Fantasy Football League S2 Final Team

My 2021 Final Team

QB Matt Stafford (LAR) [drafted]
QB Joe Burrow (CIN)

RB Nick Chubb (CLE) [drafted]
RB Saquon Barkley (NYG) [drafted]
RB Chase Edmonds (ARI) [drafted]
RB Melvin Gordon (DEN)
RB Darrel Williams (KC)

WR Terry McLaurin (WAS) [drafted]
WR Amare Cooper (CLE) [drafted]
WR Tyler Lockett (SEA) [drafted]
WR Kendrick Bourne (NE)
WR Nick Westbrook-Ikhine (TEN)

TE Travis Kelce (KC) [drafted]
TE Dawson Knox (BUF)

DB Harrison Smith (MIN)

K Robbie Gould (SF) [drafted]

In 2022 I tried to redraft the same players but only ended up with Barkley and Kelce. Actually I also drafted Smith and Gould but replaced them because they were underperforming early. By the end of 2022 my team was:

QB Daniel Jones (NYG) [drafted]
QB Sam Darnold (CAR)

RB Saquon Barkley (NYG) [drafted]
RB Josh Jacobs (LV) [drafted]
RB Joe Mixon (CIN) [drafted]
RB Latavius Murray (DEN)
RB Devin Singletary (BUF) [drafted]

WR Justin Jefferson (MIN) [drafted]
WR Allen Lazard (GB) [drafted]
WR Donovan Peoples-Jones (CLE)
WR Devin Duvernay (BAL) IR
WR Nico Collins (TEX) IR

TE Travis Kelce (KC) [drafted]
TE Darren Waller (LV) [drafted]
TE Dallas Goedert (PHI) [drafted]

LB Zaire Franklin (IND)

K Tyler Bass (BUF)

In the draft I payed the most for Jefferson, Barkley, Kelce and Mixon. Jefferson definitely worth it. Barkley not injured like last year and mostly worth it. Kelce and Mixon underperformed but still steady points. Ten of seventeen players I drafted still on the team at the end, compared to nine drafted players in 2021 when I had more injuries and instability in my roster.

Our league format favors QBs but I laid off ending up with Matt Ryan and Daniel Jones. Very up and down and once Ryan got benched it was a revolving carousel at second QB while Jones became my primary QB. Pretty much just hoping for 30 points from my two QBs each week (best QBs score twice as much). In championship two weeks both of my QBs rose to the occasion scoring about 110 points (27.5 each per game).

Fantasy Football League S2 Championship

The playoff went well for me. I got lucky and beat Budda (171.36 to 161.14) when he was a 10-point favorite. Next game was mostly easy as I was expected to beat Londezzy by 17 points and I won 182.30 to 154.12. Emad beat Megaman to shut out the three expansion teams from the championship (I was a bit worried we veterans letting a newbie win the league championship).

The championship is done over two weeks, I assume to reduce randomness. In both weeks I was about eight points underdog. In week 1 Emad ended up barely ahead 191.01 to 190.66.

Week 2 we headed into Monday night and I was ahead about 28 points. I had a RB Joe Mixon (Cin) and K Tyler Bass (Buf) and Emad had WR Tee Higgins (Cin) and LB Logan Wilson (Cin) and expected he'd make up 18 or so points which would still not be enough. Sleeper said I had a 70% chance of winning.

But Monday's game was suspended early on after Bill's S Damar Hamlin suffered some sort of heart attack on field (Jan 05: turns out not a heart attack but he got hit in the chest at just the right time to cause his heart to stop beating). NFL will reschedule the game but I guess since Sleeper has to move on the week is over with whatever points were earned on Monday which means I won week 2 165.02 to 139.42 and I also won the championship 355.68 to 330.44 (expected was 381.46 to 375.55 in Emad's favor).


1. Megaman Megaman
8. Tepps ------------------
4. Nate Londezzy | Emad
5. Londezzy -------------- |----------------
| | | Kevin
3. Noob Emad | | |----------------
6. Emad -------------+---- Kevin |
2. Kevin Kevin |
7. Budda --------------

Final Results

In this league you keep playing after being knocked out of the championship in order to determine a total league ordering. I'm not sure if the other guys keep playing with fervor once they're knocked out. Didn't seem so based on waivers and free agent moves.

  1. Kevin
  2. Emad
  3. Londezzy
  4. Megaman
  5. Budda
  6. Tepps
  7. Noob
  8. Nate
  9. Ranger
  10. Btente
  11. Bitsy
  12. Gerbs