Kevin C. Wong

February 2024

MacBook Air 2024

M3 MacBook Air was introduced. Biggest thing for me is that it now supports two external displays (though lid has to be closed but that's how I have my current setup). That would use the two Thunderbolt ports and the MagSafe 3 for power so I couldn't plug into USB hub (I'd need a new monitor that supports USB through Thunderbolt connection). So not quite an in-place replacement.

M3 13" 24 GB RAM 2 TB SSD is $2300 pre-tax. Upgrade to 15" for +$200.

Apparently the M3 MBP will also get two external display support.

One big advantage is no fan which means one less moving part that can break down, albeit you lose high-end sustained performance. Lack of ports would mean using a dock which adds $200.

I read a couple of reviews

Ars Technica's Apple's Efficient M3 MacBook Airs... uses a Handbrake test showing how a 13-minute encode affects the Air since it has to throttle down due to no fan.

Tom's Guide MacBook Air M3 Benchmarks that with AAA game titles the M3 in the Air and MBP may have it rough. M3 Pro is better though M3 Max if you want 60 frames per second. Then again I rarely play AAA games and I'm quite fine reducing game graphics.

I guess that tilts my opinion towards buying a MBP M3 Max.

MBP M3 Max (14-core CPU, 30-core GPU) 36 GB memory 1 TB SSD is the lowest config and that's $3200.

MBP M3 Max (16-core CPU, 40-core GPU) 48 GB memory 1 TB SSD is best processor lowest config for $3700.

MBP M3 Max (16-core CPU, 40-core GPU) 64 GB memory 2 TB SSD is comfortable and that is $4300.

MBP M3 Max (16-core CPU, 40-core GPU) 128 GB memory 8 TB SSD is overkill at $6900.

16" adds +$200 which at the higher configs is more worth it.

Dune RPG Bundle

Dune Adventures Tabletop RPG Book Bundle from Humble Bundle is $18 for the Modiphius version of Dune RPG. It's most products published to date and a great price.

MUH052162 Dune: Adventures in the Imperium Core Rulebook (2021)
MUH052168 Dune: Adventures in the Imperium Gamemaster's Toolkit (2021)
MUH052174 Wormsign: The Dune Quickstart (2021)

MUH052175 Agents of Dune Box Set (2022) - 116-page adventure, boxed set, with code for PDF core rulebook
MUH052176 Sand and Dust: The Arrakis Sourcebook (2021) - includes an adventure
MUH052392 Masters of Dune (2022) - 172-page campaign sequel to Agents of Dune
MUH060190 The Great Game: Houses of the Landsraad (2023)
MUH060195 Power And Pawns: The Emperor's Court (2023) - includes an adventure

MUH052215 Desertfall (2021) - introductory adventure
MUH052400 Time Becomes a Narrow Door (2021) - adventure (included in MUH060206)
MUH060169 Fatal Journey (2023) - adventure
MUH060196 Kernels of Doubt (2023) - adventure
MUH060197 Desert Flower (2022) - adventure (included in MUH060206)
MUH060198 Coriolis Storm (2023) - adventure (included in MUH060206)
MUH060200 Shaitan's Bargain (2023) - adventure (included in MUH060206)

Two significant products not included:

MUH060206 Dune: Desert Planet - Adventure Compendium Vol 1 (2023) - has four of the above adventures and adds three adventures and info on the city of Arrakeen
MUH060203 Fall of the Imperium (2024) - an epic campaign in four acts

Agents of Dune would be useful as physical since it's a boxed set with cards and tokens.

Diary - Feb 17 to Feb 23 2024

Sat Feb 17 2024

Sleep 0230 to 1000, 1 hour nap. (8-1/2 hours)

  • Ran D&D Session #9.
  • Lunch at Hiro Nori.
  • Rainbow. I only had one drink then I got extremely sleepy so went up with Cjr, Sophia and Jonathan and took a long nap.

Sun Feb 18 2024

Sleep 0100 to 1000 (8 hours)

  • Ran D&D Session #10. Was a bit late and short because Jonathan lost one of CJr’s new dice. We found it the next day in an umbrella.

Mon Feb 19 2024

Sleep 0300 to 0900, 1 hour nap, 30 min nap. (7-1/2 hours)

  • Last morning of the Con. Ended up not playing any games. Visited the dealer’s room a couple of times but didn’t buy anything.
  • Dim Sum lunch.

Tue Feb 20 2024

Sleep 0130 to 0900, 1 hour nap (8-1/2 hours)

  • HOA: AT&T installed their VoIP device for the front door phone line. It replaces POTS with an Internet connection (via Ethernet) and cellular backup. Since we don’t have Ethernet yet in the garage the device is using cellular as primary. Once we have Ethernet they will come back and connect it. The device supports 8 phone lines.
  • HOA: Roofing contractor came by to quickly check the roof since we had some concerns but the walkway pads bubbling and cut slits are normal. Slits were there to make sure water and condensation aren’t trapped forever. Moreover the walkway pads are on top of the protective seal in any case.
  • Drobo says 5th drive failed. Once again letting it rebuild then will try to plug in the drive again.

Wed Feb 21 2024

Sleep 0400 to 1100 (7 hours)

  • Eye exam. Ordered new distance glasses. $247 for frame ($96 me, $200 insurance), high index (lowers weight, $76 me, $75 insurance) and UV or transition (forgot which one, $75 me, $75 insurance).
  • Dinner at C3’s. We got delivery from Crepevine.
  • My right foot (ankle) started hurting so I went to Trader Joe’s for more food and drink in case my foot swells up tomorrow.

Thu Feb 22 2024

Sleep 0130 to 0915. 1 hour nap. (8-3/4 hours)

  • Right foot hurts and hobbling around today.

Fri Feb 23 2024

Sleep 0200 to 0930 (7-1/2 hours)

  • Woke up. Foot swollen a little but less than I expected. I fear I won't be able to drive my parents to SFO this Thursday so I need to tell dad to make other arrangements.
  • Uh, oh. Drobo reports that drive 2 was removed. It’s time to move my data off it. So it lasted six years which I guess is not horribly bad though less than I’d like — I expected the Drobo to last longer than the hard drives.
  • After a reboot the Drobo sees drive 2 again but now it needs to rebuild data.
  • Drove to CSr’s place to put their recycling bin back. A bit rough but was able to drive ok.

Chivalry and Rising Sun Bundle

This bundle is for Chivalry and Sorcery 5E and the C&S Land of the Rising Sun campaign setting. $15 for the C&S 5E books and another $11 for LotRS books. I guess the distinction of C&S is a more realistic/historical Medieval Europe setting than D&D. May be too much overlap with King Arthur Pendragon and Hârn. Probably will skip this bundle.

BGD-7000 Chivalry and Sorcery 5E (2019) - 600 pages
BGD-XXXX Chivalry and Sorcery 5E GM Screen (2019)
BGD-7003 European Folklore Bestiary (2021) - 152 page monster book

BGD-2001 Castles of Britain (2021) - 26 pages describing five castles
BGD-3300 Goblins, Orcs & Trolls (2020) - 164 pages presenting different variations which a GM picks and chooses for their game world

SCR-0002 Curse of the Casket (2020) - 30 page adventure
BGD-8013 Facets of Fire (2020) - 48 page adventure
BGD-8014 The Welsh Connection (2021) - 39 page adventure

BGD-5300 Land of the Rising Sun (2021) - 316 pages campaign sourcebook
BGD-5301 LotRS: Adventure Book (2021) - 44 pages with 3 short adventures
BGD-5302 LotRS: Folklore Bestiary (2022) - 176 page monster book

DunDraCon 47 AAR

I have no idea how attendance was but it seemed like more people. More games and those games were fuller than last year. I didn't really wander around much though nor did I check parking (in the old place parking always overflowed the small lot and the new place has so much more parking there's plenty of space all the time but it's pay parking $5 per day whereas the old place they made it free for the Con). Dealer room is bigger with more booths but not as crowded when I went (maybe it was a bigger room with plenty of aisle space).

I didn't get into any games. I only tried Friday and struck out with my three picks. Saturday I ran a game. Sunday I didn't see anything I wanted to play that started noon or later (some interesting war-type games but they started at 0800 or 1000). So instead Sunday I ran another session. And then Monday we left and I guess there is no breakfast buffet but I guess we didn't try.

The rooms were nice and we got adjoining rooms which Christopher Jr loved. Televisions you could watched your Netflix: the television shows a QR code which you scan with your device and then it goes to Netflix to authorize and then you can watch your programs for a day which is neat. I didn't use WiFi and relied on my Mint (T-Mobile) cellular. We played DDO Friday night and it couldn't handle voice (using Discord) and DDO unless I didn't talk, otherwise it would strangle my DDO connection. Sunday night it worked better though. Note that I've done the same from my parent's place using AT&T cellular just fine so I guess T-Mobile is not as good in terms of bandwidth.

I missed pretty much all the Rainbow. After one drink I was so tired that when Christopher Jr and Jonathan went up to the rooms I went with them (Sophia came up too) and then took a long nap and then rested and three hours later I came down right after the last drink. But while I was there Dave S had a neat 360-degree video camera for conference with Eric R (at home) and Rigo (at an MMA event?). But audio was bad so they had a hard time hearing us and vice versa. We need headphones or a quiet room.

Meals. Dinner at Pizza My Heart where I tried the vegan pizza and it was really good. Hiro Nori for ramen was also good though not as good as last year (or maybe my expectations have gone up). Hotel restaurant was quite serviceable though expensive. The DunDraCon gamer food is more expensive than at the old place but cheaper than the hotel restaurant and not bad food. We had dim sum on Monday with Dave W, Sophia and Jonathan and that was fine.

Overall still a good experience because it's a good excuse to hang out with friends, eat and game even if you're not taking advantage of the Con (I didn't even buy anything at the Dealer room). I did like running two sessions though so I wouldn't mind doing it again next year.

Diary - Feb 10 to Feb 16 2024

Sat Feb 10 2024

Sleep 0630 to 1330 (7 hours)

  • Got a USPS notice that package was delivered Thursday. I wasn’t expecting anything and I didn’t find any package when I checked today. Looking it up on the USPS site it gives me a blank page. Oh well.

Sun Feb 11 2024

Sleep 0500 to 1300 (8 hours)

  • Super Bowl. 49ers lost in overtime. Sadge.

Mon Feb 12 2024

Sleep 0500 to 1330 (8-1/2 hours)

  • Realized RapidWeaver has a way to add raw files by putting in them in resources. Resources you can add folders and subfolders and all resources are copied to web site even if they’re not linked anywhere.
  • Which means I can move my podcast rss and files to the static web site. I like Wiki.js as a wiki but if it dies the content is stuck in the Postgres database. Whereas if RapidWeaver dies I already have a static web site published (similar to how iWeb died but I still have that web site available).

Tue Feb 13 2024

Sleep 0800 to 1330 (5-1/2 hours)

  • Moving the podcasts to RapidWeaver. Also taking the time to combine early podcasts which tended to be 4+ episodes per session. Back then I had some sort of tape recorder that could only record about an hour at a time.

Wed Feb 14 2024

Sleep 0300 to 1030 (7-1/2 hours)

  • David C and I met with COIL to discuss installing WiFi in the garage when they install the EV chargers. Their solution is Internet to a switch. Switch is connected to three access points plus a controller. We can setup one network for the EV chargers and a guest network with rate limited access so people can use their phones to control their chargers (if we need to, perhaps cell coverage will be good enough for everyone). Since it’s a generic solution we can also connect other devices to the WiFi or directly to the switch.
  • Reserve Fund check bounced. Teresa T and I signed it which is a first time for me and the Reserve Fund representative said the check was rejected because it was different than expected — I’m guessing signatures and check sequence number. He’ll call me tomorrow morning with info on what we need to do on our side to fix this.

Thu Feb 15 2024

Sleep 0115 to 0300, 1200 to 1330 (3-1/4 hours)

  • Ended up registering for P19 DCC RPG Demo, P18 Ghost Herd in the Sky (SWADE Deadlands), P44 Nemesis (an Alien/Pandorum sci-fi board game). They all start at 1400 so I don’t have to wake up too early then drive over to make a noon game. Also these three games are 4 hours or less so end before dinner.
  • Rats, didn’t get into any of my games.

Fri Feb 16 2024

Sleep 0000 to 0900 (9 hours)

  • Hmm. Reset my Discord authentication (moving from Authy to Apple) and it reset some (all?) my preferences to default. So like the fonts are a little too big and UI sounds turned on.
  • Foot is still slightly swollen and a bit bruised on the left side.
  • Carpooled to DunDraCon with CSr and CJr.
  • Dinner at Pizza My Heart.

Paranoia RPG 25th Anniversary Bundle

This $18 Paranoia bundle has products from Mongoose Publishing's edition and their 25th Anniversary Edition. For the 25th Anniversary apparently Troubleshooters, Internal Security, and High Programmers are standalone core rules each focused on a different group in Alpha Complex.

Paranoia (Mongoose Edition)

MGP-6630 Paranoia (Mongoose Edition) (2004)
MGP-6632 The Traitor's Manual (2004)
MGP-6633 Crash Priority (2004)
MGP-6634 The Mutant Experience (2005)
MGP-6635 Flashbacks (2005)
MGP-6636 Stuff (2005)
MGP-6637 WMD (2005)
MGP-6638 Extreme Paranoia (2005)
MGP-6639 Service, Service! (2005)
MGP-6640 Criminal Histories (2006)
MGP-6641 The Underplex (2006)
MGP-6643 Sector Zero (2006)
MGP-6646 Little Red Book (2006)
MGP-6650 Flashbacks II (2007)
MGP-6654 War On [Insert Noun Here] (2009)
MGP-6658 Alpha Complex Nights (2007)
MGP-6659 Big Book of Bots (2008)
MGP-6661 The Thin Green Line (2008)
MGP-6662 Alpha Complex Nights 2 (2008)
MGP-6663 Mandatory Mission Pack (2008)

Not included: 6631 Gamemaster's Screen, 6664 Stuff 2: The Gray Subnets.

Paranoia 25th Anniversary Edition

MGP-6665 Paranoia: Troubleshooters (2009)
MGP-6668 Paranoia: Internal Security (2009)
MGP-6669 Treason in Word and Deed (2009)
MGP-6670 Termination Quota Exceeded (2009)
MGP-6671 Paranoia Forms Pack (25th Anniversary) (2009)
MGP-6672 Paranoia: High Programmers (2010)
MGP-6673 A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Termination Booth (2010)
MGP-6676 None of this is my Fault (2010)
MGP-6677 Mr Bubbles (2010)
MGP-6678 Flashbacks Redux (2011)
MGP-6679 Flashbacks Redux Redux (2011)
(Free supplement to MGP-6679) Materials Treacherously Deleted (2012)

Not included: 6667 Paranoia Games Masters Screen (2009)

The missing items are fairly minor so this is a good bundle to buy.

Hero System 1E to 3E Bundle

Bundle of Holding has three bundles with Champions, Hero System, and Magazines totally about $75. Pretty much I didn't have all this in PDF except for Digital Hero. Also don't have Mythic Greece at all.

HERO-001 1981 PDF Champions: The Superhero Role Playing Game
HERO-001 1982 Rev PDF Champions (Revised, 2E)
HERO-001 1984 6P PDF Champions 3E
HERO-002 1981 PDF Enemies
HERO-002 1982 Rev,2P PDF Enemies (Revised)
HERO-003 1981 PDF The Island of Dr Destroyer (Adventure 1)
HERO-004 1981 PDF Escape from Stronghold (Adventure 2)
HERO-005 1981 PDF Gamemaster's Screen for Champions
HERO-006 1982 PDF Enemies II
HERO-007 1983 PDF Estionage! The Secret Agent Role Playing Game
HERO-008 1982 PDF Champions II
HERO-008 1982 Rev PDF Champions II (Revised)
HERO-009 1983 PDF Deathstroke (Adventure 3)
HERO-010 1983 PDF Border Crossing (for Espionage!)
HERO-011 1984 PDF The Great Super Villain Contest
HERO-012 1983 PDF The Circle and M.E.T.E. (Organizations 1)
HERO-013 1984 2P PDF Justice Inc.
HERO-014 1984 1P PDF Trail of the Gold Spike (Justice Inc Adventure #1)
HERO-015 1984 2P PDF Champions III
HERO-016 1984 1P PDF Enemies III
HERO-017 1985 1P PDF Danger International
HERO-018 1985 PDF Primus and Demon (Organizations 2)
HERO-019 1985 PDF Champions Gamemaster's Screen
HERO-020 1985 1P PDF Lands of Mystery (for Justice Inc)
HERO-021 1985 1P PDF The Blood and Dr McQuark (Organizations 3)
HERO-022 1986 1P PDF Super Agents (Campaign Supplement)
HERO-023 1986 2P PDF Gadgets!
HERO-024 1985 1P PDF Fantasy Hero
HERO-025 1986 1P PDF The Hero System Bestiary
HERO-026 1986 1P PDF The Coriolis Effect (Adventure 5)
HERO-027 1986 1P PDF Robot Warriors
HERO-028 1986 1P PDF S.H.A.D.O.W. Over Scotland (for Danger International)
HERO-029 1987 1P PDF Magic Items (for Fantasy Hero)
HERO-030 1988 1P PDF Enemies: The International File
HERO-031 1987 1P PDF Wrath of the Seven Horsemen (Adventure)
HERO-034 1988 1P PDF Target Hero (Adventure)
HERO-035 1988 1P PDF Robot Gladiators (for Robot Warriors)
HERO-036 1988 1P PDF Enemies: Villany Unbound
HERO-038 1987 1P PDF Voice of Doom (Adventure)
HERO-039 1988 1P PDF Red Doom (Organizations)
HERO-040 1988 1P PDF Scourge from the Deep (Campaign)
HERO-041 1989 1P PDF The Spell Book (for Fantasy Hero)
HERO-042 1988 1P PDF Strike Force (Campaign Sourcebook)
HERO-044 1988 1P PDF To Serve and Protect (Adventure)
HERO-046 1989 1P PDF C.L.O.W.N. (Organizations)
HERO-047 1989 1P PDF Neutral Ground (Adventure)
HERO-048 1989 1P PDF Atlas Unleashed (Adventure)
HERO-050 1989 1P PDF Star Hero

Adventurers Club #1-27 (for Hero 2E to 4E)
Digital Hero #1-47 (for Hero 5E)
Haymaker Archives v1-7 (a Hero System APA Zine for Hero 4E to 6E?)


CHA-2403 1984 PDF Trouble for HAVOC

Firebird Limited

FBL-1001 1983 PDF The Armory v1 (for Espionage!)
FBL-1002 1985 PDF The Golden Age of Champions
FBL-1003 1986 PDF Here There Be Tigers (for Danger International)

Flying Buffalo

FBI-3101 1983 2019P PDF The Adventure of the Jade Jaguar (for Espionage!)
FBI-3301 1983 1P PDF Stormhaven (for Espionage!)
FBI-3304 1992 1P PDF Mugshots 2: Taking Care of Business (for Espionage!)


ICE-1020 1988 1E PDF Mythic Greece: The Age of Heroes (for Fantasy Hero)

Steve Jackson Games

SJG-7107 1983 PDF Autoduel Champions

Diary - Feb 03 to Feb 09 2024

Sat Feb 03 2024

Sleep 0145 to 0830 (6-3/4 hours)

  • Pretty much slept straight through, first time in a week, and my foot finally feels like it’s getting better.

Sun Feb 04 2024

Sleep 0500 to 1300 (8 hours)

  • Foot feels better than yesterday, though still swollen. When walking around sometimes not painful. Still, have to take it easy as previously when I try to use it a lot too soon it relapses.

Mon Feb 05 2024

Sleep 0230 to 0930 (7 hours)

  • Was looking at Mark Gilham’s (R) positions. He’s running for state assembly district 21. Espousing that mail-in ballots have massive cheating and a wrong definition of harvest balloting (legal in California but his definition is that someone can complete your ballot if not completely filled out — that’s illegal throughout the USA even in California). This is what the Republican Party has become — ill informed conspiracy theorists.
  • Chase Pay Over Time is their new payment on install plan feature. It says 1.72% per month but doesn’t mention per year so it’s easy to compare. 1.72% per month = 22.71% per year. Unlike with Apple Card’s feature Chase I think starts charging interest immediately. Also they say it’s a monthly fee not interest so I guess the fee doesn’t go down as you pay off the loan. Pretty rough for consumers.
  • Foot feels fairly good. Little pain, more like stiffness so I’m not walking normally but not hobbling. Still swollen though so would be hard to wear a shoe. So not going grocery shopping today which sucks since I ran out of juice.

Tue Feb 06 2024

Sleep 0045 to 0215, 0530 to 1130 (7-1/2 hours)

  • Now that I feel I can stand well enough, first shower in 11 days. Foot still swollen though maybe slightly less.
  • Was having trouble renewing my CA driver’s license online because I have a driver’s license (DL) with Real ID and the first question is if you want to renew your driver’s license (DL) or ID (ID) but here they mean a California ID card not a DL with Real ID so I went to the wrong branch and got confused.

Wed Feb 07 2024

Sleep 0115 to 1115 (10 hours)

  • Dinner at C3’s. Steph made salmon, brown rice, salad.
  • Hadn’t driven in two weeks so my car was in low power mode so just going and trying to open the door didn’t work. Had to use the remote’s unlock button to wake it up.
  • Trader Joe’s for the start of replenishing groceries. Luckily I had two big packs of chicken in the freezer. Went through one and started in on the second whilst I couldn’t go outside.

Thu Feb 08 2024

Sleep 0700 to 1530 (8-1/2 hours)

  • Working on my old Star Trek TNG campaign audio files (combining them since each session was 4+ small audio files — I forgot what I was using to record… I think I had an actual tape recorder). Also glancing at the after action notes and back then I often wrote about what I expected and how the session actually turned out.

Fri Feb 09 2024

Sleep 0630 to 1300 (6-1/2 hours)

  • Foot in shoe was ok-ish Wednesday and in moccasin was ok-ish yesterday. Today I put on my shoe but it’s sore a bit on the left foot, left side, below the pinky toe. A bit uncomfortable to walk with a shoe on. Guess no Safeway Friday Specials today.
  • Actually did manage to go to Safeway. Chicken tenders $5/lb and St Louis Ribs $5 for half rack. Also Bathroom Tissue as I was down to three rolls.

DDC 47 Schedule

Friday game 1, primary and alternate games

Fri 1200-1800 P05 50th Anniversary of D&D (OD&D, Room 138)
Fri 1400-1800 P18 Ghost Herd in the Sky (SWADE Deadlands, Room 236)
Fri 1200-1600 P52 WWII Dogfights: Zerstorers Above Norway (Miniatures, Hall of Cities)

Fri 1800 Checkin? (or CSr can do it)
Fri 1800-2000 Dinner

Sat 1100-1200 Brunch
Sat 1200-1330 Seminar (Sequoia) - 50 Years of Dungeons & Dragons
Sat 1400-1800 D&D campaign session #9
Sat 1800-2000 Dinner
Sat 2000-0000 Rainbow

Sun 1000-1200 War College (Monterey Room) - Update on the Continuing War in Ukraine (Professor James Armstead and Doctor Michael Baker)
Sun 1200-1300 Lunch
Sun 1300-1400 Visit Dealer Room

Sunday game 2, primary and alternate games

Sun 1400-1800 603 The Lightless Beacon (CoC 7E, Room 146)
Sun 1300-1700 652 American War of Independence-The Battle of Butternut Creek (Miniatures, Hall of Cities table 16)
Sun 1300-1600 633 Traveller CCG Gunslinger Event (Traveller CCG, Sedona table 16)

Sun 1800-2000 Dinner

Mon 0800-1000 Breakfast
Mon 1000-1200 Last chance to visit Dealer Room

Cyberpunk Red & Classic Megabundle

This Cyberpunk RED bundle includes all official released products except dice and the newest intro kit. And because that's not actually that many products they throw in a bunch of previous edition supplements (and the RPG), all of that was already included in a previous bundle.

$18 is still a good price though not as impressive as other Humble Bundle RPG bundles.

Cyberpunk RED

CR-3000 Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit (2019) - already own
CR-3001 Cyberpunk RED Core Rulebook (2020) - 458 pages
CR-3011 Cyberpunk RED Data Screen (2021) - 4 page screen
CR-3021 Cyberpunk RED Data Pack (2021) - 32 pages of maps, encounter tables, 1-page adventures
CR-3031 Cyberpunk RED Netrunning Deck (2021) - 60 cards for generating a Net realm
CR-3041 Interface RED (2021) - 64 page zine of articles, mostly free from their website
CR-3051 Tales of the RED: Street Stories (2022) - 198 pages with 9 full-length missions
CR-3061 Black Chrome (2023) - 168 pages of equipment
CR-3071 Interface RED Volume 2 (2023) - 76 pages
CR-3071 Danger Gal Dossier (2023) - 176 pages of 15 factions, 100+ NPCs, and a mission
CR-3081 Interface RED Volume 3 (2024) - 114 pages

Cyberpunk 2020 (all already own)

CP-3002.2 Cyberpunk 2020 2E RPG (1993)
CP-3501 Night City (1991)
CP-3121 Tales of the Forlorn Hope (1992)
CP-3221 Home of the Brave (1993)
CP-3281 Rough Guide to the UK (1994)
CP-3291 Listen Up, You Primitive Screwheads (1994)
CP-3311 Pacific Rim Sourcebook (1994)
CP-3421 Eurosource Plus (1995)
CP-3461 Blackhand's Street Weapons 2020 (1995)
CP-3111 Corporation Report 2020 (2000)
CP-3531 Chrome 1/2 (2000)
CP-3511 Chrome 3/4 (2000)

Diary - Jan 27 to Feb 02 2024

Sat Jan 27 2024

Sleep 0445 to 1430 (9-3/4 hours)

  • Left foot started hurting yesterday and last night was hard togged to sleep. A bit swollen today and somewhat painful to walk. Hopefully it’ll get better or else it’ll be sore for a few days like before.

Sun Jan 28 2024

Sleep 0215 to 1015 (8 hours)

  • 49ers were down 24-7 in the third quarter but stormed back to win 34-31, giving up the TD with less than a minute left then winning the onside kick.

Mon Jan 29 2024

Sleep 0645 to 1500 (8-1/4 hours)

  • Attended a Zoom call community presentation on new laws affecting HOAs. Only notable one is AB 1572 which states that starting Jan 1 2029 can’t use potable (drinkable) water for irrigation of nonfunctional turf in common areas. Nonfunctional I think means not used as play area or eating area sort of thing. Of course that means that water districts need to provide non-potable water and a way to get it to residents. Feels like a lot of infrastructure changes even for five years.

Tue Jan 30 2024

Sleep 0630 to 1315, 1 hour nap (7-3/4 hours)

  • Browsing DunDraCon 47 events and there seem to be a lot more than last year.

Wed Jan 31 2024

Sleep 0715 to 1315 (6 hours)

  • Instagram desktop login wants to verify using phone SMS but I never receive the SMS. Figured out I could use my iPhone (because I’m already logged in there) then set up 2-Factor using an app (Authy) so I can use that for desktop verification.

Thu Feb 01 2024

Sleep 0030 to 0700 (6-1/2 hours)

  • A new month to try getting my act together and start job hunting.

Fri Feb 02 2024

Sleep 0030 to 0100, 0700 to 1430. (8 hours)

  • Got my DDO hardcore character killed in Creeping Doom trying to run past the big red gelatinous cube. Instant death.

California Presidential Primary Election Ballot

President of the United States
- Nikki Haley (R)

California is open ballot other than for President. As of today she is the only major candidate left running against Trump.

US Senator (Full Term)
- Christina Pascucci (D)

US Senator (Partial Term, to Jan 03 2025)
- Christina Pascucci (D)

Lots of choices here and I'll go with a low-odds candidate.

US Representative, 15th Congressional District
- Kevin Mullin (D), incumbent

State Senator, 13th Senate District
- Josh Becker (D), incumbent

State Assembly, 21st Assembly District
- Diane Papan (D), incumbent

Judge of the Superior Court, Office #4
- Sarah Burdick, incumbent and sole nominee

I looked at the other candidates and mostly uninspiring so I stick with the incumbents.

State Proposition 1. Authorizes $6.38 billion in bonds to build mental health treatment facilities for those with mental health and substance use 1 challenges; provides housing for the homeless. Legislative statute.

Against: I don't like Bonds since you're borrowing money so paying interest. In this case paying back $9.3B in 30 years.

For: Overview of state bond debt. Currently we're using 3% of general fund to pay bonds, less than the historical 4% average. Prop 1 would increase this by 0.16 to 3.16% So in perspective not that much money after all.

Against: Shift $140M from counties to state.

For: Governor Newsom supports this proposition.