Kevin C. Wong

Paranoia RPG 25th Anniversary Bundle

This $18 Paranoia bundle has products from Mongoose Publishing's edition and their 25th Anniversary Edition. For the 25th Anniversary apparently Troubleshooters, Internal Security, and High Programmers are standalone core rules each focused on a different group in Alpha Complex.

Paranoia (Mongoose Edition)

MGP-6630 Paranoia (Mongoose Edition) (2004)
MGP-6632 The Traitor's Manual (2004)
MGP-6633 Crash Priority (2004)
MGP-6634 The Mutant Experience (2005)
MGP-6635 Flashbacks (2005)
MGP-6636 Stuff (2005)
MGP-6637 WMD (2005)
MGP-6638 Extreme Paranoia (2005)
MGP-6639 Service, Service! (2005)
MGP-6640 Criminal Histories (2006)
MGP-6641 The Underplex (2006)
MGP-6643 Sector Zero (2006)
MGP-6646 Little Red Book (2006)
MGP-6650 Flashbacks II (2007)
MGP-6654 War On [Insert Noun Here] (2009)
MGP-6658 Alpha Complex Nights (2007)
MGP-6659 Big Book of Bots (2008)
MGP-6661 The Thin Green Line (2008)
MGP-6662 Alpha Complex Nights 2 (2008)
MGP-6663 Mandatory Mission Pack (2008)

Not included: 6631 Gamemaster's Screen, 6664 Stuff 2: The Gray Subnets.

Paranoia 25th Anniversary Edition

MGP-6665 Paranoia: Troubleshooters (2009)
MGP-6668 Paranoia: Internal Security (2009)
MGP-6669 Treason in Word and Deed (2009)
MGP-6670 Termination Quota Exceeded (2009)
MGP-6671 Paranoia Forms Pack (25th Anniversary) (2009)
MGP-6672 Paranoia: High Programmers (2010)
MGP-6673 A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Termination Booth (2010)
MGP-6676 None of this is my Fault (2010)
MGP-6677 Mr Bubbles (2010)
MGP-6678 Flashbacks Redux (2011)
MGP-6679 Flashbacks Redux Redux (2011)
(Free supplement to MGP-6679) Materials Treacherously Deleted (2012)

Not included: 6667 Paranoia Games Masters Screen (2009)

The missing items are fairly minor so this is a good bundle to buy.