Kevin C. Wong

February 2021

Diary - Feb 20 to Feb 26 2021

Sat Feb 20 2021

Sleep 0530 to 1200. (6-1/2 hours)

  • Now that I have an 8 TB SSD I'm slowly loading music I archived on my Drobo. I have not listened to some of these artists a few years.

Sun Feb 21 2021

Sleep 0430 to 1230. (8 hours)

  • Turns out Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client 4.9 still kind of sucks and stops working after a certain number of connects and then I have to reboot.

Mon Feb 22 2021

Sleep 0330 to 1100. (7-1/2 hours)

  • Found three Trader Joe's fruit bars that have been in my backpack for about a year. Still, only one expired in August and the other two last month so I think they'll be fine.
  • I forgot how uninspiring these fruit bars taste.

Tue Feb 23 2021

Sleep 0500 to 1230 (7-1/2 hours)

  • Food package: package 2 servings, 1 serving 180 calories, package 370 calories. Couldn't you just divide 370 by 2?

Wed Feb 24 2021

Sleep 0200 to 1200 (10 hours)

  • Playing around with Get-It I see that youtube-dl does support 2FA, not easily since 2FA code is good for 20 seconds, but doable.
  • The other thing I found out is that you can make specific Twitch videos subscriber only. It's probably a mistake for the channel I'm looking since all their other VODs before and after are open to all.

Thu Feb 25 2021

Sleep 0315 to 1115 (8 hours)

  • Dreamt I was buying a house in a little island culdesac but I didn't have a loan pre-approval so lost to another bidder although just as well as I was worrying about coastal flooding due to climate change. And before that I was visiting mom when C3 arrived and I played with Cjr. One of the few dreams I didn't immediately forget after waking up.

Fri Feb 26 2021

Sleep 0330 to 1130. (8 hours)

  • DDO: We're already thinking about new characters after true reincarnation. Might be Dave S = Druid tank, Christopher = Ranger (with Rogue 1) archer, Kevin = Monk archer. Sophia's PC will be remain a healer.


Paramount+ is the old CBS All Access plus maybe a few other things. They have a 1-month free trial offer that expires end of March and then I assume it'll be a 1-week free trial like CBS All Access had. So if I sign up what can I watch for three weeks?

Doable if I watch 2 episodes a day.

Foods I Miss After a Year of COVID-19

It's been over a year of lockdown more or less (most of the time it's been "you can go out and businesses can be open with some restrictions"). I've gotten Zachary's a few times, KFC a lot, and Jeffrey's Hamburgers once. I used to have a somewhat varied lunch from the company cafeterias and would get take out or dine in once a week or more.

After three weeks of lockdown I wrote that I missed:

  • Fried chicken and mashed potatoes
  • Hamburger and french fries
  • Peruvian food
  • Ice cream, especially Cold Stone
  • Starbucks/Peets mocha coffee
  • Chinese food? Not yet. Never been really into Asian foods.
  • Pizza? I did order it last weekend but in general I'm not that into pizza. It's just easy to get it delivered.

That was hard lockdown. Since then I've gotten enough KFC to be satisfied and have gotten a fair amount of frozen ice cream. I do miss my dad's home cooking or Peruvian food from any restaurant. Chinese food I still don't really miss. I've had cravings for fish and chips but I'm not sure if there are any around (I drove by one when I was doing a late night drive a few week ago but not sure where it was and couldn't find it on Apple Maps).

I guess after a year I'm not craving restaurant foods as much.

Diary - Feb 13 to Feb 19 2021

Sat Feb 13 2021

Sleep 0545 to 1315. (7-1/2 hours)

  • Virtual Rainbow: Dave S, Billy, Christopher, Dave P, Eric, Donald and Mary for a bit.

Sun Feb 14 2021

Sleep 0400 to 1200. 1800 to 1900. (9 hours)

  • Woke up with a headache. Only had one beer last night. I'm old.

Mon Feb 15 2021

Sleep 0615 to 1215. (6 hours)

  • Time to really clean my stove top. Accidentally started a brief grease fire.

Tue Feb 16 2021

Sleep 0045 to 1045. (10 hour)

  • My place is so quiet it's nice turning noise cancellation off. Unfortunately it's not a persistent setting and doesn't survive off/on cycle.

Wed Feb 17 2021

Sleep 0400 to 1200. (8 hours)

  • Finally got the chance to download the latest Cisco VPN software from my company repository. I was using v4.8 with Catalina and every time you connect it takes a bit longer until after a couple dozen times it times out and then you have to restart your computer, so must have not been cleaning up routing tables or something. Hopefully v4.9 fixes that.

Thu Feb 18 2021

Sleep 0215 to 1100. (8-3/4 hours)

Fri Feb 19 2021

Sleep 0345 to 1345. (10 hours)

DTRPG GM's Day Sale 2021

DriveThruRPG is doing their yearly GM's Day Sale, which lasts over a week btw. It's my chance to fill out Space 1889 and Cyperpunk books that were not included in Bundle of Holding packages. Luckily they're all 40% off which is the most DTRPG ever does for a general sale. More recent items are 10% off and I guess there are in-between discounts.

Space 1889 - Ironclads And Ether Flyers ($3.60)

Space 1889 - Cloud Captains of Mars ($2.40)

Space 1889 - Sky Galleons of Mars/Cloudships and Gunboats ($4.80)

Space 1889: Red Sands ($9)

Space 1889: Red Sands Player's Guide ($3)

Cyberpunk - HardWired the Sourcebook ($4.20)

Cyberpunk 2 - When Gravity Fails ($4.60)

Cyberpunk v.3 ($9.60)

Cyberpunk 3 - BEYOND THE EDGE: Inside the Edgerunner Altcult ($6)

Cyberpunk 3 - FlashPak ($4.50)

Cyberpunk 3 - Gangbook! ($4.50)

Bundle of Holding - Hero System 6E

Bundle of Holding is doing two bundles that cover Hero System 6E and Champions 6E. I think it covers all the 6E books Hero Games published. I'll probably buy these.

Hero System 6E ($25 / $44)

HERO System Basic Rulebook
HERO System 6E v1: Character Creation
HERO System 6E v2: Combat and Adventuring
HERO System Advanced Player's Guide
HERO System Advanced Player's Guide II
HERO System Equipment Guide
HERO System Skills (née The Ultimate Skill)

Star Hero
Fantasy Hero
HERO System Grimoire
HERO System Martial Arts
HERO System Bestiary
The Ultimate Base

Champions 6E ($25 / $42)

Champions Complete
Champions: The Super Roleplaying Game
Champions Powers
Champions Universe
Champions Beyond
HERO System Book of Templates

Champions Villains v1: Master Villains
Champions Villains v2: Team Villains
Champions Villains v3: Solo Villains
The Book of the Empress
The Booklet of the Empress

Diary - Feb 06 to Feb 12 2021

Sat Feb 06 2021

Sleep 0500 to 1100. 1 hour nap (7 hours)

  • I wonder how the Sonic installation is going in our building. It's been a few months since we got the HOA involved and I haven't heard anything from Sonic. But I've missed the last couple of HOA meetings so not sure if Sonic installation was approved.

Sun Feb 07 2021

Sleep 0530 to 1230. (7 hours)

  • Not much of a Super Bowl. Tampa Bay went up early and Kansas City was never able to get their offense started. Tampa Bay wins 31-9.

Mon Feb 08 2021

Sleep 1100 to 1400. (3 hours)

Tue Feb 09 2021

Sleep 0130 to 1130. (10 hours)

  • Dentist for teeth cleaning and got two fillings (bottom right, top left, both in the back). I am bad about cleaning those back teeth.

Wed Feb 10 2021

Sleep 0500 to 1200 (7 hours)

  • I read an article that you need a full night's sleep because if you're tired (1) your body doesn't process sugars as much so more turns into fat than normal, (2) your body increases signal that you're hungry, (3) you have less impulse control so you'll eat more and eat less healthy foods.

Thu Feb 11 2021

Sleep 0130 to 0700. 1115 to 1300. (7-1/4 hours)

  • Got food from KFC.

Fri Feb 12 2021

Sleep 0500 to 0930. 1045 to 1400. (7-3/4 hours)

  • There was a DTRPG Traveller sale. Bought some of the newer stuff to fill out my collection. Gave up on getting them at Gator Games because of COVID-19.

Humble Stardock Wayfarers Bundle

Stardock Wayfarers bundle is mostly composed of science fiction games. Unfortunately very Windows-y and the $1 and $9 levels offer nothing for me so it would be $12 for Offworld Trading Company Core Edition plus a DLC ($35). OTC is somewhat like the old M.U.L.E. which is a nostalgic game for some but it was kind of multiplayer-must so I didn't play it much, or at all. Another bundle that is not particularly interesting.

$1 Level

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes ($25, Windows, Owned)
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion ($40, Windows)

$9 Level

The Political Machine 2020 ($15)
Siege of Centauri ($15, Windows)
Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation ($30, Windows)

$12 Level

Star Control: Origins - Galactic Edition ($50, Windows)
Offworld Trading Company ($30 for Core Edition)
Offworld Trading Company: Jupiter's Forge DLC (included in Core Edition)
Offworld Trading Comapny: Limited Supply DLC ($5)

Humble Bundle Tales of Love & Adventure

Tales of Love & Adventure is a good value, $15 for $115 of games I can play, but kind of uninteresting. Tales of Monkey Island is a Telltale Games version of an outstanding game and at $1 is a no-brainer. But since I own it I'll skip this bundle.

$1 Level

Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack ($15, Windows, Owned)

$9 Level

Telltale Batman Shadows Edition ($30, Windows)
Neo Cab ($9, Owned)
Half Past Fate ($20)
Reventure ($8, Windows)

$12 Level

Blacksad: Under the Skin ($40)
HIVESWAP: Act 2 ($15)

$15 Level

Indivisible ($40)

Diary - Jan 30 to Feb 05 2021

Sat Jan 30 2021

Sleep 0500 to 1200.

  • Printing from macOS Catalina 10.15.7 to my HP LaserJet 1012 stopped working. Didn't find any solutions online. Workaround is to transfer files to my Mac mini server and print from there.

Sun Jan 31 2021

Sleep 0400 to 1200. (8 hours)

  • DDO Epic Destiny Feat: Pierce Cold Iron is nice since some monsters have DR/Cold Iron and Good. You can't get Cold Iron + ammunition but you can get Holy +5 arrows and bolts. There is also Pierce Silver which is good for much the same reason.

Mon Feb 01 2021

Sleep 0400 to 1200. 1 hour nap. (9 hours)

  • Started using Apple Health to track my daily calorie intake. Sometimes I enter a number that's so high it asks me "are you sure?". I feel my iPhone is being judgmental.

Tue Feb 02 2021

Sleep ???

  • I looked up UC tuition costs and found this page:
  • I think my tuition was about $5k per year and another $10k for room and board. So a bit less than half of today's $40k per year estimated total costs for in-state. Still, $14k per year tuition is not that bad and I remember students protesting about tuition raises.

Wed Feb 02 2021

Sleep 0315 to 0730. 0930 to 1300. (7-3/4 hours)

  • Was looking for an alternative to ViDL but although there are several UI clients to youtube-dl and some have macOS versions none of them support 2-factor login. At best they support user/pass login.

Thu Feb 04 2021

Sleep 0115 to 0715. 1000 to 1200. (8 hours)

  • Made £105 donation via PayPal. If PayPal handles conversion it's $149.64 and if I use my Amazon Visa to do it (which doesn't charge conversion fees) it's $143.70. PayPal would have charged 4.13% conversion fee.

Fri Feb 05 2021

Sleep 0300 to 1200. (9 hours)

  • Looks like I can watch the Super Bowl on CBS Sports app or NFL app.

HOA Meeting - Feb 22 2021

I missed the last couple of HOA meetings.

New management rep - I'm guessing the old one retired because she looked old and wasn't really doing anything.

Replacing some carpet with extra we have around, though it will not match worn carpet.

Elevator contract - still working on it.

Exercise equipment - apparently we're working on getting some for the former spa room.

Problem with delivery people ringing random residents - this is from the large increase of small deliveries, the big shippers (Amazon, UPS, FedEx) should have front door code. Not sure how to resolve this (and imho it's resident's responsibility if their order is misdelivered).

Sonic Internet - still going over contract. Sounds like if we get Sonic they replace Comcast in all the residences? But you could still get Xfinity for television.

Do we need balconies examined after new law (to make balconies can support weight, I guess after that incident that killed a bunch of students at UC Berkeley) - our balconies don't jut out and are supported by the building itself so we should be fine.

Board elections next month - if they're only three candidates for the three open spots then voting is more informal.

Leak in the pool area - might corrode rebars. It's a slow leak through garage ceiling and has been there for months and months. Investigating options.

Humble Bundle Plug In (and Play!)

Humble Plug In (and Play!) is a game software bundle.

$1 Level

  • NeuroVoider ($14, not tested with Catalina) - Twin-stick shooter RPG.
  • Hover ($20, 32-bit) - Science fiction parkour game.
  • Anarcute ($15, Windows) - Riot simulator where the rioters are cute animal beings.

$6 Level

  • Sundered: Eldritch Edition ($20) - Side-scrolling shooter with hand drawn art.
  • Plane Mechanic Simulator ($12, Windows) - You're a British airplane mechanic during the Battle of Britain
  • Epistory - Typing Chronicles ($15, Owned) - An adventure game set in an origami world.
  • Chroma Squad ($15, Owned) - Tactical RPG where you are actors in a Power Rangers ripoff tv show.
  • Dead in Vinland ($20) - Control a Viking family in a new world, balancing relationships and building a colony.

$10 Level

  • TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge ($40, Windows) - Motorcycle racing game set on the 37.73 mile Snaefell Mountain course.
  • Sigma Theory: Global Cold War ($10, Owned) - Turn-based scientific research and espionage game.
  • Tennis World Tour ($50, Windows) - Play as one of 30 real-world players.
  • WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship ($40, Windows) - Car racing game.

I own more of these than I expected. It looks like at the $6 level I get two $20 games. Dead in Vinland sounds kind of interesting so might be worth it.