Kevin C. Wong

Diary - Apr 06 to Apr 12 2024

Sat Apr 06 2024

Sleep 0730 to 0930, 1330 to 1630 (5 hours)

  • Filled out my CoveredCA application. Immediate result is I probably qualify for Medi-Cal but not CoveredCA because it couldn't verify citizenship or SSN. I uploaded a photo of my passport and I did enter my SSN when I submitted the application. We'll see if the CoveredCA results change.

Sun Apr 07 2024

Sleep 0200 to 1130 (9-1/2 hours)

  • Guess my headaches have stopped. Don't recall having one last few days.
  • Recently realized that the + version of a game in Apple Arcade is often the same game with all DLCs and no micro-transactions, not necessarily an improved version of the classic. The + is just to differentiate it from the original game in App Store searches.

Mon Apr 08 2024

Sleep 0630 to 1330 (7 hours)

  • Mailed my tax returns.
  • Stopped by Mi Rancho Supermarket for milk and juice. Also got Chicharrón which they make there. It's crispy goodness.
  • So don't qualify for CoveredCA because I qualify for Medi-Cal (i.e. my income is so low I qualify for free Medi-Cal in which case CoveredCA hands it off to Medi-Cal for health insurance).

Tue Apr 09 2024

Sleep 1000 to 1430 (4-1/2 hours)

Wed Apr 10 2024

Sleep 2315 to 0715, 2 hour nap (10 hours)

  • I didn't realize that CrossOver can install a program via Steam. It launched Steam from my bottle with Steam then started the install process.

Thu Apr 11 2024

Sleep 0200 to 1000 (8 hours)

  • Humble Bundle BattleTech Fiction Collection continues from the previous bundle and includes MechWarrior: Dark Age novels and BattleCorps books (BattleCorps was/is a subscription service where regular and new BT authors published serializes stories, novellas, and novels). For $12 you can also get the first bundle which is almost all pre-MWDA published novels.

Fri Apr 12 2024

Sleep 0200 to 1000 (8 hours)

  • Randomly visited Worthing Publishing web site and see there's 14 days left on a Divine Right Kickstarter. Tempting but I shouldn't buy it.
  • We played DDO for an hour then Woo got online and we played Gloomhaven for 1-1/4 hours so we're getting faster playing Gloomhaven.

Old Licensed RPGs

An interesting History of Licensed RPGs multi-part article series. Looking through it here are three RPGs I'd like to own but will never have the chance (barring a lot of money or unusual luck).

Middle Earth Role Playing (1982) - Gorgeous and detailed supplements and I'm quite fine playing the cut-down RoleMaster system. This had a lot of products published for it. Eric R ran a MERP campaign which was fun.

James Bond (1983) - A stylish spy RPG. I'm not as impressed with the system as others but everything else including the adventures-based-on-movies-but-a-little-different was quite cool. Had a fair number of supplements.

DC Universe Roleplaying Game (1999) - West End Games version of a DC Comics RPG. Seven supplements published. Mostly want this to complete my DC Comics RPG collection.

13th Age Mega Bundle

Bundle of Holding's 13th Age Mega Bundle is mostly a repeat from the Humble Bundle one I bought.

Already Own

13th Age Core Book
13 True Ways
13th Age Bestiary
13th Age Bestiary 2
Book of Loot
Loot Harder
Book of Ages
Crown of Axis
13th Age GM Screen and Resource Book

Book of Demons
Eyes of the Stone Thief
Shadows of Eldolan

High Magic & Low Cunning - reprints of 5 small supplements I have
The Crown Commands - reprints of s4 mall supplements I have
Fire & Faith - reprints of 4 small supplements I have

Don't Own

Book of the Underworld ($13) - sourcebook
Shards of the Broken Sky ($21) - 232-page sandbox campaign
Elven Towers ($17) - 120-page adventure book
Diamonds and Shadows ($14) - 171-page campaign

I'd have to get the bonus collection for $40+ for four books that retail $65. I guess I'll skip this one.

Diary - Mar 30 to Apr 05 2024

Sat Mar 30 2024

Sleep 0445 to 1245, 30m nap (8-1/2 hours)

  • DVG - Warfighter Chtorr on Kickstarter. War Against the Chtorr is an old novel series about an alien invasion of Earth via ecological terraforming, though the series has stalled at four books written 3 decades ago. There was a GURPS supplement based on this which is why I read the books. The KS is a combat missions card game where you equip your troops then send them out in missions that are resolved quickly. The main thing is shepherding your troops and resources through multiple missions rather than the missions themselves. A bit pricey at $160 + $20 shipping for everything.
  • DDO servers have been down since early this morning to this evening so far. It does bring out a few people who have complaints about Standing Stone Games but overall people understand this happens when you're a small company.
  • We played Gloomhaven. A small easy scenario so we might need to move up to normal difficulty.
  • We tried Dead Island: Riptide. Runs ok in CrossOver (Steam install) with some tweaking. Control is slightly laggy which really doesn't help my motion sickness. Woo was also having trouble so we will probably not play this game.

Sun Mar 31 2024

Sleep 0415 to 1045 (6-1/2 hours)

  • I was printing my tax return (37 pages) and the Brother printer (connected to WiFi) was only printing 6 to 10 pages and then stopping without an error. I guess the memory was full but strange it didn't pause the print queue and instead ignored the extra data? Don't remember if this happened before when I printing out Modules B1 and B2.
  • I've been having an evening headache several times this week. At the same time turning my head hurts a bit. Still not too bad.
  • Tried making rice porridge again, this time using long grain rice. Still came out basically like mushy rice and no soup. I'll give up trying to make porridge in the rice cooker.

Mon Apr 01 2024

Sleep 0515 to 1300 (7-3/4 hours)

  • Bought Warhammer FRP Enemy Within Bundle.

Tue Apr 02 2024

Sleep 0200 to 1100 (9 hours)

  • Trader Joe's for some stuff. Freeze is pretty full.

Wed Apr 03 2024

Sleep 0715 to 1245 (5-1/2 hours)

  • Dinner at C3's. Porridge and Things. The plain porridge (HK style) is so good. It comes with three toppings so it tastes quite fine.
  • Laser Kittens session #3 with Cjr. The humans accidentally teleport themselves outside the house, along with three cats. Fluffy, Popcorn and Carol are arrested by space police.

Thu Apr 04 2024

Sleep 0145 to 0900, 1230 to 1400 (8-3/4 hours)

  • Horror on the Orient Express: The Board Game on KS. The CoC-based board games are nice but I guess I'd rather play CoC RPG. Anyway, the KS is $98 for the game ($170 MSRP!) and the first expansion ($35 MSRP).
  • Now that I think about it a bit more I'll skip DVG - Warfighter Chtorr KS. Mostly can't get past that it's an abstract card game. And I mean abstract at the tactical level -- I like having units moving around on a map. Like for CoC, just because it covers a topic I like doesn't mean I have to buy every game for it.

Fri Apr 05 2024

Sleep 0600 to 1400 (8 hours)

  • Not sure if I've mentioned this before. In GarageBand if I record more than 12 hours (not sure how much longer, possibly 14+ hours) then try to export to disk the output is blank (no sound). I have to save the project and restart GarageBand and then export works.

Fiasco Classic Bundle

The Fiasco Classic bundle of holding features Fiasco Classic (the RPG version, the current Fiasco seems to be more of a card-based game) though only the core rules are in the starter collection with three supplements in the bonus collection. But the majority of the material are miscellaneous RPGs by Jason Morningstar (Fiasco creator) and most of those are LARPs. For $21+ I guess the bundle is still worth it but I guess not for me.

Fiasco (2009)
The Fiasco Companion
Fiasco: American Disasters - three playsets
Fiasco: Run, Fools, Run - three playsets

Free Playsets
- Bear Trouble
- The Beast of Sucker Creek
- The Bull
- Fist City
- Planeta Droga
- Unassprechlichen Klutzen
- Ungodly

Carolina Death Crawl - American Civil War adventure
Radioactive Bison - "a one-hour live-action game for 8-19 players in a large room"
The Climb - "The Climb is a short six-person live-action game about an expedition to a virgin peak in the Himalayas."
Out of Dodge - "Out of Dodge is a live-action RPG designed for four people (Mole, Rat, Toad, and Badger) on a road trip.:
Space Post - "In Space Post you and your friends play a postal agent, and you will also play the strange, wonderful people waiting at each stop on their interstellar route. And you also play their spaceship."
Winterhorn - "Winterhorn is a live-action game for 3-8 players about how governments degrade and destroy activist groups."
The Skeletons - "The Skeletons is a meditative structured freeform game for 1-6 players."

Best of Magpie Games Bundle

Best of Magpie Games Humble Bundle is $25 for 29 items (+$5 and shipping for Avatar Legends Starter Set). Most of their games are Powered by the Apocalypse, an easy to use indie system though not really a system I'd play.

Mostly don't care for one-off games and that's half the bundle. I have Bluebeard's Bride and Root and for both I probably spent quite a bit more than this bundle price but c'est la vie. That leaves Avatar Legends and Masks, neither of which seem especially interesting. Guess I'll skip this bundle.


Fate Codex v1 - fiction, essays, rules, adventures
Fate Codex v2
Fate Codex v3

Powered by the Apocalypse Games

Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game
Avatar Legends Starter Set
Avatar Legends: An Urgent Request - adventure
Avatar Legends: Wan Shi Tong's Adventure Guide

Bluebeard's Bride (own) - "A young bride is wed to an ugly, but powerful man with a blue beard. He invites her to explore the house...but one room is forbidden."
Bluebeard's Bride: Book of Lore (own)
Bluebeard's Bride: Book of Mirrors (own)
Bluebeard's Bride: Book of Rooms (own)

Cartel - Mexican narcofiction, "a combination of Breaking Bad, The Wire, and El Mariachi"

Crossroads Carnival - "where you play outcast souls striving to save a world that hates and fears them"

Epyllion - "game about young drakes who investigate rumors, solve problems, and discover the truth of growing evil in Dragonia"

Masks: A New Generation - superhero RPG "in which a team of young heroes fight villains, save lives, and tries to figure out who they are"
Masks ANG: Halcyon City Herald Collection - sourcebook
Masks ANG: Secrets of AEGIS - sourcebook of "the metahuman covert law enforcement agency AEGIS"
Masks ANG: Unbound - new playbooks and playsets

Pasión de las Pasiones - "play out the stories of the greatest telenovala ever to air!"

Passing: Ashcan Edition - "where you play shapeshifting aliens hidden in a 1950's suburb"

Root: The Roleplaying Game (own) - "a game of woodland creatures fighting for money, justice, and freedom from powers far greater than them"
Root: Clearing Booklet (own)
Root: Clearing Map Pack
Root: Travelers & Outsiders (own)

The Ward: Acute Care Edition - "game of medical drama, comedy, and tragedy"

Unique Systems

Our Last Best Hope - narrative RPG. save humanity from a terrible crisis (a la Sunshine, Deep Impact, The Core, or Armageddon)

The Play's the Thing - "storytelling game about actors who want to rewrite the Shakespearean roles they've been given"
By No Means Vulgar - anthology of short stories inspired by The Play's the Thing

Undying - diceless RPG about vampirism

Diary - Mar 23 to Mar 29 2024

Sat Mar 23 2024

Sleep 0430 to 1000, 1 hour nap (6-1/2 hours)

  • Drove mom and dad home. We stopped at Daimo in Richmond for lunch. Shrimp won ton soup is really good.
  • Drove home. Mom called and said her computer was unresponsive. I was half hour out so I drove back. Monitor was not receiving a signal so it kept going to power save mode. Turning computer off then on fixed it.

Sun Mar 24 2024

Sleep 0330 to 1000 (6-1/2 hours)

  • Kind of figured out why CrossOver + DDO sometimes freezes. I looked at running processes and explorer.exe is using 100% of CPU. When I force quit it DDO starts responding again. I'm not sure what is randomly launching Explorer.

Mon Mar 25 2024
Sleep 0415 to 1145 (7-1/2 hours)

  • I'm watching a Disney+ show that is in Chinese but since I had my language set to English it first used English dubbing track. I change it to Chinese (two different variants but I can't tell which is which and no indication which is the native language of the show) but then when I watch an American show it's in Chinese dubbing track. Inconvenient. Somehow Netflix does it correctly.

Tue Mar 26 2024

Sleep 0200 to 1215 (10-1/4 hours)

  • Once again I either forgot to set my BotezLive subscription back to monthly or Twitch didn't remember. Anyways subbed for another six months.

Wed Mar 27 2024

Sleep 0800 to 1500 (8 hours)

  • Dinner at C3's. We had sushi from Joy Sushi, San Mateo. I also had misubi (spam and rice wrapped in seaweed) with scrambled egg -- didn't need the egg.

Thu Mar 28 2024

Sleep 0100 to 1030 (9-1/2 hours)

  • With GarageBand it's a lot faster to export a 12 hour track as two 6-hour sections then stitch them together in Audacity. 6 hour export takes a few minutes while 12 hours takes several hours.

Fri Mar 29 2024

Sleep 0400 to 1200 (8 hours)

  • Dean Essig passed away earlier this week. He founded The Gamers and was the designer of most of their games (and series designer for all of them). My favorite wargames and still my favorite wargames since their lines continue as part of Multi-Man Publishing.

GOG Spring Sale 2024 - $5 and Over Games

Dwarven Skykeep [$5.10, 70% off] - a fantasy base builder: add rooms, make resources, defend against disasters and attacks.

Axis & Allies 1942 Online [$8.50, 57% off] - adaptation of the tabletop war game. 1942 is the current version of the original, which also started in 1942.

Cult of the Lamb [$16.25, 35% off] - a cutesy game of build a cult, fight other cults, become a lamb god.

Pathfinder 2E Guns of Alkenstar Bundle

Guns of Alkenstar Bundle is a surprisingly small bundle for $30 (previous Pathfinder bundles have had more for less money). You do get core rules and supplements to run Pathfinder 2E. You get a half-sized adventure path (taking your PCs to about level 10) of three adventures centered on a Steam-tech city that has guns. You get some setting material for Lost Omens, which details the main setting world of Golarion.

Overall don't think it's worth buying.

Pathfinder 2E Beginner Box
Pathfinder 2E Core Rulebook
Pathfinder 2E Bestiary
Pathfinder 2E Advanced Player's Guide
Pathfinder 2E GameMastery Guide

Lost Omens: World Guide
Lost Omens: Character Guide
Lost Omens: Impossible Lands

Pathfinder Guns & Gear

Outlaws of Alkenstar Player's Guide
Punks in a Powder Keg (Outlaws of Alkenstar 1) + Foundry VTT Module
Crade of Quartz (Outlaws of Alkenstar 2) + Foundry VTT Module
The Smoking Gun (Outlaws of Alkenstar 2) + Foundry VTT Module

Pathfinder One-Shot: Head Shot the Rot

Diary - Mar 16 to Mar 22 2024

Sat Mar 16 2024

Sleep 0400 to 0830. (4-1/2 hours)

  • Saturday Gaming at C3's place. I ran for 2-1/2 hours as the PCs found the Veiled Society cult and with the help of the guards arrested everyone. They also got a tavern ownership out of it.
  • Dinner at Taste of Sha Xiang (not good), then walked to Cold Stone (which was good and we got there just before the after-movie-rush), down the street for boba then finally walk back to C3's house fairly tired.

Sun Mar 17 2024

Sleep 0400 to 1130, 1 hour nap (8-1/2 hours)

  • Looked at old emails and realized that Special Assessment is now push payment. Manor portal you can go to billing then go to a third party to pay via ACH or credit card. Mind you that third party site is not the most professional looking so I guess I'll find out later this week if it worked or not.

Mon Mar 18 2024

Sleep 0500 to 1300 (8 hours)

  • DriveThruRPG has a D&D Spring Sale which is 30 items, 29 of which are Roll20 VTT modules. It seems like if you bought the books then buy the modules that's like a 50% upsell. I guess you can justify it if you don't buy physical books since these VTT modules include the full books (I think) readable with a web browser on Roll20. Still, that means if Roll20 dies you lose all those purchases and I'd rather have PDF files which can be used with various readers rather than the one UI that Roll20 gives you.

Tue Mar 19 2024

Sleep 0400 to 1230 (8-1/2 hours)

Wed Mar 20 2024

Sleep 0345 to 1115 (7-1/2 hours)

  • Set Apple Mail's Undo Send Delay to 30 seconds and that's saved several times. It's often that as soon as I click send I remember I need to check something. Only drawback is that I had gotten used to seeing my copy of an email arrive immediately after I clicked send.

Thu Mar 21 2024

Sleep 0330 to 1130 (8 hours)

  • Time to apply for CoveredCA (health coverage). "Your COBRA coverage ends, or you stop receiving government subsidies or employer contributions for your COBRA coverage. Note: Not paying your COBRA premium is not considered loss of coverage." Apparently it's not a qualifying life event until my COBRA period ends April 03.

Fri Mar 22 2024

Sleep 0600 to 1100 (5 hours)

  • Forgot mom and dad arriving tonight. Christopher picked them up and they'll sleep at his place tonight.