Kevin C. Wong

June 2023

Steam Summer Sale 2023

Steam also has a Summer sale.


Battle for Wesnoth (free) I have this but have forgotten about it. A community-created turn-based fantasy tactical combat game. Campaign based with storylines and units gain experience and level up (or die).

Under $5

Undertale ($3, 70% off) It's a classic and I thought I had a copy but I guess I don't. This is a teens-level console-like RPG game with a touching story and surprising morality.

The Caribbean Sail ($3.75, 75% off) - 8-bit type mostly black and white graphical pirate game. Looks a bit like Oregon Trail but you captain a pirate ship. Looks amusingly retro.

Under $10

Comet 64 ($5.50, 64% off) - a retro-looking programming game where you program a Commodore 64-like computer and solve programming puzzles. Very nerdy.

GOG Summer Sale 2023

Good Old Games' Summer Sale is here, what's good? For each price tier I'll choose one or two Mac-compatible games that I don't own.

$0.01 to $2

Theme Park ($1.50, 75% off)
Theme Hospital ($1.50, 75% off)

1990's games about designing and building an amusement park or a hospital. Developed by Bullfrog Productions and published by Electronic Arts.

$2.01 to $5

Fields of Glory ($3.50, 50% off) Microprose wargame on the Waterloo campaign.

$5.01 to $10

The Coma: Back to School Bundle ($6, 80% off) Looks like anime-ish Korean high school horror point-and-click adventure games.


Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance ($24, 20% off)
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II ($24, 20% off)

D&D 3E rules and set in the Forgotten Realms. These are console games straight ported to PCs so require controllers to play but you have two-player coop mode with two controllers.

Diary - Jun 17 to Jun 23 2023

Sat Jun 17 2023

Sleep 0300 to 1300. (10 hours)

  • Ice cream with Christopher Jr and Corina. Then dinner at C3.

Sun Jun 18 2023

Sleep 0630 to 0945. 1530 to 1730. (5-1/4 hours)

  • Dinner at C3. Steph made beef stew with fresh beef from Corina's dad (they have a small farm.)

Mon Jun 19 2023

Sleep 0330 to 1130. (8 hours)

  • Finally figured out that SMCU considers an incoming transfer from another bank account as a qualified deposit for achieving monthly premium status. Whereas a check deposit does not count.

Tue Jun 20 2023

Sleep 0745 to 1315. (5-1/2 hours)

  • Started watching Ted Lasso s3. It's so good.

Wed Jun 21 2023

Sleep 0145 to 0430. 1100 to 1615. (8 hours)

  • Nemo 0500 PDT stream.
  • Dinner at C3. Joy Sushi.

Thu Jun 22 2023

Sleep 0230 to 0530. 1115 to 1650. (6 hours)

  • Nemo 0600 PDT stream. If I have some warning I can wake up early then catch up on sleep later.

Fri Jun 23 2023

Sleep 0245 to 1115. (8-1/2 hours)

$100 Champions 6E Recommendation

I played Marvel Super Heroes and Champions a bit when I was a teen. I ran a DC Heroes campaign after college and a DC Adventures (Mutants & Masterminds 3E rules) campaign a few years ago. Because they're licensed properties you can't buy any of the old Marvel or DC Comics based RPGs.

That leaves Champions (Hero System) and Mutants & Masterminds as super-hero RPGs at the detail level that I want (ok, GURPS too especially with GURPS Powers but support in terms of book of villains is lacking). In the end I wasn't so into M&M. I kind of like having hit points and M&M abstracts it out. So if I were to run a new super-hero campaign I think I'd try Champions in which case let's stick with the latest edition. All these books are on DriveThruRPG

Champions Complete ($20 PDF) A complete super-hero system in 240 pages. Not a cut-down version of Hero System 6E rules but, like Dungeon Fantasy RPG does for GURPS, the full rules minus everything you don't need for a supers campaign (which I'm not exactly sure what that entails since supers can encompass everything).

Heroes in a Hurry ($10 PDF) One of the coolest M&M 3E products was the GM's screen which included a rapid heroes booklet that let you roll (or pick) a hero archetype then subtype and get a fairly custom super-hero without designing from the ground up. Heroes in a Hurry sort of does that, presenting a bunch of modules you can pick and choose to design a hero without going into a lot of math.

Champions Villains Volume One: Master Villains ($20) Thirty Big Bads of the Champions Universe, often with their top supervillain and normal henchmen.

Champions Villains Volume Two: Villain Teams ($20) Eighteen villain teams of 2 to 8 members.

Champions Villains Volume Three: Solo Villains ($28.50) 130+ super villains.

No adventures instead I'm concentrating on pre-made super villains. I was running my DC Adventures campaign by randomly picking a villain or two then figuring out what kind of crime they'd be committing and I'd probably do the same with Champions. Eventually you build up a history of adventures that you can start linking into a bigger plot.

Total: $98.50.

Install Wiki.js on macOS

Wiki.js installation instructions:

Synthesizing those pages, these are the steps I used to install on macOS 12 (Monterey) and 13 (Ventura). We use postgres v15 because Wiki.js v3 will require postgres.

install homebrew

in Terminal: /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

install postgres db

We install the lastest postgres supported by homebrew

in Terminal: brew install postgresql@15

For this install homebrew doesn't add links in /user/local/bin. Add postgres bin directory to path.

in Terminal: echo 'export PATH="/usr/local/opt/postgresql@15/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.zshrc
in Terminal: source ~/.zshrc

By default postgres runs on localhost:5432, there is a postgres schema with an admin user (no password) same as your local user.

install pgadmin4

in Terminal: brew install --cask pgadmin4

This installs the macOS app pgAdmin 4 in the Applications folder.

Start pgAdmin 4 and add a connection to the local postgres at localhost:5432. Set admin user password.

You can use that user for Wiki.js or create a specific db user:

in Terminal: createuser -d -P wikijs

I found this user doesn't have enough privileges for Wiki.js (can't create tables). So I used pgAdmin 4 and set its privileges same as for my admin account. Also set the password.

install node v16

This is the latest version supported by Wiki.js.

in Terminal: brew install node@16

As for postgres we need to add node bin to path.

in Terminal: echo 'export PATH="/usr/local/opt/node@16/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.zshrc
in Terminal: source ~/.zshrc

install Wiki.js

Specific macOS instructions:

The first step uses wget which you need to install.

install wget

in Terminal: brew install wget

install wiki.js

in Terminal: cd ~/Downloads ; wget
in Terminal: mkdir -p /usr/local/wiki ; cd /usr/local/wiki ; tar xzf ~/Downloads/wiki-js.tar.gz -C .
in Terminal: cp config.sample.yml config.yml

Note that the tar doesn't include a config.yml file so updating is simply untar'ing the new tar.

edit config.yml
- it already uses postgres at localhost:5432 with user wikijs
- set password to wikijs password
- set db to postgres

start wiki.js, in Terminal: cd /usr/local/wiki ; node server

You can kill it with ctrl-c.

Now you can visit the site with your browser at http://localhost:3000


I found that Time Machine backs up everything fine including the postgres db.

If you backup directory /usr/local/var/postgresql@15 this will have the database and user accounts. On a new machine you can install postgres v15 then copy the backup to /usr/local/var/postgresql@15.


The above doesn't include ssl setup. You need a domain, dns server, and a web server. I guess I'll write this up in a future journal.

Diary - Jun 10 to Jun 16 2023

Sat Jun 10 2023

Sleep 0700 to 1330. (6-1/2 hours)

  • DDO Hardcore: Adventuring character died so I'm back to using the primary for now. Started another adventuring character but it'll take a while to level her up.

Sun Jun 11 2023

Sleep 0630 to 1230. (6 hours)

Mon Jun 12 2023

Sleep 0000 to 0345. 45 min nap. (4-1/2 hours)

Tue Jun 13 2023

Sleep 0200 to 1130 (9-1/2 hours)

  • I've had my AirPods Max back for 10 days now. Using it every day. Works fine so far. The bar is so low...

Wed Jun 14 2023

Sleep 0200 to 1030. (8-1/2 hours)

  • DDO Underdark Patron's Coffers offer. Cosmetics + 20 character bank (1 character) + 30 shared bank for 8000 DDO points (about $40). Interesting in that it's not just cosmetics and yet the cosmetics means they can sell it for a lot more than the bank worth (600 for 20 character and 1000 for 10 shared = 3600 DDO points worth).

Thu Jun 15 2023
Sleep 0245 to 1100. (8-1/2 hours)

  • ViDL hasn't worked for a while now though I haven't needed it since I have another downloader app. What it does great though is that if you require a login you can show a web browser and login then it'll use those cookies to maintain login, and that's great for Twitch VODs when they're restricted to subscribers.
  • Anyways it doesn't work and log has "env: python: No such file or directory". I installed python3 via brew and added a link for python. Works fine from my Terminal but still not from ViDL so the environment is not set up correctly there (might be looking in /bin or similar but macOS now restricts those directories from user modification -- everything goes to /usr/local/bin which is in the default $PATH for users but maybe not for how ViDL executes youtube-dl call.
  • For now I give up.

Fri Jun 16 2023
Sleep 1730 to 2000. (2-1/2 hours)

  • Drove to Walnut Creek Toyota and got my car serviced. Couldn't sleep last night so stayed up. Got there at 0930 and got out 1630 then drove home arrived 1730 and finally too a nap.

NBA Champions 2023

The NBA playoffs are done and Denver Nuggets won the championship. It's their first one so that's exciting. They were #2 in my list of who I wanted to win the championship.

Eastern Conference

10. Bulls --- Bulls 1. Bucks --------- Heat (4-1)
|------------ Heat |-------------------
9. Raptors -- |---------------- 8. Heat ---------- | Heat (4-2)
Heat | |-------------------
|------------ 4. Cavaliers ----- Knicks (4-1) | |
| |------------------- |
| 5. Knicks -------- | Miami (4-3)
| |------------------
| 2. Celtics ------- Celtics (4-2) | |
8. Hawks ---- Hawks |------------------- | |
|---------------------------- 7. Hawks --------- | Celtics (4-3) | |
7. Heat ----- |------------------- |
3. 76ers --------- 76ers (4-0) | |
|------------------- |
6. Nets ---------- |
| Nuggets (4-1)
Western Conference |---------------
10. Thunder --- Thunder 1. Nuggets ------- Nuggets (4-1) |
|---------------- T-Ws |------------------- |
9. Pelicans --- |---------- 8. Timberwolves -- | Nuggets (4-2) |
Timberwolves | |------------------- |
|---------------- 4. Suns ---------- Suns (4-1) | | |
| |------------------- | |
| 5. Clippers ------ | Nuggets (4-0) |
| |------------------
| 2. Grizzlies ----- Lakers (4-2) |
8. Timberwolves --- Lakers |------------------- |
|---------------------- 7. Lakers -------- | Lakers (4-2) |
7. Lakers --------- |-------------------
3. Kings --------- Warriors (4-3) |
6. Warriors ------

DDO Half-Orc Sacred Fist

For the TPK Challenge I rolled a Half-Orc Sacred Fist (Paladin) which doesn't seem optimal but in Normal difficulty it doesn't matter. Here are my notes researching for what I want to do.

Sacred Fist is a Paladin/Monk hybrid. This one seems hard as I've never played monks, who rely on Ki and Centering.

Sacred Fist Class
- Level 1: Smite Evil
- Level 2: Lay on Hands
- Level 4: Paladin Spells, Turn Undead
- Level 6: While centered use Charisma for attack and damage with weapons
- Level 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20: Unarmed Strike (+1 to hit with handwraps)

Sacred Fist Enhancements
- Sacred Flame: Imbue +1d6 Fire damage
++++ later bypass Lawful/Good DR, Ghost Touch, Light instead of Fire dmg
- Bonuses with Favored Weapon (Handwraps)
- I'm devoting 41 points here

Radiant Servant Enhancements
- I'm familiar with this one since Cleric is my current favorite class
- Nice because has good SLA healing and undead-killing enhancements
- Requires 23 points to get to max Turn Undead regeneration

Half-Orc Enhancements
- Dragonmark of Finding (Locate Objects, Knock, Treasure Finding)
- Lock Bash (Open Lock with Intimidate + Strength)
- Orc Rage (but negates Centering)
- Bonuses with 1H and 2H weapons (Handwraps are 1H weapons)
- 17 points remaining go here, I'll do Dragonmark and Lock Bash for theme

- Unencumbered (Light encumbrance)
- No armor except robes
- No shields
- Kama, shuriken, quarterstaff, **handwraps**
- Longsword if you have Whirling Steel Strike feat

- Based on Concentration skill
- Max Ki affected by Charisma (for Sacred Fist)

Longsword for Favored Weapon + Centering requires three feats:
- Follower of the Sovereign Host
- Whirling Steel Strike
- Weapon Focus: Slashing

Kind of a lot and means couldn't use it until level 9 (6 for humans) so guess I'll give up on that and settle for handwraps.

Sacred Fist Spells

Level 1: Ki Bolt: 1d6 fire + 1d4 force per caster level, scales 3x Melee Power
Level 2: Sacred Flame Empowerment: +3 Imbue dice + 1d20 Bane per imbue on crit
Level 3: Incinerating Wave: 1d6+3 fire and force per caster level, 2x Melee Powe
Level 4: Ki Explosion: 1d6 fire and force per caster level

Seems like Charisma is important, Wisdom 14 to cast all Paladin spells. This makes Half-Orc suboptimal for Sacred Fist.

Half-Orc starting stats

STR 10 (+2)
DEX 08
CON 08
INT 06 (-2)
WIS 08
CHA 06 (-2)

With 28 points I can make this:

STR 10
DEX 10
CON 10
INT 10
WIS 12 - I expect by level 11 I'll have a +2 Wisdom item
CHA 16 - max starting possible


Concentration and Intimidate only.

Jun 23: I'm level 4 doing level 3 quests on Normal. Sacred Fist has no AC so needs to come in after my Fighter hireling gets aggro. But I find I need healing so I went from Half-Orc enhancements to get Treasure Finding to concentrating on Radiant Servant for Moderate Heal SLA and some Half-Orc to get Lock Bash.

Diary - Jun 03 to Jun 09 2023

Sat Jun 03 2023

Sleep 0315 to 0715. 1215 to 1415. (6 hours)

  • Picked up AirPods Max from Apple Store. Person said all parts replaced.
  • Grocery store run. A bit limping but walking not too bad.
  • Noticed that Modiphius is finally doing a Conan sale on DriveThruRPG. 50% off until their license ends June 30. And you can get most everything in the Conan by Crom! Bundle now discounted to $30. $5.36 to complete the bundle for me and buy the remaining products available on DTRPG.

Sun Jun 04 2023

Sleep 0045 to 0515. 1000 to 1330. (8 hours)

  • Looked for my backup Ooma but didn't find it. Who knows which moving box it is in? I did plug in the old Ooma again and this time it's working. Probably will fail next power outage but I guess for now I won't do anything.
  • Noticed my AirPods Max no longer make a loud chime whenever it changes to another audio source. That was annoying because it was very loud.

Mon Jun 05 2023

Sleep 0000 to 0130. 0800 to 1300. (6-1/2 hours)

  • Watching Apple MLS+ games that are free. Last week all games were free due to a sponsorship. It's a lot of games. I don't see how people can keep up if they have a season pass.

Tue Jun 06 2023

Sleep 0400 to 1000. 90 min nap. (7-1/2 hours)

  • Foot still a bit swollen. I can walk on it about 90% for short stretches. More than a few minutes walking or standing starts to hurt.

Wed Jun 07 2023

Sleep 0545 to 1400. (8-1/4 hours)

  • Oh, all the free games from last week are now unavailable (I guess Wednesday is the start of the MLS week). Older "free" matches still available. Guess the sponsorship was truly for one week. Luckily I did watch all but the last half of one game. Then again when I watch that many games I don't remember what happened though there were like two cool games -- just don't remember which ones they were.

Thu Jun 08 2023

Sleep 0600 to 1300. (7 hours)

  • A bit bored so I started a DDO character on Argonnessen server.

Fri Jun 09 2023

Sleep 0315 to 1300. (9-3/4 hours)

  • MBP 2020's AppleCare+ support ran out. I can renew for $140 per year and have 30 days to decide. In general Mac hardware I've found is pretty reliable so I'm inclined to not renew.

DDO TPK Challenge

This is a lenient version of Dungeon & Dragons Online's Hardcore League because I find Hardcore a too unforgiving.

1. Solo PC + Hireling(s)

1.1. random class and race
1.2. first life choose random path, stay on path
1.3. At level 30+, epic true reincarnation + class/race (random) true reincarnation

2. Quests

2.1. Normal until done with level, then Hard, then Elite
2.1.1. After true resurrection still do quests at Normal, Hard, then Elite if necessary
2.2. Must play where there is no over-level penalty (i.e. effective Quest level +1)
2.3. No help from quest openers

3. Ends if

3.1. TPK and nobody can resurrect (no spirit cakes, Jack Jibbers Blade gone, etc.)
3.2. Death is fine if you can be resurrected (running to shrine, hireling's raise dead, etc.)

I'm using my alt account which is mostly free to play. Bought the adventure packs when they were 99 DDO points each so have access to all free to play and Expansions 1-3 (Underdark, Ravenloft, Sharn).

Starting on a new server (Argonnessen) where I haven't unlocked anything.



06-09-23: on Normal I'm pretty much leveling up easily. I guess I'll just do all Normal then TR at 20 or so and do Hard then TR at 20 again for Elite. Not sure I want to go to level 32 on first life as it'll be really long.

Apple WWDC Keynote Notes

My notes on watching the keynote. Mac Pro finally released for those who need PCI slots. Apple Vision Pro is both expensive and probably actually that expensive to build.

Optical inserts for people who need glasses is nice, though wonder how well it works with progressive/bi-focal prescriptions. Then again maybe the lenses only need to focus to the Vision Pro display which is really close to your eyes.

MacBook Air 15"
-- M2 processor 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU
-- up to 24 GB RAM and 2 TB storage
-- 1080p camera
-- Two Thunderbolt ports, 1 MagSafe, 1 audio jack
-- starts at $1200

MacBook Air 13"
-- M2 version: price reduced to $1100

Mac Studio
-- M2 Ultra: two M2 Max's connected together
-- 24-core GPU, up to 76-core GPU, 32-core Neural Engine
-- up to 192 GB RAM and 8 TB storage
-- M2 Max starts at $2000 (same as before)

Mac Pro
-- M2 Ultra
-- 8 Thunderbolt ports
-- 6 PCIe Gen 4 slots
-- Rack mount available
-- starts at $7000

iOS 17
-- personalized contact posters (CallKit)
-- live voicemail: transcription in real-time as caller leaves voicemail
-- leave a video message if FaceTime call is not answered
-- search filters to narrow search results
-- create stickers from photo album photos and videos
-- NameDrop: share contact info by bringing phones close together
-- autocorrect improvements, sentence-level auto correction
-- Journal app: personalized suggestions (Suggestions API)
-- StandBy: turn iPhone sideways while charging for alarm clock display

iPad OS 17
-- interactive widgets
-- lock screen: more customization options; live activities; multiple timers
-- Health app added to iPad
-- PDFs: auto identify form fields, add signatures, add PDF to a Note

macOS Sonoma
-- Widgets: drag to desktop to keep a widget active, view iPhone widgets
-- Game Mode: prioritizes games on CPU & GPU
-- Game Porting Toolkit
-- Death Stranding Director's Cut coming to Mac
-- Video conferencing: Presenter Overlay; emote effects
-- Safari: Passkeys; Family Passwords; Profiles; Web apps

Audio & Home
-- AirPods
++++ Adaptive Audio: blends Transparency + Active Noise Cancellation
++++ Conversation Awareness: lowers music sound when you have a conversation
-- AirPlay in Hotels: pairing via QR code on hotel television
-- SharePlay: CarPlay music session can be shared for control and song list
-- AppleTV: Photo Memories as screen saver; FaceTime app; Continuity Camera API

-- subtle improvements
-- animated Snoopy and Woodstock watch face
-- Cycling: connect to Bluetooth bike sensors, live activity on iPhone
-- Hiking: last cellular connection waypoint, SOS waypoint, elevation view, maps
-- Workout APIs

-- Mental health
++++ log momentary emotion and daily mood in Mindfulness app
++++ small mental health surveys in Health app, pointers to resources
-- Vision health
++++ reduction of myopia: track time in daylight, Screen Distance (not too close)

Apple Vision Pro

UI controlled by eyes, hands, voice.
-- focus on an icon to select it
-- tap fingers together (OK sign) to tap
-- flick hand to scroll
-- dictate for text input
-- works with Bluetooth accessories (keyboard, mouse, trackpad, game controller)

-- your eyes are shown on front when a person is nearby
-- cues to indicate to others that you're using an app or fully immersed

-- background images (IMAX like) you can use as backdrops
-- examples are like watching a movie as if you were in a theatre or mountain

-- front is curved laminated glass
-- cameras and sensors to view world
-- digital crown
-- for glass wearers: custom optical inserts
-- 2 hours use with external high performance battery
-- or plug-in for all-day use

-- Display: micro-OLED, 23M pixels across two panels (more than 4K video)
-- Audio: two audio outputs next to ear, matches sound to room
-- lots of sensors: 12 cameras, 5 sensors, 6 microphones
-- M2 chip + new R1 chip for real-time sensor processing
-- FaceTime: enroll in Vision Pro then will generate a real-time persona
-- visionOS

Privacy and Security
-- Optic ID: Uses iris to unlock Vision Pro
-- Where you look stays private: eye input only sent to app when you tap
-- Camera access is only at system level so apps can't spy on you

-- starts at $3500

Diary - May 27 to Jun 02 2023

Sat May 27 2023

Sleep 0345 to 1000. (6-1/4 hours)

  • I was wrong. My left foot is actually quite swollen. Last night trying to get to sleep was rough.
  • One of my temporary crowns fell off. I should call the dentist on Monday to arrange for a look-see.

Sun May 28 2023

Sleep 0300 to 1000. (7 hours)

  • Went through the Leading Ladies Humble Bundle. Lady Mechanika was really good. 86 Volt and Big Girls were ok. The rest not interesting. So was a bit low hit rate but for $20 worth it for Lady Mechanika.

Mon May 29 2023

Sleep 0245 to 1115. (8-1/2 hours)

  • Rumor of a Pendragon 6E announcement late next month. I'm a bit excited since I was just looking at the existing Pendragon products on Chaosium's site. Given what they've done with Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest a deluxe treatment of Pendragon core (maybe two books) and the Great Pendragon Campaign (maybe two or three books) for a complete and lean-ish experience would be great.

Tue May 30 2023

Sleep 0500 to 1215. (7-1/4 hours)

  • Left foot swelling may be going down a bit. And seems to be better today though it usually gets worst when I try to go to sleep at night (don't know if it's my body's position or if it's because it's colder).

Wed May 31 2023

Sleep 0315 to 1300. (9-3/4 hours)

  • Last night was mixed. Foot felt ok when I went to sleep then I woke up a few hours later and it was bothering me... Today swelling seems to be about the same as yesterday and it feels mostly ok. I could put on shoes and do a grocery run but I think it would be painful at the end.

Thu Jun 01 2023

Sleep 0430 to 1230. (8 hours)

  • Foot a little better. Pretty much able to sleep all night. Maybe a little less swollen.

Fri Jun 02 2023

Sleep 0200 to 0700. (5 hours)

  • First shower in 10 days (since I hurt my foot).

$100 Ars Magica Recommendation

I played a lot of Ars Magica at university and a few years after though I've only ever read the core book, so this recommendation is a bit less familiar. Easy one is for DriveThruRPG bundle with all Atlas Games Ars Magica 4th edition products for $80.

Ars Magica 5E has 40 books out so it's quite well established. I like how well organized the supplements are. Not that many good adventure books though so I'm not sure what supplements to buy instead.

Ars Magica 5E ($20 PDF)

Houses of Hermes: True Lineages ($15 PDF)
Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults ($15 PDF)
Houses of Hermes: Societates ($15 PDF)

These three books cover the twelve orders of magi. I'm hesitant with splat books and the core rules must describe them adequately but Ars Magica is to a certain extent is about each magi being their own island so more details are good.

The Broken Covenant of Calebais ($10 PDF) - a 96-page scenario
Tales of Mythic Europe ($15 PDF) - 144-page supplement with 9 one-session scenarios.

The other adventure supplements are interesting but don't seems simple to use: high level PCs, multi-year storylines, world-ending plots, locations and myths. More for experienced GMs.

Hooks ($10 PDF) - the above being said with $10 left this 96-page book has eight one-session scenarios that leave room for more exploration if PCs want to pursue further. The description says each hook leads to an area further explore in another supplement but I guess a GM can make stuff up.