Kevin C. Wong

April 2023

Diary - Apr 22 to Apr 28 2023

Sat Apr 22 2023

Sleep 0430 to 1000. 1630 to 1930. (8-1/2 hours)

  • Ooma Teleo seems to have died after Friday's power outage. When I plug it in Play button fast blinks orange. Ooma's support web site is fairly bad. If I can't the Teleo working I think it's time to move my phone number to Sonic.

Sun Apr 23 2023

Sleep 0315 to 0730. 1 hour nap. (5-1/4 hours)

  • Day visit to mom and dad's. Carpooled with C3 and Steph -- we left at 0900.
  • Lunch at Joy City. Dad asked the owner/chef to make Peking Duck which they don't have on the menu.
  • Dad made won ton soup for dinner.
  • We left about 2000 so got back a bit late.

Mon Apr 24 2023

Sleep 0215 to 1215. (10 hours)

  • HOA Annual Meeting. Marcyl stepped down. Roger came back on board and takes over as President. I move to Treasurer with Marcyl as head of our new Finance Committee.

Tue Apr 25 2023
Sleep 0545 to 1300. (7-1/4 hours)

  • Fire alarm testing today. I kind of like the "keep your front door open" so all they have to do is walk by and hear to make sure your unit alarm works.
  • Setup Apple Genius appointment for my AirPods Max, which haven't worked since I got them back from the second repair.

Wed Apr 26 2023

Sleep 0315 to 1130. (8-1/4 hours)

  • Christopher Sr said he was notified yesterday that he had close contact with someone who tested positive for Covid. Which means Sunday in a car with him for four hours is definitely close contact.
  • Covid symptoms can start in a day so cancelled my Apple Genius appointment. Symptoms typically start in 5 or 6 days and up to 14 days later.
  • Don't think I have symptoms yet. Have had a runny nose for over a week -- hay fever hitting hard right now.
  • C3 gave me a couple of extra Covid test kits so I guess I should test later today or tomorrow.
  • California guidance: Beginning March 13, a COVID-19 positive person may end isolation after five days if they feel well, have improving symptoms, and are fever-free for 24 hours, with less emphasis on testing negative. This change aligns with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations and takes effect on Monday, March 13.
  • California Department of Public Health order goes into specific definitions of Close Contact, Infectious Period, and Confirmed Case.
  • Guess I'll wait until this weekend and if I don't test positive I should be fine.

Thu Apr 27 2023
Sleep 0430 to 1230. (8 hours)

  • Turns out iWeb podcast feeds were all truncated to last few episodes (depending on settings). For some reason I thought the archive page, which shows all episodes, would have a feed for all episodes but instead it points to the partial feed.
  • I will be recreating a full feed, by hand, for each podcast. This will be a long term project.

Fri Apr 28 2023

Sleep 0400 to 1045. (6-3/4 hours)

  • After 13 games (6 of them decisive, which is a whole lot) the World Chess Championship between Ian Nepomniachtchi and Ding Liren is tied. Final regular game is Saturday morning (like 0300 Pacific time).

HOA Board Speech for Marcyl

Marcyl retired from the HOA board and apparently she's been on and off it almost since she moved in (she and her husband were one of the original owners back in 1979?). David asked me to give a small speech which would end with a surprise present.

This is what I had planned though I kind of paraphrased it as I went along:

When I came on the board two years ago Marcyl gave me a tour of the HOA office and the various nooks and crannies of our building, mentioning if something goes wrong here's where you can do something about it or who to contact.

It was a lot of information and I don't think I remembered that much but it shows what a fount of knowledge Marcyl is. She knows the building, our contractor contacts by name, and can recall the history of why decisions were made by previous boards.

After years of serving on the board Marcyl is stepping down, finally, and I say finally because she's been trying to step down for a couple of years and we haven't let her. But she deserves it and although she plans on serving on the financial committee she will no longer be a board member. And hopefully that means she won't be the top person people call on if there is an issue.

On behalf of the board I thank Marcyl for her exemplary service and for going above and beyond what a normal board member would do. Personally I also want to thank you for the little bits of advice you've given me over the last two years. It's been a pleasure working with you.

And as a final item, the board has a gift we want to give you...

Notes for HOA Annual Report

Last year I didn't give an annual report cause I forgot I had to do one. This year I went through the meeting notes and my memory for these notes to say to owners.

- Garage entrance elevator back in service mid-July and passed State inspection.
- As of today:
++ battery backup during power outage
++ replace AT&T phone lines with Verizon Wireless modems

Electric Vehicles
- 2 load studies ==> we have 1600A capacity but only 400A incoming
- PG&E agreed to upgrade at no-cost, which was completed last week
- Previous owner commitments rescinded. We will send new forms for signups.

Spa Room Conversion
- Structural damage found by engineer, some from previous contractor work and some from spa
- Work completed last February. Gym equipment ready (installed?).
- Will reopen when patio work is done (?), same as for Recreation Room.
- IQV returned their fees for their poor work but a good amount of expenses to fix structural issues.
- Project done.

Patio Waterproofing
- Boncore found that waterproofing has totally failed
- We decided to start fix in 2022 instead of 2023
- We looked at proposals and eventually Boncore for patio work and front entrance walkway work
- Progress has been slow due to rains, but rains have shown that patio leaks have been fixed
- Once patio work is done they will start on front entrance walkway.

Interior Design
- We chose KDA Studio for design work
- Design committee worked closely with KDA
- KDA presented final direction to owners
- owner feedback and design changes
- We received one proposal for implementation (includes cost of materials and labor)
- Working on refining proposal

- A couple of break-ins to building: one via St Matthews side door and one via front door.
++ Added security plates to keep people from jimmying doors open
- We changed the building entrance locks and distributed keys
- Also changed garage door opener combination
++ should still make sures to leave your vehicle doors locked and no valuables visible
- We were working with Fox Security to install security entry system for front door
++ Contract negotiations were unsatisfactory so project currently on hold

Balcony Inspections
- SB326 inspection done earlier this month
- They will send a report to State and also board

Final Words
- The building is 4 decades old.
- It is unfortunate we've had these big projects but kind of expected.
- Unfortunately structural damage (spa room) and items with an expected life over 30 years (waterproofing) don't go into reserve budget.
- Upshot is there will be an assessment to recover costs for structural fixes in spa room and patio work.

Diary - Apr 15 to Apr 21 2023

Sat Apr 15 2023

Sleep 0515 to 1400. (8-3/4 hours)

  • My Friday Night Baseball misadventures continue. I already knew when the live stream ends and is replaced with the video if you're watching the game skips ahead I'm assuming to the same video time you were on the live stream but it's a few innings later.
  • I paused the game then put my iPad to sleep. Next day I woke my iPad which was on the game and it gave an error. Dismissed it then tapped resume watching and it started several innings after I paused. Aargh. Ruins it for me so I gave up watching this game.
  • Now it's the next day and let's see if I have issues watching the second game.
  • Second game's viewing went fine.

Sun Apr 16 2023

Sleep 0700 to 1345. (6-3/4 hours)

  • Took me half an hour to figure out Wiki.js permissions system. The key is the first line element is an ALLOW/DENY toggle. I thought it was just a graphic -- I assumed if the permission is not listed then it's denied so I essentially did ALLOW (no permissions) which means it's not overwriting inherited permissions.
  • Also it's not a great permissions system because it's setup in admin pages so would be hard for a user to set page permissions. You can sort of work around it using tags but is unwieldy when I think about it. For now though I set it so that "secret" tag restricts page from Guests that way I can have restricted pages for GM secret notes.

Mon Apr 17 2023

Sleep 0415 to 1250. (8 hours)

  • Found this in DDO. Created an iconic for storage so level 15. Have a level 24 who has done the quests at Elite. They're both in the same party. Level 24 goes to quest entry dialog. Level 15 then goes to same dialog and sees all options available. Level 15 can go in as Elite. Level 24 cancels and doesn't go into quest. Quest XP is calculated for Level 15 character.
  • So you can use a high level character to enable Elite and not worry that your low level characters will get zero XP. Not all quests allow this hack but most did.

Tue Apr 18 2023

Sleep 0415 to 1230. (8-1/4 hours)

  • For new DDO character spent about four hours (2 yesterday and 2 today) getting 150 Coin Lords and 150 Kundarak favor for the extra inventory and bank slots. It's much quicker when you have a second character that can open Elite for you.

Wed Apr 19 2023

Sleep 0415 to 1400. (9-3/4 hours)

  • PG&E work to install more capacity in our building. Power out until 1530 hence why I let myself sleep late.
  • Couldn't get my Mac mini back up in headless mode. Then couldn't get it running hooked up to a monitor (it blank screens unless it goes into password reset mode or into recovery mode). Wiped out HD and reinstalled Monterey but still won't use monitor (an it was using the same monitor when I first installed Monterey on it).
  • I can get into the recent Time Machine backups (which I only turned on last week). Looks like homebrew stuff gets backed up including the postgres db. Guess I can install the server setup on my MBP for now.
  • Anyways, I have one other monitor I can try with my Mac mini...
  • Moving the web site and wiki to my MBP was fairly easy. After using homebrew to install stuff I copied config files from the last Time Machine backup. I used Finder copy for /usr/local/var/postgresql@15 and database worked fine and Wiki.js looks good. Does not have my latest changes -- guess I was doing last minute work and then shut down the server without letting it do a backup -- but days of recreating from scratch reduced to a couple of hours.

Thu Apr 20 2023

Sleep 0300 to 0800. (5 hours)

  • I recently realized that for my credit union premium status (which you need to achieve each month to get the high interest rate) the one deposit per month does not have to be a direct deposit, it can be any check deposit. Not that important since I moved most of my cash to a high yield savings account.

Fri Apr 21 2023

Sleep 0500 to 1100. (6 hours)

  • Had power outages yesterday and today. It was the area, not just our building, so coincidental to use getting a power upgrade from PG&E.
  • Nice having two UPSs to keep things running during a power outage. If it's more than a few minutes I'll shut down one or both monitors since that's the biggest power draw (my laptop is not on the UPS which I guess it should be for surge protection).


We're finally doing composting and added a green bin in the garbage room. Recology gave a presentation during the HOA Annual Meeting.

What Bin - good resource to see what Recology can handle in each area

A few things that surprised me:

Biodegradable plastics - Do not compost. They do break down but too slow for Recology.
Compostable bags - these also compost very slowly so Recology may stop recommending using
Milk/juice cartons - these go in recycling instead

Our bin pickup is on Tuesdays so I'll probably put my compost in Monday night to help cut down on odors.

Modiphius Conan Left to Buy

Modiphius' End of Line Clearance reminds me that they won't be able to sell Conan stuff after June 30th. Looking at what I have left to buy on DriveThruRPG:

Conan by Crom! [BUNDLE] ($29.74 after discounts from previous purchases)

The Shadow of the Sorcerer [$21 pdf, $9.61 in bundle]
Waves Stained Crimson [$14 pdf, $6.41 in bundle]

Conan Shining Kingdoms 1: Eye of the Vulture (14 pages) [$5, $2.29 in bundle]
Conan Shining Kingdoms 2: Isle of the Eons (13 pages) [$5, $2.29 in bundle]
Conan Shining Kingdoms 3: The Black Temple (17 pages) [$5, $2.29 in bundle]
Conan Shining Kingdoms 5: The Sons of Vidarna (17 pages) [$5, $2.29 in bundle]
Conan Shining Kingdoms 6: The Dwellers Below (43 pages) [$5, $2.29 in bundle]
Conan Shining Kingdoms 7: Dowry of the Peacock Seal (17 pages) [$5, $2.29 in bundle]

Conan Monolith [BUNDLE] ($20 after discounts from previous purchases)

Perilous Ruins & Forgotten Cities [$14, $10 in bundle]
Forbidden Places & Pits of Horror [$14, $10 in bundle]

Individual Items

The Age of Conan (based on MMO) [$14 pdf]

Conan Shining Kingdoms 4: Spoils of War (19 pages) ($5)
Conan Shining Kingdoms 8: Frost on the Vilayet (23 pages) ($5)

Dens of Iniquity & Streets of Terror ($14)
Fields of Glory & Thrilling Encounters ($14)

There's still a question of whether or not they will have a PDF sale at the end of June, or even just bother to update the Conan by Crom bundle with the missing items (it was kind of meant to be every product made for Conan). I guess I'll update my Conan by Crom bundle and we'll wait on the rest.

Diary - Apr 08 to Apr 14 2023

Sat Apr 08 2023

Sleep 0315 to 1230. (9-1/4 hours)

  • D&D #1. Character generation then an encounter with two bugbears. The session went well and I'm pretty excited about the campaign.

Sun Apr 09 2023

Sleep 0545 to 1215. 45 min nap. (7-1/4 hours)

  • Sacramento Kings finish the season at 48-34, 3rd seed in the Western Conference.

Mon Apr 10 2023

Sleep 0500 to 1045. 1330 to 1530. (7-3/4 hours)

  • Picked up mom and dad from SFO and drove them home.
  • Was trying to route through Golden Gate Bridge and skirt around San Pablo Bay but when I tried to set a waypoint and start the trip it gave me waypoint directions instead of real time.
  • We wanted late dinner at Nathan's but they close at 2030 so we got takeout from Joy City. Was just fine.

Tue Apr 11 2023

Sleep 2345 to 0445. 1500 to 1600. (5 hours)

  • Left before lunch and drove back home.
  • I tried setting up Wiki.js http to https redirection. There is a place to set your base url and a place to toggle redirection and it knows its http and https ports. Yet it refuses to redirect to https custom port and just redirects to standard https port which hits my main site and gets 404 error. I know that the installation instructions say to setup Wiki.js on its own subdomain (e.g. so I guess it makes assumption that the subdomain http/https ports belong to Wiki.js instance.
    • Option 1: Set up wiki subdomain. Set up Apache to redirect requests to corresponding Wiki.js http/https ports. Would need separate ssl certificate.
    • Option 2: Don't worry about it. http requests will usually fail redirection. My main web site links to Wiki.js https port anyways.
  • Guess I'll leave it at 2 since I don't want a second ssl cert.

Wed Apr 12 2023

Sleep 0300 to 1200. (9 hours)

  • Dinner at C3's. Thai food. Cthulhu game we were doing fairly badly but managed to finished the scenario with best ending.

Thu Apr 13 2023

Sleep 0330 to 1145. (8-1/4 hours)

  • Spent a couple of days figuring out and trying to setup OpenVPN but it's a bit beyond me. OpenVPN Access (an admin for OpenVPN) is supposed to be much easier for one-click setup but no macOS version.
  • macOS Server VPN setup was pretty easy though still needed a tutorial. But it was discontinued last year and later versions didn't have VPN Server anyways.
  • Finding VPN Servers is hard because so many hits are for client-only solutions. I want to VPN to my home network (not just remote control my home server but having my remote laptop be on the home network as a full computer) which is a somewhat unusual use case.
  • Was also thinking of some old solutions like Slink or ShareTool which I think were both Bonjour packet forwarders of some sort. In any case is a generic holding site now and now only sells a video downloader app.
  • In any case, rarely used the VPN (only for either updating web site files or if I was paranoid for a secure connection from a random WiFi hotspot, though more often would connect to work VPN for that).

Fri Apr 14 2023

Sleep 0430 to 1030. (6 hours)

  • Got my D&D podcast feed working hosted on the Wiki (basically means putting the raw files in assets catalog and you can use direct urls to get the assets). The hard part was creating the rss file and eventually I copied one that works for one of my iWeb created podcast feeds and then changed the details. And then a bit figuring out why Apple Podcasts didn't read it -- because I had ampersand sign "D&D" instead of "D&D".
  • Sonic raised their price from $50 to $60 effective 2023-03-15. Guess we'll see when they raise prices next.

Humble Bundle - Return to the World of Dungeons & Dragons by IDW

This is a bundle for classic D&D comics.

Dungeons & Dragons: Classic v1 - issues #1-8 of DC's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1988) which ran 36 issues
Dungeons & Dragons: Classic v2 - issues #9-18
Dungeons & Dragons: Classic v3 - issues #19-26 + Annual #1 (1990)
Dungeons & Dragons: Classic v4 - issues #27-36

Dragonlance Classic v1 - issues #1-8 of DC's Dragonlance (1988) which ran 34 issues
Dragonlance Classic v2 - issues #9-16
Dragonlance Classic v3 - issues #17-25 (not, v4 was never published)

Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Classic v1 - issues #1-8 of DC's Forgotten Realms (1989) which ran 25 issues
Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Classic v2 - issue #9-14 + TSR Worlds Annual
Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Classic v3 - issues #15-18 + Annual #1
Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Classic v4 - issues #19-25

The above is most of the DC Comics published. Missing are Spelljammer (15 issues, 1990) and Avatar: War of the Gods (3 issues, 1991) which have not been reprinted.

The Legend of Drizzt v1 Homeland - TPB of Devil's Due Forgotten Realms: Homeland (2005), adaptation of book 1 of Dark Elf Trilogy (volumes 2-6 are not included in this bundle)

Dragonlance Chronicles v1 Dragons of Autumn Twilight - Devil's Due Dragonlance Chronicles (2005), an 8-issue limited series
Dragonlance Chronicles v2 Dragons of Winter Night - Devil's Due Dragonlance Chronicles v2 (2006), a 4-issue limited series
Dragonlance Chronicles v3 Dragons of Spring Dawning - Devil's Due Dragonlance Chronicles v3 (2007), a 12-issue limited series which completes the novel trilogy adaptation

Dragonlance Legends: Time of the Twins - TPB of Devil's Due series which adapted the trilogy novels in 3 issues (2008)

Other Devil's Due comics are The Legend of Huma (6 issues, 2004, IDW reprint 2017), Eberron: Eye of the Wolf (1 issue, 2016, reprinted as part of IDW's Abraxis Wren of Eberron TPB, 2015), The Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons (7 issues, 2008, no reprint).

Dungeons & Dragons v1 Shadowplague - issues #0-5 of IDW's Dungeons & Dragons (2010) which ran 16 issues (#0 to #15)
Dungeons & Dragons v2 First Encounters - issues #6-10
Dungeons & Dragons v3 Down - the rest of the run I guess

Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms - TPB of IDW's 5-issue limited series (Apr 2012)
Dungeons & Dragons: Legends of Baldur's Gate - TPB of IDW's 5-issue limited series (Oct 2014)
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadows of the Vampire - TPB of IDW's 5-issue limited series (Apr 2016)
Dungeons & Dragons: Frost Giant's Fury - TPB of IDW's 5-issue limited series (Jul 2016)
Dungeons & Dragons: Evil at Baldur's Gate - TPB of IDW's 5-issue limited series (Apr 2018)
Dungeons & Dragons: A Darkened Wish - TPB of IDW's 5-issue limited series (Feb 2019)
Dungeons & Dragons: Mindbreaker - TPB of IDW's 5-issue limited series (Oct 2021)

Dungeons & Dragons: Infernal Tides #1 - I think this is issue 1 of the 5-issue limited series (Nov 2019)
Dungeons & Dragons: At the Spine of the World #1 - I think this is issue 1 of the 4-issue limited series (Oct 2020)

Dungeons & Dragons Annual 2022 - IDW's 44-page annual

For IDW we don't get Dark Sun: Ianto's Tomb (5 issues, 2011), The Legend of Drizzt: Neverwinter Tales (5 issues, 2011), Abraxis Wren of Eberron (2 issues, 2012), Forgotten Realms: Cutter (5 issues, 2013), Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons (4 issues, 2018), Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons II: Painscape (4 issues, 2019), Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons (5 issues, 2020).

So in sum this bundle is most of the D&D comics published by DC Comics, Devil's Due and IDW. I'll probably buy it.

NBA Playoffs 2023 Seedings

I haven't paid attention to the playoffs in a while. They added a play-in tournament in 2021 to determine seeds 7 and 8 in each conference. #7 plays #8 and the winner is the 7th seed. #9 and #10 play and the winner plays the loser of #7/#8 and that winner is the 8th seed.

Eastern Conference

10. Bulls --- 1. Bucks -------
|------------ |--------------
9. Raptors -- |---------------- 8. ------------- |
Heat | |--------------
|------------ 4. Cavaliers --- | |
| |-------------- |
| 5. Knicks ------ |
| |--------------
| 2. Celtics ----- | |
8. Hawks ---- Hawks |-------------- | |
|---------------------------- 7. Hawks ------- | | |
7. Heat ----- |-------------- |
3. 76ers ------- | |
|-------------- |
6. Nets -------- |
Western Conference |--------------
10. Thunder --- 1. Nuggets ----- |
|---------------- |-------------- |
9. Pelicans --- |---------- 8. ------------- | |
| |-------------- |
|---------------- 4. Suns -------- | | |
| |-------------- | |
| 5. Clippers ---- | |
| |--------------
| 2. Grizzlies --- |
8. Timberwolves --- |-------------- |
|---------------------- 7. ------------- | |
7. Lakers --------- |--------------
3. Kings ------- |
6. Warriors ----

Like for NFL I'm rooting for my favorite team (the Kings) first then it's kind of by who hasn't won a championship longest. Below is the original list:

Teams that have never been in the Finals, by order of founding in NBA (or joining NBA for Denver).

1. Los Angeles Clippers
2. Denver Nuggets
3. Minnesota Timberwolves
4. Memphis Grizzlies
5. New Orleans Pelicans

Teams that have been to Finals 11+ years ago but never won championship.

6. Brooklyn Nets

Teams that have won championships but not in the last 10 years, by order of # championships.

7. Sacramento Kings
8. Atlanta Hawks
9. Oklahoma City Thunder
10. New York Knicks
11. Philadelphia 76ers
12. Chicago Bulls

Teams that have played in the Finals in the last 10 years but not won Finals, by order of least recent latest appearance.

13. Phoenix Suns
14. Boston Celtics

Teams that have won a championship in the last 10 years, by order of least recent latest championship.

15. Miami Heat
16. Cleveland Cavaliers
17. Toronto Raptors
18. Los Angeles Lakers
19. Milwaukee Bucks
20. Golden State Warriors

Diary - Apr 01 to Apr 07 2023

Sat Apr 01 2023

Sleep 0400 to 1230. (8-1/2 hours)

  • Wiped out my Mac mini and net installed macOS 12 Monterey which is the latest supported. Then installed homebrew and used it to install Apache2, certbot, postgres 15, node 16. Then installed Wiki.js. Took a few hours to figure out basic SSL setup on Apache and a bit of postgres administration using pgAdmin to get it to work with Wiki.js.

Sun Apr 02 2023

Sleep 0330 to 0730. 1130 to 1500. (7-1/2 hours)

  • Wiki.js is kind of cool and the integration is nice. I can do janky hex maps but good enough to show the area for players to visualize and I can edit the map later. Too bad diagrams are only available in Markdown pages while tables are only available in Visual Editor pages and when you create a page you set the editor. Well you can Convert a page to another editor but may lose formatting.
  • In contrast RapidWeaver editors don't do tables so I have to use ASCII tables in html "pre" blocks to make sure they're monospaced.

Mon Apr 03 2023

Sleep 0400 to 1230. (8-1/2 hours)

  • Actually, Markdown page supports tables but you use vertical bars to separate columns (rows are already separated by line breaks). Dashes to separate header rows.
  • Wiki.js default search only searches page titles. For contents you have to (1) enable pg_trgm in the database then (2) tell Wiki.js to use the postgres search engine. Still not amazingly great in that you type words and it shows you pages where those words exist but no context. I think macOS wiki server search was about the same so can't really complain.

Tue Apr 04 2023

Sleep 1145 to 1645. (5 hours)

  • Wiki.js: I noticed that after I moved a page the link on another page broke. I guess it saves the link as a relative path not a "doc id" or something that would survive moving pages around.

Wed Apr 05 2023

Sleep 0300 to 1215. (9-1/4 hours)

  • Trying to create a Ringtone using these instructions: Add Ringtones to an iPhone. Assuming you have a song and want the first 30 seconds as a ringtone you follow instructions for Method 3: Creating iPhone Ringtones with GarageBand except skip step 7 (Trim the track), which in any case is surprisingly hard to do on a small iPhone UI. Subsequently in Step 12 to create the ringtone it'll warn that song is too long and will automatically trim to 30 seconds.

Thu Apr 06 2023

Sleep 0530 to 1330. (8 hours)

Fri Apr 07 2023

Sleep 0330 to 0530. 1400 to 1600. (4 hours)

  • Holy Frick. On iOS and iPad OS the Apple TV app has a setting to turn off sports scores in preview images. (Settings -> TV -> Show Sports Scores). Game changer as I can now watch Friday Night Baseball games later in the week without the ending being spoiled (or worse yet going to catch a game that started half an hour ago and seeing the score is already 5-nothing). Unfortunately no such setting on macOS TV app.
  • One thing I hate is that if you start to watch the live stream from the beginning when the broadcast ends your video also stops. You have to out and back and watch the regular video which doesn't remember your las

DDO Characters

My brother and I just finished getting 1000 favor for his four alt-alt characters which gives us 500 DDO points and we can buy the first four expansion quest packs. Now those four characters can play almost all quests and will be useful if we ever get other people to join our group.

Meanwhile back to my main account I have on Thelanis:

Khallee - Deep Gnome. This is my main and I've bought a lot of upgrades for it (all character inventory, +8 ability tome, +5 for all skills, largest bags). This one I play with Christopher, Dave W and (nominally) Sophia. Right now we're running through our current Iconic class three times. I'm on second life for Deep Gnome. Next Iconic I'd like Sun Elf as I'm enamored with the light damage.

Khalleea - Bladeforged. Mostly for storage and when I do solo play. Also sucks my XP crystals since I have plenty extra.

Khalleeb - Drow Favored Soul. This one is a transfer from hardcore server. I play this with my brother and am going for Class Completionist (I have all classes available except Alchemist) and already did Sun Elf (Cleric). Next life not sure what I'll take.

Aceyk - Human Fighter. Storage.
Baseek - Human Paladin. Storage.

I have a second account theoretically to support solo play with a Rogue or Bard:

Khallyy - Elf Rogue. Along with Khalleeb I use this playing with my brother. Got it up to 1071 DDO Points and since I don't need to buy quest packs any longer at 1495 will buy shared bank. For this one I might go for Racial Completionist even though I have to buy three races: Aasimar (1395), Shifter (1595) and Tabaxi (1595).

Emergency Hardware Replacement Plan

Went down a rabbit hole thinking about new hardware in case old hardware dies.

Airport Time Capsule --> Linksys Velop AX4200 WiFi 6 Mesh System

My Time Capsule is old but working fine. Still, if it dies it's a have-to-replace-today priority. Apple Store has two WiFi routers and they're both mesh. I was reading Tom's Guide reviews of routers and the AX4200 is mid-range speed though good within 15' + wall. Probably would get the two-pack at $400.

One for my bedroom where the Sonic connection resides. One for the next room where I would also move my server and plug my Drobo to it (don't do that now because WiFi 5 is not fast enough and don't want the Drobo in my bedroom). That would put the server, Drobo and my MBP on the same node for fastest local speed. The second node could also be moved towards the HOA rec room in case we want to do in-person meetings once a month.

Drobo 5c --> PROMISE Pegasus32 R6 24TB RAID System

Drobo the company is out of business as of Jan 27 2023. So once my Drobo dies I will replace with a different solution. Apple Store has Promise 6-bay RAID system for $2300. It comes with six 4 TB HDs which I would take out and replace with the five 14 TB HDs from the Drobo plus a spare 8 TB HD.

iPhone SE --> replace

It's under warranty but in a couple of years if I happen to break it I'll replace with current SE model.

Apple Watch s7 --> Apple Watch SE

I like the s7. It has alway-one display but I disable it so going to an SE which doesn't have always-on wouldn't matter. Series 7 has ECG and SpO2 detectors but haven't really found them useful. Current SE has a better processor and same RAM.

iPad Pro 10.5" --> iPad mini

I looked at a mini in the Apple Store. Small yet screen big enough to be useful. Very cute. Current iPad mini 256 GB is $650 (my iPad Pro 256 GB was $750 though I also bought a Smart Keyboard, which turned out to be junk after a year, and an Apple Pencil, which is still nice to have). It's also two years old so I expected a new model in September 2023 or 2024. Meanwhile my 6 year old iPad battery keeps getting discharged overnight so maybe it's getting close to the end.

MacBook Pro --> MBP 13" (M2, 24 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, $1867 with tax)

I want to keep it $2k or less. I want more RAM (and 24 GB is max) so I can run a VM or 3 instances of DDO using CrossOver (Wine). That means HD space gets the short stick and 256 GB is very little. I would have to offload everything to the Drobo and not have too many big games, which I usually don't. If we go to 512 GB SSD it comes to $2086 with tax which I guess is not too bad ($250 3 years AppleCare is too much for this budget).

Mac mini --> Mac mini (M2, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, $876 with tax)

I want to keep it $1k or less. Server I don't use for big things so small SSD is probably fine and 16 GB RAM just in case. If the mini dies first the other option is getting the MBP 13" and making my current MBP as the server. Overall that's probably a better plan.

Diary - Mar 25 to Mar 31 2023

Sat Mar 25 2023

Sleep 0400 to 1100. (7 hours)

  • Dave S seems to be making good progress. Averaging about 12 miles per day.

Sun Mar 26 2023

Sleep 0400 to 1200. (8 hours)

  • Popeyes takeout. Was going to shop at Lucky's but no carts so they must be very busy.

Mon Mar 27 2023

Sleep 0230 to 1030. 2-1/2 hour nap. (10-1/2 hours)

  • Finally closed my Raid: Shadow Legends tab I always kept open cause I frequently searched for champion info.

Tue Mar 28 2023

Sleep 0300 to 1130. 30 min nap. (9 hours)

  • Installed macOS, iOS, iPad OS software updates. For iOS and iPad OS it changes defaults to automatically update system software so I turned that off. I'm leery of big files being automatically downloaded.

Wed Mar 29 2023

Sleep 0330 to 1130. (8 hours)

  • Went to Apple Store and they will send my AirPods Max to repair center. I forgot to mention that sometimes the audio pops and crackles which may be a short somewhere but it's infrequent enough that I forgot.

Thu Mar 30 2023

Sleep 0345 to 1100. (7-1/4 hours)

  • Carrot Hunger stopped working yesterday (food searches get 200 error). Was still happening today so I checked app store and it's no longer listed.
  • There's a Feb 06 tweet from Carrot: "CARROT Hunger has shut down due to changes with the food lookup API I was using :\" so I guess it hasn't been working for almost two months and I haven't noticed since I was mostly using cached lookups. Strange, fairly sure I used it last week looking up Popeyes entries and search worked but maybe that was momentary fix. Oh well.

Fri Mar 31 2023

Sleep 0215 to 1000. (7-3/4 hours)

  • AirPods Max came back. It's neat that it comes in box with an AirPods Max sized contoured groove and the ear spearks have cloth-like coverings. The left ear speakers have plastic wrap so I guess they replaced that section.