Kevin C. Wong

Diary - Jan 23 to Jan 29 2021

Sat Jan 23 2021
Sleep 0600 to 1200. (6 hours)

  • Work much of the day.

Sun Jan 24 2021

Sleep 0600 to 1200. (6 hours)

  • Worked all day.

Mon Jan 25 2021

Sleep 0530 to 1130. 1 hour nap. (7 hours)

  • Lockdown ends today, though San Mateo County is still at Tier 1 (most restrictive).
  • A little bit of work then kind of dead and being a zombie
  • Safeway for lots of groceries
  • Missed HOA meeting. Forgot to put it on my calendar.

Tue Jan 26 2021

Sleep 0430 to 1200. (7-1/2 hours)

  • Unpacked my Glorious Model O mouse. The software doesn't work with CrossOver but still usable as a mouse with my Mac.

Wed Jan 27 2021

Sleep 0045 to 0745, 90 minute nap. (8-1/2 hours)

  • Started watching Attack of the Clones. The first part I remember watching at my parents' place then I got bored.

Thu Jan 28 2021

Sleep 0130 to 0930. 1 hour nap. (9 hours)

  • Banktivity 8 came out three months ago. It is now subscription-based, lowest is $50 per year. But not as bad as usual subscription apps. If you subscribe and cancel you can still use Banktivity "add and edit transactions, accounts, reports and budgets manually with an expired subscription". And with subscription you get Banktivity for macOS, iOS and iPad. I recently paid for App Store Banktivity 7 upgrade (Jun 28 2020) so probably will hold off until Banktivity 9 since they make sure that current Banktivity can import files from last two older versions.

Fri Jan 29 2021

Sleep 0315 to 1115. (8 hours)

  • Drove to Zachary's San Ramon for a couple of medium pizzas.

Audio Transcoding Setup

With my new Mac (on macOS 10.15.7 Catalina) I haven't installed any desktop audio recording software. Previously I've used Audacity, Wiretap Studio (from now defunct Ambrosia Software), Capto, and GarageBand. I'd rather not download a separate application if I can use GarageBand instead. But although GarageBand works fine with regular sound inputs it doesn't record desktop audio.

Enter Soundflower, an open source MIDI extension. Not the most intuitive to setup. Once installed open Audio MIDI Setup and you should see Soundflower (2ch) and Soundflower (64ch) devices. Create a new device (e.g. Beats + Soundflower) then add one of the Soundflower devices and your normal output device (I use my Beats Wireless). Now you have an audio output device where you can listen to the audio as you record.

In GarageBand (v10.3.5) create a new project which adds a new track:

Track Type = Audio --> Microphone
Input = Input 1
I want to hear my instrument as I play and record = off
My instrument is connect with: Soundflower (2ch)
I hear sound from: Beats + Soundflower

Now with this project you can play desktop audio and record it. Then you can use Share --> Song to Music... to export to Music app.

Downtown San Mateo Open Restaurants

Downtown San Mateo has a list of currently open restaurants which they update infrequently. The restaurants I've been to:

C Food Crush [/] - It's a crawfish type place. It's not really my thing especially with another seafood restaurant nearby.

Fusion Peruvian Grill [/] - The one time I was here it was an event night and I was the only one not there for the event so got kind of ignored by the waitress.

Jeffrey’s Hamburgers [+] - Jeffrey's is one of my favorite restaurants and they have huge milkshakes.

Little Sichuan [/] - I haven't been to Little Sichuan in years, last time was when parents were visiting.

New York Pizza [-] - I've ordered pizza from here. Was very average.

Noodleosophy [+] - I've only had delivered but both times were good. They make their own noodles. It's always very busy I think so the alternative is...

Noodles & Things [+] - Been here several times. It's a noodles and soup place and it's pretty good.

Pacific Catch [+] - A very chain restaurant but the food is good.

Philz Coffee [+] - It's coffee and I can't really tell good from bad. But it's got a neat and inefficient ordering process.

PorterHouse [+] - I think I've only been here once for a birthday dinner and it was pretty good. It's kind of an old place.

Urban Momo [+] - This place replaced Las Americas. It's Himalayan/Chinese food and was good the one time I've been there.

Wursthall [/] - Kind of chain-y like restaurant with upscale food. I ordered something that was a bit too non-traditional so it wasn't great.

Diary - Jan 16 to Jan 22 2021

Sat Jan 16 2021

Sleep 0330 to 0845. 45 min nap. (6 hours)

  • I tallied up my car maintenance history. I've never replaced the starter battery.
  • Looking online that's fine for a hybrid but you should still drive your car about an hour a week to make sure the starter battery doesn't completely discharge and I haven't been doing that.

Sun Jan 17 2021

Sleep 0700 to 1415. (7-1/4 hours)

  • Last night tried powering on hybrid system and waiting an hour. But I think because of the starter problem it went into accessory mode so I was actually draining the 12v battery for an hour.
  • Then I tried force start: put it in accessory mode and then try starting car for 15 seconds and it started! Drove for a couple of hours to make sure the 12v battery is somewhat charged. Will have to remember to drive it an hour a week.

Mon Jan 18 2021

Sleep 2130 to 0330. 1000 to 1200. (8 hours)

  • MLK holiday.
  • Got KFC.
  • Safeway for groceries.

Tue Jan 19 2021

Sleep 0145 to 0815. 1200 to 1330. (8 hours)

  • Spilled orange juice on my keyboard. Rinsed it out and letting it dry for a couple of days. Using and old Apple Wireless Keyboard that Christopher gave me. Hard to believe how bad it feels typing on this compared to my Magic Keyboard.

Wed Jan 20 2021

Sleep 0415 to 1145. (7-1/2 hours)

  • I need to fill out my form to enter HOA board election...

Thu Jan 21 2021

Sleep 0415 to 0900, 30 min nap. (5-1/4 hours)

  • Main keyboard is better but some keys still squishy so it's hard to tell by feel if I hit those keys hard enough to register. More water, I guess after DDO Sat night.

Fri Jan 22 2021

Sleep 0330 to 0830. 1200 to 1530. (8-1/2 hours)

  • Have a good amount of work I'm expected to do this weekend. Though I'm still playing DDO Friday and Saturday night.

Humble Bundle Tabletop 2gether

Tabletop 2gether is a bundle of Asmodee Digital games.

$1 Level

Love Letter ($7, macOS 32-bit)
Pandemic: The Board Game ($10)
Pandemic: On the Brink - Virulent Strain DLC ($3)
Small World ($10)
Small World: Grand Dames DLC ($3)

$9 Level

Pandemic: On the Brink - Roles & Events DLC ($4)
Small World: Be not Afraid... DLC ($3)
Splendor (Windows, $10)
Splendor: The Cities DLC ($3)
Splendor: The Strongholds DLC (3)
Ticket to Ride ($10)
Ticket to Ride: Legendary Asia DLC ($4)
Ticket to Ride: France DLC ($4)

$10 Level

Blood Rage ($20)
The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game ($20)
Small World: Cursed! DLC ($3)
Terraforming Mars (Windows, $20)
Ticket to Ride: Europe DLC ($4)

Pandemic includes both current DLCs, Small World 3 of 4 DLCs, Splendor 2 of 3 DLCs, Ticket to Ride 3 of 10 DLCs.

So it's $98 of material I can use for $10. I don't own any of these items. Guess it's well worth buying.

Twitch Recap 2020

Twitch sent this to all viewers and streamers and streamers get channel statistics. You get a downloadable summary picture:


But the email also has a bit more actual numbers:



Diary - Jan 09 to Jan 15 2021

Sat Jan 09 2021

Sleep 0515 to 1100. (5-3/4 hours)

  • Going through the maintenance records to find last time I replaced car battery. The Toyota receipts are not very helpful -- too much disorganized data.
  • I've had my car for 14 years so it could be that I replaced batter after seven years and I need to replace it again.

Sun Jan 10 2021

Sleep 0645 to 1300. (6-1/4 hours)

  • With the new cable modem my Xfinity usage meter stopped updating. I guess it was getting data directly from the cable modem? Still, I will monitor my computer's bandwidth usage (that has to be 99% of my usage) and try to stay under cap.

Mon Jan 11 2021

Sleep 0230 to 0730, 0800 to 1230. (9-1/2 hours)

  • We're moving to MS Exchange. macOS supports it natively so I don't think I have anything to worry about.

Tue Jan 12 2021

Sleep 0100 to 0630. 1200 to 1415. (7-3/4 hours)

Wed Jan 13 2021

Sleep 0015 to 0815. 1 hour nap. (9 hours)

  • In preparation for watching episode 2 I'm rewatching The Phantom Menace. Halfway through the film I realize I've never actually seen it before. I'v seen clips in YouTube and read a children's book but there are so many scenes I don't remember watching before.

Thu Jan 14 2021

Sleep 2330 to 0600. 90 min nap. (8 hours)

  • Almost out of milk. Walked to Draeger's but now they close at 20:00 as of Monday and they didn't update their web site. On the way back stopped at Walgreens for milk, orange juice and bathroom tissue. Really tired on the way back. Haven't walked for half an hour since COVID-19 started, I think.

Fri Jan 15 2021

Sleep 0230 to 1330. (11 hours)

  • Walked to Drager's for a few groceries.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Maintenance History

Since I went through the trouble of putting all my maintenance in a spreadsheet here are it is. Everything was done through my Toyota dealer except for replacing a windshield (08/06/2007) and the last couple of smog checks (12/16/2017 and 12/14/2019).

Date Milage Service Cost
05/08/2007 5263 5k Service $40 Prepaid
08/06/2007 Replace Windshield $968
08/18/2007 10012 5k Service $40 Prepaid
01/14/2008 15856 15k Service $100 Prepaid
05/28/2008 20598 5k Service $40 Prepaid
09/23/2008 25549 5k Service $40 Prepaid
Wheel Alignment $115
02/06/2009 30981 30k Service $175 Prepaid
06/02/2009 35539 5k Service $40 Prepaid
10/27/2009 40466 15k Service $100 Prepaid
04/20/2010 45835 5k Service $40 Prepaid
Wheel Alignment $120
09/24/2010 51036 5k Service $40 Prepaid
Replace Cabin Air Filter $120
12/14/2010 54087 5k Service $40 Prepaid
06/03/2011 59697 30k Service $600
Wheel Alignment $80
11/04/2011 65310 5k Service $140
Replace 4 Tires $675
Brake Fluid Flush $160
De-Carb Service $160
Taxes $70
03/12/2012 70686 5k Service $120
Wheel Alignment $155
07/13/2012 75373 15k Service $420
11/13/2012 80525 5k Service $155
03/21/2013 85034 5k Service $155
07/16/2013 90656 30k Service $815
11/21/2013 95219 5k Service $155
04/19/2014 100723 5k Service $155
07/10/2014 105099 15k Service $445
Wheel Alignment $75
Hybrid Fuel Injection Service $215
Brake Fluid Flush $140
10/30/2014 110290 5k Service $155
Brake Reservoir Tank Recall $0
03/06/2015 115100 5k Service $175
07/09/2015 120532 30k Service $615
10/22/2015 125603 5k Service $155
Hybrid Inverter Coolant Drain $190
Smog Check $120
02/11/2016 130692 5k Service $160
06/02/2016 135304 Replace 4 Tires $910
Wheel Alignment $110
Oil Change $55
10/13/2016 140478 10k Service $270
Replace Water Pump $700
03/23/2017 145280 5k Service $330
Air Filter $45
Cabin Filter $80
09/29/2017 151021 5k Service $370
Automatic Transmission Fluid $100
12/16/2017 Smog Check $58
02/20/2018 155233 5k Service $245
Replace Head Light Bulb $70
09/14/2018 157450 5k Service (Exp Svc Plus) $155
Order Passenger Mirror $230
04/15/2019 160168 5k Service (Minimum) $170
Replace Passenger Mirror $160
11/07/2019 5k Service $143
Tire Repair $90
New Headlight $71
Replace Tire $187
2 Tire Pressure Sensors $858
Miscellaneous $50
12/14/2019 Smog Check $60

Total $13995

You can only keep 5 physical RPG books...

You can only keep 5 physical RPG books and have to get rid of everything else. Which do you choose?

This one is hard because I depend so much on published adventures and campaigns. I'm not at coming up with my own adventures so I wouldn't pick like 5 RPG core books. Since GURPS is my main love I will stick with five GURPS books so that I have some core.

1. GURPS Basic Set: Characters
2. GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns

Of course we need the two core books.

3. GURPS Magic
4. GURPS Thaumatology

There's a faction of people that don't like Magic because it's a specific magic system with a set spell list. Thaumatology addresses that by giving you rules for creating different types of magic systems, but many of them use the spells in Magic.

5. GURPS Powers

Powers gives you rules for taking the Basic Set advantages and disadvantages system and building them out into super powers. May not make GURPS the best super-hero RPG system but it does give you a fairly flexible, if a bit math heavy, way of making super-heroes.

I didn't pick any of the Tech books because I don't think really detailed equipment is vital and I think I can make up equipment for various tech levels as needed. Martial Arts is kind of neat but I haven't run campaigns where detailed personal combat systems are needed. Fantasy, Space, Horror and Zombies are useful genre books but definitely secondary compared to what I picked. Traveller: Interstellar Wars is also cool for it's self-contained spaceship builder and combat rules, though even in a space RPG campaign you don't need ship to ship tactical combat rules.

Diary - Jan 02 to Jan 08 2021

Sat Jan 02 2021

Sleep 0515 to 1315. (8 hours)

  • Was trying out League of Legends. It's setup for a 2-button mouse and I don't want to go through the trouble of remapping keys (and Apple Magic Mouse has a really poor 2nd button which I like to leave off). So I bought a Glorious O gaming mouse. $80 seems about average for a gaming mouse and keep in mind that Magic Mouse 2 is $100.
  • I didn't notice that on one side of my new glasses one of two small screws fell off and the other was partially unscrewed. At least I could screw it tighter so my glasses fit better but the one screw will probably break later.

Sun Jan 03 2021

Sleep 0430 to 1230. (8 hours)

  • Clean master bath toilet (with bleach) and vacuumed that area. Looks nice but that was rather tiring.

Mon Jan 04 2021

Sleep 0315 to 0830. 1215 to 1300. (6 hours)

  • Construction back again. Hope they're done soon.

Tue Jan 05 2021

Sleep 2345 to 0130. 0800 to 1330. (7-1/4 hours)

  • Looking at the current Bundle of Holding offerings there is nothing interesting: Blades in the Dark is mostly hacks (other settings), Traveller LBB-1 and LBB-2 are all books I got from the CD-ROM (and together about the same price as the CD-ROM), John Carter of Mars is mostly sourcebooks and accessories with one 128-page campaign, Jackie's Dreaming is a bunch of Changeling 20th Anniversary Edition which is not that interesting to me (and I might have already).

Wed Jan 06 2021

Sleep 2200 to 0400. 1 hour nap. (7 hours)

  • I wouldn't so far to say it was a coup d'état attempt but it was definitely seditious and our soon-to-be former President keeps showing he's unfit to lead.
  • Democrats win both Georgia senate seats to gain a slim 50-50 majority in the Senate (the Vice President casts tie-breaking votes).

Thu Jan 07 2021

Sleep 0315 to 0815. 1130 to 1415. (7-3/4 hours)

  • Cable Modem died -- when I plug it in the lights don't come on and there is a whine. There is also an Xfinity outage that started at about the same time, which might have killed the modem.
  • Ordered a Motorola MB7621 Cable Modem from Amazon at 0930. Delivery by 2200. Was looking at Best Buy mail is Saturday or in-store pickup is next week.
  • New modem is 24x8 DOCSIS 3.0 (download channels x upload channels) vs 8x4 for old modem. No need to buy a DOCSIS 3.1 modem because it won't help with my Xfinity plan and once I switch the Sonic they'll provide me with a rental modem (it's part of the promotional contract).
  • New modem arrived 1845. Took a few minutes to setup (use Xfinity app to login to their web site and go through activation which entails entering modems MAC number). Seems to work fine.
  • Car wouldn't start. I power it on like normal but some of the status lights stay on so not sure what it is. Might be battery is dead (starter battery not the hybrid battery).

Fri Jan 08 2021

Sleep 0100 to 0815. 1200 to 1400. (9-1/4 hours)

  • I think GM's (General Motors, the car company) new logo looks like an elephant standing on the edge of a cliff.

NFL 2020 Season Playoffs

NFL 2020 season playoffs have begun. This year adds an extra wild card team in each conference which means only the top seeds get a bye.


1. Kansas City Chiefs (West, 14-2)
2. Buffalo Bills (East, 13-3)
3. Pittsburgh Steelers (North, 12-4)
4. Tennessee Titans (South, 11-5)
5. Baltimore Ravens (11-5)
6. Cleveland Browns (11-5)
7. Indianapolis Colts (11-5)


1. Green Bay Packers (North, 13-3)
2. New Orleans Saints (South, 12-4)
3. Seattle Seahawks (West, 12-4)
4. Washington (Redskins) (East, 7-9)
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5)
6. Los Angeles rams (10-6)
7. Chicago Bears (8-8)

Order of teams I'm rooting for:

1. Cleveland Browns
2. Tennessee Titans
3. Buffalo Bills
4. New Orleans Saints
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
6. Chicago Bears
7. Indianapolis Colts
8. Washington (Redskins)
9. Pittsburgh Steelers
10. Los Angeles Rams
11. Green Bay Packers
12. Baltimore Ravens
13. Seattle Seahawks
14. Kansas City Chiefs

Updating GOG Wish List

I don't think I've added to my GOG Wishlist in a long time. But since I did it for Steam let's find a few on sale games to add.

Felix the Reaper ($3, 88% off) - I keep mentioning this puzzle game.

Beholder ($1.50, 85% off) - A weird mystery game.

Distrust ($1.80, 85% off) - Don't think I've seen this one before. An isomorphic survival game set in the Arctic and having randomly generated levels.

Terraria ($5, 50% off) - an open-world 8-bit side-view adventure game.

Neon Chrome ($5.25, 65% off) - top-down cyberpunk-themed shooter.

Diary - Dec 26 2020 to Jan 01 2021

Sat Dec 26 2020

Sleep 0630 to 1230 (6 hours)

  • I stay up too late on Friday and Saturday nights. Messes up the rest of my day.
  • 49ers beat the Cardinals 20-12.

Sun Dec 27 2020

Sleep 0430 to 1300. (8-1/2 hours)

  • Poker night with Twitch friends. 10 people (and later a mystery 11th guest). I came in fourth or fifth. Was almost out but played conservatively and did a couple of all-ins to get back to my starting total then later got taken out.

Mon Dec 28 2020

Sleep 0315 to 1115. (8 hours)

  • May be getting a bit too aggro modding akaNemsko's channel. I should try to relax a bit more.

Tue Dec 29 2020

Sleep 0245 to 1115. 1 hour nap (9-1/2 hours)

  • Safeway cause I really wanted orange juice.

Wed Dec 30 2020

Sleep 0300 to 1115. (8-1/4 hours)

  • Before vacation was thinking of doing a bit of work since I had one task left. But I've been lazing and all I've done is reduce my email inbox from 600+ emails to 100.

Thu Dec 31 2020

Sleep 0400 to 1315. (9-1/4 hours)

  • A quiet New Year's. Some fireworks.

Fri Jan 01 2021

Sleep 0230 to 1215. (9-3/4 hours)

  • Bought Steam gifts for my friends.