Kevin C. Wong

Diary - Jan 02 to Jan 08 2021

Sat Jan 02 2020

Sleep 0515 to 1315. (8 hours)

  • Was trying out League of Legends. It's setup for a 2-button mouse and I don't want to go through the trouble of remapping keys (and Apple Magic Mouse has a really poor 2nd button which I like to leave off). So I bought a Glorious O gaming mouse. $80 seems about average for a gaming mouse and keep in mind that Magic Mouse 2 is $100.
  • I didn't notice that on one side of my new glasses one of two small screws fell off and the other was partially unscrewed. At least I could screw it tighter so my glasses fit better but the one screw will probably break later.

Sun Jan 03 2020

Sleep 0430 to 1230. (8 hours)

  • Clean master bath toilet (with bleach) and vacuumed that area. Looks nice but that was rather tiring.

Mon Jan 04 2020

Sleep 0315 to 0830. 1215 to 1300. (6 hours)

  • Construction back again. Hope they're done soon.

Tue Jan 05 2020

Sleep 2345 to 0130. 0800 to 1330. (7-1/4 hours)

  • Looking at the current Bundle of Holding offerings there is nothing interesting: Blades in the Dark is mostly hacks (other settings), Traveller LBB-1 and LBB-2 are all books I got from the CD-ROM (and together about the same price as the CD-ROM), John Carter of Mars is mostly sourcebooks and accessories with one 128-page campaign, Jackie's Dreaming is a bunch of Changeling 20th Anniversary Edition which is not that interesting to me (and I might have already).

Wed Jan 06 2020

Sleep 2200 to 0400. 1 hour nap. (7 hours)

  • I wouldn't so far to say it was a coup d'état attempt but it was definitely seditious and our soon-to-be former President keeps showing he's unfit to lead.
  • Democrats win both Georgia senate seats to gain a slim 50-50 majority in the Senate (the Vice President casts tie-breaking votes).

Thu Jan 07 2020

Sleep 0315 to 0815. 1130 to 1415. (7-3/4 hours)

  • Cable Modem died -- when I plug it in the lights don't come on and there is a whine. There is also an Xfinity outage that started at about the same time, which might have killed the modem.
  • Ordered a Motorola MB7621 Cable Modem from Amazon at 0930. Delivery by 2200. Was looking at Best Buy mail is Saturday or in-store pickup is next week.
  • New modem is 24x8 DOCSIS 3.0 (download channels x upload channels) vs 8x4 for old modem. No need to buy a DOCSIS 3.1 modem because it won't help with my Xfinity plan and once I switch the Sonic they'll provide me with a rental modem (it's part of the promotional contract).
  • New modem arrived 1845. Took a few minutes to setup (use Xfinity app to login to their web site and go through activation which entails entering modems MAC number). Seems to work fine.
  • Car wouldn't start. I power it on like normal but some of the status lights stay on so not sure what it is. Might be battery is dead (starter battery not the hybrid battery).

Fri Jan 08 2020

Sleep 0100 to 0815. 1200 to 1400. (9-1/4 hours)

  • I think GM's (General Motors, the car company) new logo looks like an elephant standing on the edge of a cliff.