Kevin C. Wong

Diary - Oct 23 to Oct 29 2021

Sat Oct 23 2021

Sleep 0300 to 0800. 2 hour nap. (7 hours)

  • First hard rain of the year yesterday. A bit of flooding around the complex since we hadn't had the drains and gutters cleared yet.
  • After power outage still kept my Sonic DHCP address so at least it doesn't recycle quickly.

Sun Oct 24 2021

Sleep 0330 to 1030. (7 hours)

  • Power was out this morning and one thing we discover is that Sonic internet goes down. Xfinity has battery backups so Internet is still up during a power outage. Still, I can fall back to cellular in a pinch.
  • Sonic stopped working. Airport said connection green but couldn't reach Internet. Rebooting ONT fixed it and as long as I was at it I moved the power adapter to the UPS (I guess that's why it died this morning during the power outage :-).

Mon Oct 25 2021

Sleep 0330 to 1200. (8-1/2 hours)

  • After paying property taxes I'm down to an even $50k in checking and savings.

Tue Oct 26 2021

Sleep 0500 to 0830, 1000 to 1230. (6 hours)

  • Lying there on my bed trying to sleep and watched Apollo 13 again. I skip the beginning and start when the accident happens. I just want to watch that sequence and the initial response and then I get engrossed and watch to the end of the movie.
  • Grocery shopping at Safeway.

Wed Oct 27 2021

Sleep 0100 to 1000. (9 hours)

  • Our build system does i (incremental) and ni (non-incremental) builds. I'd have made it incremental and full builds, although maybe ni is not the same as a full build.

Thu Oct 28 2021

Sleep 0430 to 0830. 1130 to 1400. 1830 to 2300. (11 hours)

  • Internet got stuck. Router showed green but either couldn't reach DNS ( or just couldn't get out. Had to reboot ONT.

Fri Oct 29 2021

  • Checked Strategy & Tactics subscriptions. I lost 14 issues from discontinued Modern War. Gained 6 issues of S&T. Gained 7 issues of WW2. Guess too much to hope they could do simple arithmetic. And it's a good thing I was keeping track of how many issues I was due since the Modern War info is now gone from my account.

Fantasy Football Team Makeup

My fantasy football league has these positions:

Running Back 1
Running Back 2
Wide Receiver 1
Wide Receiver 2
Wide Receiver 3
Tight End
WRT 1 (Flex)
WRT 2 (Flex)
WRTQ (Super-Flex)
IDP (Defensive Player)

Bench 1
Bench 2
Bench 3
Bench 4
Bench 5

After 7 weeks of play I'm 4-3, 4th out of 10 teams. Given my current experience this is how I compose my team.

You don't need extra IDP or Kicker since good ones are very common so easy to pick up a replacement in a pinch.

You want two starting Quarterbacks and at least one on your Bench who can score about 20 points, which seems to be about the average or a bit below average QB points output. On the other hand a QB getting 30 point is kind of elite performance day so I guess the way we have it there is not a lot of variance in QB scoring.

Four good Running Backs would be great since it's a fragile position with lots of injuries. Similarly two extra Wide Receivers in case of injury (less than for an RB) or bye week.

Definitely want two Tight Ends even though they don't tend to score as much except for the elite TEs. So that makes it:


2 QB (QB and WRTQ)
2 RBs
3 WRs
1 TE
2 WRTs from the extra 5 extra players)

Bench: 1 QB, 3 players after WRT spots filled. The last spot should be whatever is best RB, WR, or TE out there.

So optimum team should have

3 QBs
4 RBs
5 WRs
2 TEs
1 RB/WR/TE (and I'd shade to RB because of high injuries)

Humble Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Bundle

Bundle of Holding had a Warhammer 1E bundle with most of the products. Humble Bundle now has a 2E and 4E Warhammer FRP bundle which has almost all the 2E products and many 4E products. For $30 it's amazingly nice.

1st Edition:
GW-020 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1E Rulebook (1986)

2nd Edition:
WH01 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2E Core Rulebook (2005)
WH03 Old World Bestiary (2005) - 128-page supplement
WH05 Plundered Vaults (2005) - 96-page book with 6 adventures
WH06 Ashes of Middenheim (Paths of the Damned p1) (2005) - 96-page adventure
WH07 Spires of Altdorf (Paths of the Damned p2) (2005) - 96-page adventure
WH08 Forges of Nuln (Paths of the Damned p3) (2006) - 96-page adventure
WH09 Old World Armoury (2005) - 128-page supplement
WH10 Sigmar's Heirs (2005) - 128-page sourcebook + one intro adventure
WH11 Karak Azgal (2005) - 96-page dungeon?
WH12 Realms of Sorcery (2005) - 256-page sourcebook
WH13 Knights of the Grail (2006) - 128-page sourcebook + one adventure
WH14 Children of the Horned Rat (2006) - 128-page sourcebook + one adventure
WH15 Barony of the Damned (2006) - 96-page adventure
WH16 Terror in Talabheim (2006) - 96-page adventure
WH17 Renegade Crowns (2006) - 128-page sourcebook
WH18 Tome of Corruption (2006) - 256-page sourcebook
WH19 The WFRP Companion (2006) - 128-page supplement
WH20 Lure of the Liche Lord (2017) - 128-page adventure
WH21 Night's Dark Masters (2007) - 144-page sourcebook

WH24 Realm of the Ice Queen (2007) - 144-page sourcebook + mini-adventure
WH25 The Thousand Thrones (2008) - 256-page campaign
WH26 Shades of Empire (2008) - 128-page sourcebook
WH27 Career Compendium (2009) - 256-page sourcebook

WH0X Game Master's Pack (2005) - 32-pages with GM screen
WH?? Tome of Salvation (2007) - 256-page sourcebook

4th Edition:

CB7-2400 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4E Core Rulebook (2018)
CB7-2401 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Starter Set (2018) - 133-page boxed set
CB7-2403 Rough Nights and Hard Days (2019) - 96-page book with 5 interlinked adventures
CB7-2404 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Gamemaster's Screen (2019)
CB7-2406 Enemy in Shadows (2019) - 160-page campaign

CB7-???? If Looks Could Kill (2018) - 28-page adventure
CB7-2425 The Mad Men of Gotheim (2019) - 16-page scenario
CB7-2426 Bait and Witch (2019) - 12-page adventure
CB7-2427 Heart of Glass (2019) - 32-page adventure
CB7-2428 Slaughter in Spittlefeld (2019) - 16-page adventure
CB7-2433 The Guilty Party (2019) - 24-page adventure

[ Note: CB7-2431 Ubersreik Adventures (2020) is a 128-page compendium of preceding 6 adventures ]

CB7-???? Double Trouble (2020) - 24-page adventure
CB7-2435 Deadly Dispatch (2020) - 16-page adventure
CB7-2442 Fishrook Returns (2020) - 19-page adventure
CB7-2448 The Blessing that Drew Blood (2012) - 27-page adventure
CB7-2455 Grey Mountain Gold (2021) - 16-page adventure

[ Note: CB7-2436 Ubersreik Adventures II (2021) is (probably) a 128-page compendium of the preceding 5 adventures ]

CB7-2409 Buildings of the Reikland (2019) - 16-page booklet
CB7-2438 Monuments of the Reikland (2020) - 17 pages
CB7-2443 One Shots of the Reikland (2020) - 38 pages with 5 short adventures
CB7-2444 Hell Rides to Hallt (2020) - 23-page adventure
CB7-2446 Spirit of Mondstill (2020) - 23-page adventure
CB7-2452 Shrines of Sigmar (2021) - 16 pages

It's Your Funeral (2020) - 21-page adventure created at a GenCon seminar

Diary - Oct 16 to Oct 22 2021

Sat Oct 16 2021

Sleep 0530 to 1130. (6 hours)

  • Gaming at my place. We played Jaws of the Lion though only got a three turns in because of life. Dave W, Christopher Sr/Jr, Kevin. Then Dave S for half a turn.
  • Amici's pizza delivery. So good.
  • Bit of drama in the Woo household. Sophia is quite stressed by life.

Sun Oct 17 2021

Sleep 0100 to 0730. (6-1/2 hours)

  • Finally woke up early and recently showered (yesterday). Walked to All Star Barber Shop but they're now closed Sundays. Open at 10:00 Mon-Fri, 08:00 Sat. Maybe I'l try again tomorrow.
  • Starting to suspect that flaky internet connection really slows down my computer.
  • Property tax is $11700 this year. Time to transfer money to my checking account...

Mon Oct 18 2021

Sleep 0130 to 0830. (7 hours)

  • Rebooting ONT seems to have fixed connection issue.
  • Xfinity: 11 ms ping, 236.38 Mbps download, 4.82 Mbps upload.
  • Sonic: 5 ms ping, 518.98 Mpbs download, 559.86 Mpbs upload. Yikes!
  • Current IP address is Let's see how stable it remains.

Tue Oct 19 2021

Sleep 0200 to 1130. (9-1/2 hours)

Wed Oct 20 2021

Sleep 2215 to 0600. (7-3/4 hours)

Thu Oct 21 2021

Sleep 0530 to 1030. (5 hours)

  • Dentist visit. Cleaning. Full X-Rays (every five years).
  • Chris my dental hygienist is retiring Oct next year. Dr Dowd took over the practice 22 years ago (I had one visit with Dr Satre before he retired) and Chris has been my hygienist all that time.
  • Zachary's San Ramon moved to Pleasanton (south of 580). Provides better coverage since from San Ramon the Pleasant Hill location is like 20 minutes away.

Fri Oct 22 2021

Sleep 0200 to 0930. 1 hour nap. (8-1/2 hours)

  • Oops, the dhcp address I got from Sonic is banned on SJG Forums. As backup I can use my cellular connection.
  • Now that M1 MBPs have been released I ask myself if I could have lived with my old MBP 2015 until now? The answer is no. A year and a half ago it was a very slow machine and even though I haven't installed more software on it other than upgrade macOS it seems even slower today.

Apple Event - M1 MacBook Pro

Apple Music Voice subscription - This is a $5 streaming-only tier with access to the full catalog, without Spatial audio or lossless audio.

HomePod mini - Now comes in multiple colors. I guess more Siri support. Don't know if Intercom feature is new though it demos more like broadcast voice messages than a multi-way intercom system.

AirPods - New 3rd generation supports Spatial audio, Adaptive EQ. 6 hours listening time.

MacBook Pro - 14" and 16" models with M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs.

M1 Pro SoC
-- 200 GB/s memory bandwidth
-- 32 GB unified memory (for both CPU and GPU)
-- 10 CPU cores (8 high performance, 2 efficiency)
-- 16 GPU cores
-- Discrete media engine for video encoding/decoding, supports ProRes
-- Supports 2 external monitors

M1 Max SoC
-- 400 GB/s memory bandwidth
-- 64 GB unified memory (for both CPU and GPU)
-- 10 CPU cores (8 high performance, 2 efficiency)
-- 32 GPU cores
-- About double capable media engine
-- Supports 3 external monitors + a 4K television

14" Model
- 3.5 lb
- 17 hours video playback
- starting at $2k

16" Model
- 4.7 lb
- 21 hours video playback
- starting at $2.5k

- no TouchBar, back to physical keys
- back to more ports: HDMI, 3x Thunderbolt 4, SD card slot, headphone jack. MagSafe 3
- ProMotion: variable refresh rate up to 120 Hz
- Liquid Retina XDR display
- 1080p front camera
- 3 input mic
- 6 speaker audio
- 7.4 GB/s read speed SSD (512 GB to 8 TB)

The 14" model can use an M1 Max SoC so has the same CPU and GPU performance as the 16". With the 16" you're getting a bigger display and more battery and that's it (even the SSD maxes out at 8 TB in both models). So I would probably get the 14".

DTRPG Halloween Sale

Another DriveThruRPG Halloween Sale and is there a point of ever buying anything at full price on this site?

Times That Fry Men's Souls ($3.50, 30% off) - Not quite as big a discount as in last month's sale but still good.

ICONS: Danger In Dunsmouth ($3.50, 30% off)
ICONS: Casino of Corruption ($4.20, 30% off)

TDM-120 A Gift from Shamash ($2.80, 30% off) - science fiction space scenario for Mythras
TDM-121 Xamoxis' Cleansing ($2.80, 30% off) - fantasy scenario
TDM-122 Madness & Other Colours ($2.80, 30% off) - fantasy scenario
TDM-123 White Death ($3.50, 30% off) - modern scenario for Mythras
TDM-304 Khakun Shrugs ($2.80, 30% off) - fantasy scenario
TDM-305 The Arakuline Tribute ($3.50, 30% off) - fantasy scenario
TDM-600 After the Vampire Wars ($9.10, 30% off) - setting book for Mythras

Chaosium has hundreds of items. Goodman Games has several DCC adventures and annuals.

Diary - Oct 09 to Oct 15 2021

Sat Oct 09 2021

Sleep 0500 to 1400. (9 hours)

  • Been thinking of buying OmniOutliner for Mac and iOS. Essentials version is $20 though you do have to buy it on each platform. The other thing is I don't want to have to buy them again when the apps get revved to new version numbers and as they're several years old that could be at any time. Guess that's a drawback of revving an app version then charging it as a brand new app, once you've done it once it makes me hesitant to buy it when the app seems due for another rev.

Sun Oct 10 2021

Sleep ??

  • 49ers lost at Arizona and now they're 2-3. Trey Lance's first start and he wasn't awful.

Mon Oct 11 2021

Sleep 0430 to 0830. 90 min nap. (5-1/2 hours)

  • Last week I almost hit a young deer walking across El Camino. It was dark and I thought it was a pedestrian running right to left but then an oncoming car scared it and it turned back in my direction. Hard braking and ABS brakes saved it.

Tue Oct 12 2021

Sleep 0400 to 1230. (8-1/2 hours)

  • VIDL started working for download Twitch VODs that require login. I'm not sure if it's because I changed my password and re-enabled 2FA on Twitch after their recent breach.

Wed Oct 13 2021 Sleep 0030 to 0630. (6 hours)

  • Sonic installed fiber to my stack. The line runs 6 inches parallel to the Comcast line (I guess to avoid interference) and they have a metal cover to protect the line (the Comcast line is exposed but on the corner so unlikely to accidentally damaged). My line then goes to the bedroom to a wall plate then the Sonic ONT is taped next to the wall plate and plugged into power. The ONT has an ethernet port and an RJ-11 for a phone line. It doesn't stick out much so I should be able to put a bookcase in front of it.

Thu Oct 14 2021

Sleep 0230 to 1230. (10 hours)

  • Hit my 401k contribution limit. So it'll be an extra $1300 per month take home to the end of the year.
  • Apparently now that I am 50 I can make catch up contributions to my 401k. Would be 5% to get to $6500 per year. My pay raise added about $100 per paycheck take home and 5% contribution will reduce it by about $200 so net is -$100 per paycheck take home.
  • Actually take home won't take that much of a hit. I contribute 18% pre-tax to 401k but haven't adjusted in years. I only need 15% to hit my limit. So take home should be unchanged compared to before my pay raise.

Fri Oct 15 2021

Sleep 0830 to 1230. 1 hour nap. (5 hours)

  • Sonic rep came by and asked if I needed a router. I said I was using an Airport with Xfinity and he said I could use that, just move the network connection from the cable modem to the Sonic ONT.
  • Ookla Speedtest. Xfinity: 11 ms ping, 236.38 Mbps download, 4.82 Mbps upload.


You know I'm just sticking two terms together. I'm not 100% sure what OSR means since the meaning kind of varies. You can also look at this as my version of GURPS Ultra-Lite where I took some ideas from.

Attributes (4d6, best 3)

ST: strength and HP (hit points)
DX: dexterity
HT: health and FP (fatigue points)

IQ: intelligence
CHA: charisma
PER: perception
WILL: willpower/sanity

FP: reroll for 1d6+ENC, if FP goes to zero complete task and are exhausted
HP: at -HP auto death

I want random attributes and I kind of want six attributes. Charisma is easy to split out since talking and leadership are important. Perception I tend to like separate because historically I call for PER checks a lot. Willpower is useful as a guts check for combat and encountering the horrors of war.

I like some sort of Luck mechanic. Tying it to FP makes it useful since I rarely enforce FP rules. I kind of like tying ENC to get the fatigue effect back a bit. In combat a PC can probably get three re-rolls though the third will probably leave the PC exhausted.


Primary (MOS) skill at Attribute+8
Two secondary skills at Attribute+4
Three tertiary skill slots at Attribute+0
Natural Skills skill at Attribute+0
-- tertiary slots can be assigned during play
-- natural skills are growing up skills, mostly physical: Running, Jumping, Climbing, Swimming, etc.

Untrained skill:
-- Attribute-4 for less than Very Hard skills
-- can't attempt for Very Hard skills

I tend to use smaller skill lists and will probably use quasi wildcard skills. With most attributes at about the 12 level (4d6 best 3) even unskilled checks are not too bad so smaller skill list is fine.

Humble Bundle - Play Pink

This Asmodee Bundle is a pretty good deal even if I can only use $32.70 of products (tbf most of the expansions are on currently on sale). Of the things I don't have A Game of Thrones: The Board Game is most interesting as I like strategy games and those games are better one a defined world. Scythe is also a strategy game and award winning but more "this is a new universe" game so at first glance less interesting.

$12 Level

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - Digital Edition ($12)
Scythe: Digital Edition ($8)
Terraforming Mars (Own)
Arkham Horror: Mother's Embrace (Windows, $10)
The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game - Definitive Edition (Own)
Blood Rage: Digital Edition (Own)
Ticket to Ride - France (Own)
Ticket to Ride - Legendary Asia (Own)
Ticket to Ride - Europe (Own)
Pandemic - On the Brink: Mutation ($2.10)

Average Donation Level ($12.57) --> Changed to $9 Level

Ticket to Ride (Own)
Carcassone - Tiles & Tactics (Windows, $5)
Splendor (Own)
Ticket to Ride - United Kingdom ($2.80)
Ticket to Ride - Nordic Countries ($2.80)
Ticket to Ride - USA 1910 ($1.40)
Small World - A Spider's Web ($1.80)
Small World - Royal Bonus ($1.80)

$1 Level

Small World - Cursed (Own)
Small World (Own)
Pandemic: The Board Game (Own)
Pandemic: On the Brink - Roles & Events (Own)
Love Letter (Own)

Diary - Oct 02 to Oct 08 2021

Sat Oct 02 2021

Sleep 0600 to 1130. (5-1/2 hours)

  • Gaming at Woo's house. Played the first two tutorial scenarios of Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. Pretty fun playing with physical game components.
  • Dinner at Teriyaki Madness. Was not good.

Sun Oct 03 2021

Sleep 0500 to 1130. (6-1/2 hours)

  • My first Car Wars 6E shipment was just Playmat #1 when it should have been Playmats #1-3. Sadge.
  • This is annoying: I opened up an SMCU Digital Savings Account. The interest rate for everything goes down as your balance goes up. So at $5k it's 1% and at $10k it's 0.75% But it's not "first $5k at 1% then next 5k at 0.75%" it's $10k at 0.75% so there are points where adding more money you earn less total interest.

Mon Oct 04 2021

Sleep 0030 to 0730. (7 hours)

  • I was trying out this deal ($10 Amazon credit with $100 Apple Gift Card). But you have to spend $100, not just buy $100 of Apple credit. I used some rewards points which brought my spend to less than $100 and so didn't get the $10 credit. I mean the wording is there you have to read it carefully and I think I've hit this before with Amazon specials.

Tue Oct 05 2021

Sleep 22:15 to 0330, 0500 to 0600. 1030 to 1345. (9-1/2 hours)

  • Oops. Chose the wrong fund when I reallocated my MS 401k allocations. Sell the wrong one and move it to the right one.
  • Apparently the $10 Amazon credit is just a $10 off promo code I have to use by Dec 3. Another bit I must have missed in the fine print. Definitely more trouble than it's worth. Anyways, will try to use it during Black Friday sales.

Wed Oct 06 2021

Sleep 0330 to 1230. (9 hours)

  • Sonic installation next Wednesday morning for my stack (3 apartments vertically), though the apartments above me haven't responded. But I'm ground floor so definitely getting mine installed. Resident on the 3rd floor is old and a bit senile so he might not care. Haven't met the people above me.

Thu Oct 07 2021

Sleep 0500 to 1100. 1 hour nap. (7 hours)

  • VMWare 15% sale. Tempted to get the Fusion 12 Pro upgrade (I have 11 Pro) but I tried 12 Player and it runs quite slowly which is why I prefer CrossOver -- almost native speed but suitable for very specific use cases.

Fri Oct 08 2021

Sleep 0600 to 1000. 45 min nap. (4-3/4 hours)

  • I'm taking a small project for HOA. There are some a few minor things that need fixing so I'll talk to contractors and get bids. There is some dependency on other projects (i.e. can't repair leak damage until the courtyard waterproof layer is fixed). I should look into something to keep track of project files and email.

Fantasy Football League Week 4

After four weeks the standings are:

Division 1
  • Nate (3-1)
  • Budda (3-1)
  • Gerbs (2-2)
  • Kevin (2-2)
  • Btente (0-4)

Division 2
  • Bitsy (3-1)
  • Emad (3-1)
  • Noob (2-2)
  • Sepehr (1-3)
  • Ranger (1-3)

I lost a close week 4 game 194.12 - 192.82.

My roster going into week 5's game:

  • QB: M Stafford (LAR)
  • RB1: N Chubb (CLE)
  • RB2: S Barkley (NYG)
  • WR1: T McLaurin (WAS)
  • WR2: A Cooper (DAL)
  • WR3: T Lockett (SEA)
  • TE: T Kelce (KC)
  • WRT1: R Woods (WR - LAR)
  • WRT2: D Knox (TE - BUF)
  • WRTQ: J Burrow (QB - CIN)
  • IDP: N Bosa (DE - SF)
  • K: C McLaughlin (CLE)

  • J Garoppolo (QB - SF)
  • C Edmonds (RB - ARI)
  • A Brown (WR - TEN)
  • B Aiyuk (WR - SF)
  • P Queen (LB BAL)

Injured Reserve
  • R Fitzpatrick (QB - WAS)
  • R Gould (K - SF)

R Fitzpatrick was injured in W1 and I replaced him with J Burrow who has been quite excellent. R Gould was injured in W4 (which probably cost me the game) and I replaced him with C McLaughlin though there were several good candidates since only 10 teams, 1 K each (who would carry a bench K?) so lots of good kickers. Getting J Burrow was lucky since we use a 2-QB lineup and everyone has an extra QB on the bench so that's 30 QBs.

DTRPG Small Press Spotlight Sale

This is a really big sale from lots of small publishers. Too much stuff to wade through so I'll check for items reviewed in Fear of the Black Dragon podcast, which reviews OSR and old-era adventures.

Slumbering Ursine Dunes ($3.60, 60% off) - OSR D&D caravan adventure
Fever Swamp ($7.20, 40% off) - OSR D&D swamp adventure
The Gardens of Ynn ($3, 40% off) - OSR adventure set in an interdimensional garden
Statues ($3, 40% off) - OSR AD&D political adventure set in a Roman-era city
The Wizardarium of Calabraxis ($1.50, 25% off) - DCC adventure
Sacrebleu ($0.30, 60% off) - OSR adventure set on an island of goblins and WW1-era weaponry
Times That Fry Men's Souls ($3, 40% off) - OSR campaign in demented Colonial NY and NJ
Mortzengersturm, The Mad Manticore of the Prismatic Peak ($3.20, 60% off) - 5E adventure
Wet Grandpa ($6, 40% off) - system neutral/d20 agnostic adventure
The Bruja, The Beast and The Barrow ($0.80, 20% off) - 4 page OSR mini-adventure

The Corruption of Pelursh ($5) - system-agnostic dungeon, not a DTRPG product but might as well buy it now or I'll forget to ever buy it.

Diary - Sep 25 to Oct 01 2021

Sat Sep 25 2021

Sleep 0530 to 1200. (6-1/2 hours)

  • macOS Safari 15.0 shades tab bars to match web site but then I keep confusing the tab bar section as being part of the web site so I turned it off.
  • Last MSLA season 3 race. Was 6th and last in my team and was thinking of quitting but I came in 29th this race and with the points I got I finished 3rd in my team. I also finished season 2 with 3rd place in my team.

Sun Sep 26 2021

Sleep 0430 to 1200. (7-1/2 hours)

  • Old times. Installed RipIt 1.6.9 (the last version available, I think TheLittleAppFactory is defunct but you can do 10 rips without registration code which I have) and could still activate it. Then plugged in my external Apple DVD SuperDrive (via a USB-C to USB connector) and did a rip. Still works!
  • Oh well, Handbrake still has problems with episode 119 Duet. Next I'll try screen capture using the built-in screen recorder.
  • VLC also can't play that episode so I have to use DVD Player. But built-in screen capture doesn't record DVD Player output. So let's try Capto, if my license still works.
  • Capto worked, though no subtitle track of course. Guess I'd rather have no track than burned into the video.
  • A fair amount of trouble considering I could buy the episode for $2.

Mon Sep 27 2021

Sleep 0400 to 1230. (8-1/2 hours)

  • I signed up on NextDoor and turns out on any sort of political or political-like thread half of my "neighbors" are idiots.

Tue Sep 28 2021

Sleep 0645 to 0845. 1030 to 1400. (5-1/2 hours)

  • Logged into my PAMF (now part of Sutter) account and they had a 1-click get your COVID-19 vaccine record from the state. Worked fine. VaxYes still hasn't confirmed my vaccination beyond status 2. Apparently Apple Wallet will soon support SMART Health Cards and with it vaccination records and Sutter Health supports exporting to Health Wallet, which hopefully is the same thing.

Wed Sep 29 2021

Sleep 0315 to 1230. (9-1/4 hours)

  • Ah, I got it. The Sutter COVID-19 Vaccination Record has a QR code. Scan it with your iOS 15 iPhone's camera app and it's automatically added to Health. This is as an alternative to connecting Sutter Health to Health since that provides the same information and more.

Thu Sep 30 2021
Sleep 0730 to 0830. (1 hour)

Fri Oct 01 2021

Sleep 0100 to 1130. (10-1/2 hours)

  • Jesse February is leaving HashtagChess for her own channel. A bit sad though I prefer Rebecca Selkirk's content a bit more (Jesse doesn't do Marbles on Stream).