Kevin C. Wong


You know I'm just sticking two terms together. I'm not 100% sure what OSR means since the meaning kind of varies. You can also look at this as my version of GURPS Ultra-Lite where I took some ideas from.

Attributes (4d6, best 3)

ST: strength and HP (hit points)
DX: dexterity
HT: health and FP (fatigue points)

IQ: intelligence
CHA: charisma
PER: perception
WILL: willpower/sanity

FP: reroll for 1d6+ENC, if FP goes to zero complete task and are exhausted
HP: at -HP auto death

I want random attributes and I kind of want six attributes. Charisma is easy to split out since talking and leadership are important. Perception I tend to like separate because historically I call for PER checks a lot. Willpower is useful as a guts check for combat and encountering the horrors of war.

I like some sort of Luck mechanic. Tying it to FP makes it useful since I rarely enforce FP rules. I kind of like tying ENC to get the fatigue effect back a bit. In combat a PC can probably get three re-rolls though the third will probably leave the PC exhausted.


Primary (MOS) skill at Attribute+8
Two secondary skills at Attribute+4
Three tertiary skill slots at Attribute+0
Natural Skills skill at Attribute+0
-- tertiary slots can be assigned during play
-- natural skills are growing up skills, mostly physical: Running, Jumping, Climbing, Swimming, etc.

Untrained skill:
-- Attribute-4 for less than Very Hard skills
-- can't attempt for Very Hard skills

I tend to use smaller skill lists and will probably use quasi wildcard skills. With most attributes at about the 12 level (4d6 best 3) even unskilled checks are not too bad so smaller skill list is fine.