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This campaign took place after the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I used Last Unicorn Games' ST:TNG Roleplaying Game. The campaign ran from February 2000 to October 2001 with six 6-episode seasons. A planned seventh season was never done because my computer crashed about then.

Campaign Prep
Character Generation Design

Character Generation
Combat Primer
Star Trek Character Sheet

Combat Rules
House Rules

GM Character Notes
Star Trek Campaign Survey - Season 1
Season 2 Reviews Introduction
Notes on Running a Mystery


Ensign Beltana S'hatar
Lieutenant JG Clancy "Chris" Evans
Lieutenant JG Gonar
Lieutenant JG John Theodore Kalhoun
Lieutenant JG Jon Cabote
Lieutenant Krystal Evensong
Lieutenant JG Serin
Lieutenant JG Venor Pertham
Ensign Zeb

S1: The Academy Years

101. Phaser Tag, Academy Style
102. The Medusa Syndrome
103. The Doom That Came to Korath
104. Survival Test
105. Shakedown Cruise
106. Echoes of Faded Glory

S2: Crimes and Misdemeanors

201. Aiding and Abetting
202. Red Giant
203. The Falcon's Gold
204. Enter Chimera
        Star Trek Campaign Adjustments
205. All in the Family
206. Uprising!
        Leadership in the Star Trek Campaign

S3: Goodbyes and Departures

301. The Outcasts
302. Marie Celestial
303. On the Edge of Night
304. Barbarians at the Gate
305. Blinded by Science
306. Armistice

S4: Days of Blood Wine and Ka'plagh Roses

400. [Season Preview]
401. The Wandering Child
402. The Danurian Factor
403. Return to Axanar
404. Homecoming
405. Stopping at the Beast
406. The Dixie Gambit

Season 5: The Season Before the Storm

501. Return to Farpoint
502. Dixon Hill &t Case ot Golden Serpent
503. Passageway/Graduation Exercise
504. The Enemy You Know
505. Counting Coup
506. The Skull and the Sword

S6: Flash of Lightning, Clash of Thunder

601. Conquest's Tools
602. Sculptor of the Mind
603. A Doomsday Like Any Other
604. Prelude to Reflection
605. Duty-Conscience/Idol Thrts/Crusoe Eff
606. The Gentara Incident

S7: Of Gods and Monsters

Ch 0. Plans
Ch 0. Outline
Ch 1. Introduction
Ch 2. Background
701. Revenge of the Mutant Camel
702. A Mind Forever Voyaging
703. Murder on the Zinderneuf
704. Leather Goddesses of Phobos
705. Mail Order Monsters
706. Bounty Bob Strikes Back!

Stories: Cadet Krystal and...

The Phaser Tag Tournament
The Medusa Syndrome
The Doom That Came to Korath
The Survival Test [incomplete]
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