Kevin C. Wong

Hero System 1E to 3E Bundle

Bundle of Holding has three bundles with Champions, Hero System, and Magazines totally about $75. Pretty much I didn't have all this in PDF except for Digital Hero. Also don't have Mythic Greece at all.

HERO-001 1981 PDF Champions: The Superhero Role Playing Game
HERO-001 1982 Rev PDF Champions (Revised, 2E)
HERO-001 1984 6P PDF Champions 3E
HERO-002 1981 PDF Enemies
HERO-002 1982 Rev,2P PDF Enemies (Revised)
HERO-003 1981 PDF The Island of Dr Destroyer (Adventure 1)
HERO-004 1981 PDF Escape from Stronghold (Adventure 2)
HERO-005 1981 PDF Gamemaster's Screen for Champions
HERO-006 1982 PDF Enemies II
HERO-007 1983 PDF Estionage! The Secret Agent Role Playing Game
HERO-008 1982 PDF Champions II
HERO-008 1982 Rev PDF Champions II (Revised)
HERO-009 1983 PDF Deathstroke (Adventure 3)
HERO-010 1983 PDF Border Crossing (for Espionage!)
HERO-011 1984 PDF The Great Super Villain Contest
HERO-012 1983 PDF The Circle and M.E.T.E. (Organizations 1)
HERO-013 1984 2P PDF Justice Inc.
HERO-014 1984 1P PDF Trail of the Gold Spike (Justice Inc Adventure #1)
HERO-015 1984 2P PDF Champions III
HERO-016 1984 1P PDF Enemies III
HERO-017 1985 1P PDF Danger International
HERO-018 1985 PDF Primus and Demon (Organizations 2)
HERO-019 1985 PDF Champions Gamemaster's Screen
HERO-020 1985 1P PDF Lands of Mystery (for Justice Inc)
HERO-021 1985 1P PDF The Blood and Dr McQuark (Organizations 3)
HERO-022 1986 1P PDF Super Agents (Campaign Supplement)
HERO-023 1986 2P PDF Gadgets!
HERO-024 1985 1P PDF Fantasy Hero
HERO-025 1986 1P PDF The Hero System Bestiary
HERO-026 1986 1P PDF The Coriolis Effect (Adventure 5)
HERO-027 1986 1P PDF Robot Warriors
HERO-028 1986 1P PDF S.H.A.D.O.W. Over Scotland (for Danger International)
HERO-029 1987 1P PDF Magic Items (for Fantasy Hero)
HERO-030 1988 1P PDF Enemies: The International File
HERO-031 1987 1P PDF Wrath of the Seven Horsemen (Adventure)
HERO-034 1988 1P PDF Target Hero (Adventure)
HERO-035 1988 1P PDF Robot Gladiators (for Robot Warriors)
HERO-036 1988 1P PDF Enemies: Villany Unbound
HERO-038 1987 1P PDF Voice of Doom (Adventure)
HERO-039 1988 1P PDF Red Doom (Organizations)
HERO-040 1988 1P PDF Scourge from the Deep (Campaign)
HERO-041 1989 1P PDF The Spell Book (for Fantasy Hero)
HERO-042 1988 1P PDF Strike Force (Campaign Sourcebook)
HERO-044 1988 1P PDF To Serve and Protect (Adventure)
HERO-046 1989 1P PDF C.L.O.W.N. (Organizations)
HERO-047 1989 1P PDF Neutral Ground (Adventure)
HERO-048 1989 1P PDF Atlas Unleashed (Adventure)
HERO-050 1989 1P PDF Star Hero

Adventurers Club #1-27 (for Hero 2E to 4E)
Digital Hero #1-47 (for Hero 5E)
Haymaker Archives v1-7 (a Hero System APA Zine for Hero 4E to 6E?)


CHA-2403 1984 PDF Trouble for HAVOC

Firebird Limited

FBL-1001 1983 PDF The Armory v1 (for Espionage!)
FBL-1002 1985 PDF The Golden Age of Champions
FBL-1003 1986 PDF Here There Be Tigers (for Danger International)

Flying Buffalo

FBI-3101 1983 2019P PDF The Adventure of the Jade Jaguar (for Espionage!)
FBI-3301 1983 1P PDF Stormhaven (for Espionage!)
FBI-3304 1992 1P PDF Mugshots 2: Taking Care of Business (for Espionage!)


ICE-1020 1988 1E PDF Mythic Greece: The Age of Heroes (for Fantasy Hero)

Steve Jackson Games

SJG-7107 1983 PDF Autoduel Champions