Kevin C. Wong

California Presidential Primary Election Ballot

President of the United States
- Nikki Haley (R)

California is open ballot other than for President. As of today she is the only major candidate left running against Trump.

US Senator (Full Term)
- Christina Pascucci (D)

US Senator (Partial Term, to Jan 03 2025)
- Christina Pascucci (D)

Lots of choices here and I'll go with a low-odds candidate.

US Representative, 15th Congressional District
- Kevin Mullin (D), incumbent

State Senator, 13th Senate District
- Josh Becker (D), incumbent

State Assembly, 21st Assembly District
- Diane Papan (D), incumbent

Judge of the Superior Court, Office #4
- Sarah Burdick, incumbent and sole nominee

I looked at the other candidates and mostly uninspiring so I stick with the incumbents.

State Proposition 1. Authorizes $6.38 billion in bonds to build mental health treatment facilities for those with mental health and substance use 1 challenges; provides housing for the homeless. Legislative statute.

Against: I don't like Bonds since you're borrowing money so paying interest. In this case paying back $9.3B in 30 years.

For: Overview of state bond debt. Currently we're using 3% of general fund to pay bonds, less than the historical 4% average. Prop 1 would increase this by 0.16 to 3.16% So in perspective not that much money after all.

Against: Shift $140M from counties to state.

For: Governor Newsom supports this proposition.