Kevin C. Wong

Diary - Jan 27 to Feb 02 2024

Sat Jan 27 2024

Sleep 0445 to 1430 (9-3/4 hours)

  • Left foot started hurting yesterday and last night was hard togged to sleep. A bit swollen today and somewhat painful to walk. Hopefully it’ll get better or else it’ll be sore for a few days like before.

Sun Jan 28 2024

Sleep 0215 to 1015 (8 hours)

  • 49ers were down 24-7 in the third quarter but stormed back to win 34-31, giving up the TD with less than a minute left then winning the onside kick.

Mon Jan 29 2024

Sleep 0645 to 1500 (8-1/4 hours)

  • Attended a Zoom call community presentation on new laws affecting HOAs. Only notable one is AB 1572 which states that starting Jan 1 2029 can’t use potable (drinkable) water for irrigation of nonfunctional turf in common areas. Nonfunctional I think means not used as play area or eating area sort of thing. Of course that means that water districts need to provide non-potable water and a way to get it to residents. Feels like a lot of infrastructure changes even for five years.

Tue Jan 30 2024

Sleep 0630 to 1315, 1 hour nap (7-3/4 hours)

  • Browsing DunDraCon 47 events and there seem to be a lot more than last year.

Wed Jan 31 2024

Sleep 0715 to 1315 (6 hours)

  • Instagram desktop login wants to verify using phone SMS but I never receive the SMS. Figured out I could use my iPhone (because I’m already logged in there) then set up 2-Factor using an app (Authy) so I can use that for desktop verification.

Thu Feb 01 2024

Sleep 0030 to 0700 (6-1/2 hours)

  • A new month to try getting my act together and start job hunting.

Fri Feb 02 2024

Sleep 0030 to 0100, 0700 to 1430. (8 hours)

  • Got my DDO hardcore character killed in Creeping Doom trying to run past the big red gelatinous cube. Instant death.