Kevin C. Wong

Kickstarter Zine Quest 2

The Zines are not necessarily just magazines but can also be small RPGs or supplements.

Nadir ($8) - Standalone solo game where you lead your ship through space and try to survive through a series of encounters from a 100-encounter book.

Face Folio ($11) - 24-page zine with 100 character portraits for fantasy games.

Science Vessel of Dr. Uaerom ($9) - a standalone space hexcrawl for 1+ players. You are a scientist trying to make the perfect creature while wandering space in your ship. Lots of random tables.

Dark Path: A weird interactive fiction zine ($7) - a choose-your-own-adventure fantasy(?) story.

The Black Pyramid ($10) - a giant pyramid is found in space, what's inside. An adventure for the space horror RPG Mothership.

Beyond the Weird ($10) - a 12-page science fiction setting. In this setting debtors and prisoners are forced to do random impossible missions.

The Evils of Illmire: A Mini-Mega Hexcrawl Adventure Zine ($10) - An OSR level 1-3 setting with a cult-ridden town and 18-surrounding hexes to explore.