Kevin C. Wong

DunDraCon 44 AAR

Not as good a DDC this year, mostly because we got bumped out of our rooms (according to Dave S, SAP had a bunch of rooms the previous week and extended them to this weekend). C3 and I stayed at the Residence Inn, which we did one year, it's a 20 minute walk or there were supposed to be shuttles but not as regular as promised.

Christopher Sr/Jr and I carpooled on Friday. We had to leave late because solar panel inspector had to stop by. Left at 14:45. We had one stop for bathroom and coffee. Got to Residence Inn about 17:15. Lots of traffic for what is normally a 35 minute drive.

Ended up not playing anything on Friday. Once Corina arrived from Bakersfield we went to dinner with Dave S at Sachi Sushi. Forgot it was Valentine's Day so the place was booked solid but we could sit at the sushi bar (which got full right after we got our seats). Food was good.

Saturday I woke up early for the hot breakfast. Scrambled eggs (a bit dry and very popular so had to wait for it to be refilled), biscuit, sausage patty, fruit juice and coffee. They also had hard boiled eggs, waffle maker and a few cereals. Not good enough for me to use it on Sunday morning.

I got into a Star Trek: Ascendancy game with three experienced players (could have been a six player game and it was full but I was the only registered person to show up). Game took about 4 hours and I had fun. Came about second.

Dinner at the hotel restaurant with C3, Dave S, Dave W. I had the Angus Burger which was good. Their regular menu is smaller, possibly because of the convention. For Rainbow we had about a dozen people on adjacent lounge tables. I had six drinks and we talked to 02:00 or so. Fairly fun.

I did get into a game Sunday noon but was too tired (went to sleep at 04:00) to attend. CSr and I woke up late and took the shuttle to the con. Fried chicken lunch at the hotel. Then hanging out in DS's room. CSr, DS and I played Ultra-Tiny Epic Galaxies with Christopher winning.

DS had a game so C3 and I went back to Residence Inn. Got some sushi for CJr at Nob Hill Market and ate some chicken or pork tamales that Corina had bought. Could have gone to sleep early but did not.

Woke up early on Monday and packed. We got out and to the con at 09:00 for breakfast buffet with DS. Then we went home.

So I played in one official game and no seminars or war college. Hit the dealer room a couple of times but didn't find anything to buy. I gave away about 1-1/2 boxes of stuff: Deadlands Doomtown CCG, Deadlands Disc Wars, latest Doomtown CCG. I kept the Doomtown Premium Edition set (in a wood box, with chips and extra cards) for now.

Next year hopefully we'll get rooms at the Santa Clara Marriott (it has triple the rooms).