Kevin C. Wong

Living in San Mateo

I've been living here two years and so far it's been great. Although Union City was ok for me, I was living in a suburb-y place with some corner mall stuff half a block away. The main theater at Union Landing was a half hour walk and everywhere else was driving distance.

Where I live now I'm less than 10 minutes walking from downtown San Mateo with lots of restaurants and a 12-screen movie theater. 15 minutes from the main San Mateo Library, and same for Central Park. 20 minutes from C3's house.

It's pretty quiet here, a bit down a side street from El Camino Real which can be busy but far enough away that it's quiet. I thought being above the garage door would be a problem but it's hardly noticeable unless you're in the bonus room; the elevator is more noticeable.

Weather has been great. Summer only a few warm days. There are two floors above me to absorb the heat and the sun only shines into my apartment in the morning. Yeah, means it can get cold in winter but wearing extra layers is a lot easier than going nekked.

Apartment is one bedroom with the bonus room and additional bathroom. It's spacious enough, especially since I keep getting rid of games I don't want.

20 minute commute to work. Traffic around downtown can be bad during rush hours but you get experience in avoiding the worst spots. Not having to use a bridge every day also saves money.

Overall, great move, great apartment, great city.