Kevin C. Wong

Apple TV+ - The Morning Show s1 (2019) [+]

I watched the first season of Apple TV+ The Morning Show. The first episode sets up the season. Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston), co-host of the most popular morning news show in America, woken up by a shocking call: her co-host Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) has just been fired for sexual misconduct.

As the shock wears off for the whole crew Levy finds out that the network execs were planning to fire her for a younger cohost. Kessler's firing postpone that and to take control of the situation Levy impulsively announces her new cohost, Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon), a local news field reporter who had gone viral and was a guest on the show.

Over the ten episodes there is Kessler wanting to clear his name, Jackson wanting to do "real" news stories, Levy and the execs fighting for control of the network flagship show. There are secrets and plot twists to keep things interesting, not to the level of a soap opera.

Episode 8 is particularly good. Half of it is flashbacks to the Las Vegas shootings and during that time Kessler seduces a junior coworker. Kind of drives home that even if the other person doesn't object it can be still be rape.

It's an entertaining show. Not really the genre of show I'd watch but don't regret taking the time to watch the whole season.