Kevin C. Wong

Apple Arcade - What the Golf (2019) [/]

What the Golf? is a golf-themed puzzle game. You are a golf ball trapped in a mad scientist's laboratory. To get out you have to complete various puzzles.

Every puzzle has something that is putted towards something else. You could be hitting a ball, or a couch, or a car towards a hole, or a flag, or a tree. Things move around and it's physics based so surprising things can happen.

Other levels are side-view and many levels are homages to other video games such as Super Mario Bros. and Flappy Bird. Every level has three stars, which means beating the level three times and for stars two and three there are variations that make the level harder.

Not sure how far I got through the game. A couple dozen levels before I realized you can replay them for more stars. I sort of got bored with the game and stopped. But it is a different and interesting game so worth a look.

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