Kevin C. Wong

Spot Reviews

Movie - The Tourist (2010) [/] This never seemed like an interesting movie from the trailers but I finally got around to watching it. In Europe, Elise (Angelina Jolie) leads Scotland Yard and a crime lord to believe that American tourist Frank (Johnny Depp) is the man who stole $1B from the crime lord. Once she realizes the danger she's placed Frank in she tries to keep him safe as Scotland Yard and the crime lord close in... It's not a bad movie but not great.

Movie - Minty: The Assassin (2009) [-] Minty (Elina Madison) has to fight through a tower filled with different henchmen and women, fighting her way to the evil Dr Brain Bender (Chip Joslin) in order to free her friend... It's a B-movie homage to schlocky kung-fu movies but with a female lead and some female villains. You have to like bad movies to appreciate this one.

Sabatino's Paleo Organic Basil & Cracked Black Pepper Smoked Chicken Sausage [/] Well, it's not horrible. It doesn't really taste like it has any spices though. But at least it's pre-cooked meat. Just need to add a third party sauce for flavor.