Kevin C. Wong

Kickstarter Make 100

Kickstarter has a Make 100 project where creators are doing limited edition products (100 count).

The Rolling Cat House - Koro Koro Neko (HK$ 180, US $24) - A cardboard d20 made for a cat to roll around in. Unfortunately I don't think it'll last long before a cat tears it apart.

Cat Postcards (£6 for 10) - Homemade blank postcards of this photographer's pet cat.

Tales from Ane Moni: The Keep of Bane ($10 for print+pdf) - a 24-page comic book adventure quest book and perhaps a bit raunchy.

MusicServe - create your personal music collection! (£100 for 48 cards and box) - This is neat. A box with little record-album-cover cards (they'll print 48 of you). On the back of each card are QR codes so you can scan with your phone and play that album on your favorite non-Apple streaming service.

Tortuga 1667: A Pirate Game of Mutiny, Plunder & Deceit ($23) - Who knows if this is a good game but the prototype looks nice.

Water Annukuh Plushie (1 of 9) (MX$ 600, US $30) - 11 inch tall plushie dragon-looking cutie.