Kevin C. Wong

Spot Reviews

Netflix Movie - Close (2019) [/] Modern day action thriller. Sam (Noomi Rapace) is a close escort bodyguard assigned to Zoe (Sophie Nélisse) who doesn't want a new bodyguard. While in Morocco a team of mercenaries assaults the compound. Sam and Zoe go on the run and have to find a way out of the country when it seems half the police are in the payroll of the mercs or their boss... It's a better film than I expected.

Movie - My Best Friend's Christmas (2019) [/] Romantic Christmas movie. Ashley (Breanne Hill) visits her folks and ends up pretending to be in a relationship with sort-of co-worker Liam (Colton Little) while secretly pining for high school ex- Grant (Tanner Novlan) who has a girlfriend of his own in Bella (Masiela Lusha)... It actually ends up being kind of charming.

iPhone App - FOX Sports [/] I used this app to watch the Super Bowl. Good quality, didn't have any freezes. For everything else you have to connect to a cable provider so less useful.