Kevin C. Wong

Movie - On the Basis of Sex (2018) [+]

On the Basis of Sex is a biographical movie about the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Felicity Jones) before she became a judge and later Supreme Court Justice. It covers from college to a couple of decades later, I think in three parts with years being skipped in between.

First there's university where she was a brilliant student at Harvard Law School but had to transfer out to the less prestigious Columbia when her husband got a job. After graduating she can't find a job because she's a woman, or a woman and too pretty, so has to settle being a college professor.

Then she gets an opportunity to represent a case, Moritz v. Commissioner, about a single man denied IRS tax break for hiring a nurse to take care of his mom part time while he works. It's because the tax law was written specifically for stay at home moms.

The second half of the movie is this case and a related case, whether or not Ginsburg gets to do arguments, and then finally doing opening arguments in front of the appeals court. Nicely done scene though seemed to be made more dramatic than needed.

It's an interesting movie and maybe a bit more about Ginsburg than the cases, which I guess is fair but I was more interested in the court case.

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