Kevin C. Wong

Spot Reviews

Movie - Me Before You (2016) [/] Working-class woman Louisa (Emilia Clarke) is hired to help take care of recent quadriplegic Will (Sam Claflin). Romance develops as she desperately tries to give him a reason to live... It's an ok romantic movie with a sad ending.

Movie - Christmas Scavenger Hunt (2019) [-] Hallmark movie. Visiting her small home town for Christmas, Belinda (Kim Shaw) participates in the annual scavenger hunt and is forced to team with ex-boyfriend Dustin (Kevin McGarry). Their adventures around town rekindle the romance as they also try to save the historic mill and museum... Uninteresting and no chemistry.

Board Game - The Game of Life Junior (2014) [-] Players visit theme park attractions collecting stars with two complications: you start with three tickets which give you an extra star if you go to that ride, most rides cost $1 (you start with $4 and get $1 for going all the way around the board). Other than a car you move around the board this game has no relation to Life and definitely too uninteresting for an adult to play.