Kevin C. Wong

Vorkosigan Saga Collection


Vorkosigan Saga

1986 (1P) PBk Shards of Honor (in Cordelia's Honor)
1986 (1P) 1/2 The Warrior's Apprentice (in Young Miles)
1986 (1P) PBk Ethan of Athos (in Miles, Mystery & Mayhem)
1988 3P PBk Falling Free
1989 6P PBk Brothers in Arms
1989 (4P) PBk "Mountains of Mourning" (in Borders of Infinity)
1989 (4P) PBk "Labyrinth" (in Borders of Infinity)
1989 (4P) PBk "Borders of Infinity" (in Borders of Infinity)
1990 (1P) 1/2 The Vor Game (in Young Miles)
1991 (1P) PBk Barrayar (in Cordelia's Honor)
1994 4P PBk Mirror Dance
1995 (1P) PBk Cetaganda (in Miles, Mystery & Mayhem)
1996 (3P) 1/2 Dreamweaver's Dilemma
1996 1P HdC Memory
1998 1P HdC Komarr
1999 1P HdC A Civil Campaign
2002 2P HdC Diplomatic Immunity
Oct 2011 1P PBk Cryoburn
2012 1P PBk Captain Vorpatril's Alliance

2004 1P 1/2 Irresistible Forces
Sep 2010 1P Pbk The Vorkosigan Companion