Kevin C. Wong

Witch World Collection


Witch World

Estcarp Cycle

Simon Tregarth

1963 14P PBk Witch World
1964 PBk Web of the Witch World

The Tregarth Children

1965 7P PBk Three Against the Witch World
1967 13P PBk Warlock of the Witch World
1968 PBk Sorceress of the Witch World


1977 PBk Trey of Swords
1983 5P PBk 'Ware Hawk
1987 1P PBk The Gate of the Cat
1998 2P PBk Ciara's Song (with Lyn McConchie)
.... 2005 ..... ...... The Duke's Ballad (with Lyn McConchie)

High Hallack Cycle

1965 PBk Year of the Unicorn
1974 1P PBk The Jargoon Pard
1972 PBk Spell of the Witch World

Gryphon Trilogy

1972 3P PBk The Crystal Gryphon
1981 PBk Gryphon in Glory
1984 PBk Gryphon's Eyrie (with AC Crispin)

1978 1P PBk Zarsthor's Bane
1981 6P PBk Horn Crown
---- 1984 ----- ------ Were-Wrath (reprinted in Wizards' Worlds)

1992 1P PBk Songsmith (with AC Crispin)
Dec 2005 1E1P HdC Silver May Tarnish (with Lyn McConchie)

The Turning

1991 1P PBk Storms of Victory (with PM Griffin)
1992 1P PBk Flight of Vengeance (Mary H Schaub and PM Griffin)
1994 1P PBk On Wings of Magic (Patricia Mathews & Sasha Miller)

1995 4P PBk The Key of the Keplian (with Lyn McConchie)
1996 4P PBk The Magestone (with Mary H Schaub)
1996 2P PBk The Warding of Witch World


1970 PBk High Sorcery
---- 1972 ----- PBk Spell of the Witch World (duplicate entry)
1980 1P PBk Lore of the Witch World
1987 2P PBk Tales of the Witch World 1
1988 1P HdC Tales of the Witch World 2
1989 1P PBk Wizards' Worlds
1989 2P PBk Four from the Witch World
1990 1P PBk Tales of the Witch World 3
.... 1995 ..... ...... Sisters in Fantasy


1988 2P PBk Moon Mirror
2004 1P PBk Masters of Fantasy