Kevin C. Wong

Dungeon Crawl Classics Collection


GMG-4500 2017 PDF Tales from the Magician's Skull #1 (Fiction Magazine)
GMG-4505 2021 PDF Tales from the Magician's Skull #6

GMG-4701 2022 PDF Crypt of the Devil Lich (DCC edition)

GMG-5070 2012 10P PDF Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
GMG-5070Q 2019 3P PDF Dungeon Crawl Classics Quick Start Rules (with 2 short adventures)
GMG-5070QF 2023 PDF Dungeon Crawl Classics Quick Start Rules (rules only)
GMG-5071 2019 1P PDF Dungeon Crawl Classics Annual

GMG-5102 2018 3P PDF Dungeon Crawl Classics Judge's Screen
GMG-5103 2020 PDF Dungeon Crawl Classics Thick Cardstock Judge's Screen
GMG-5106 PDF DCC RPG Character Record Folio
GMG-5149 2023 PDF DCC Reference Booklet

GMG-50665 2012 3P PDF DCC #66.5 Doom of the Savage Kings
GMG-5066 2021 7P PDF DCC #67.0 Sailors on the Starless Sea
GMG-5067 2012 2P PDF DCC #68.0 People of the Pit
GMG-5068 2012 3P PDF DCC #69.0 The Emerald Enchanter
GMG-5069 2012 2P PDF DCC #70.0 Jewels of the Carnifex
GMG-5072 2012 3P PDF DCC #71.0 The 13th Skull
GMG-5073 2018 2P PDF DCC #72.0 Beyond the Black Gate
GMG-5074 2012 2P PDF DCC #73.0 Emirikol Was Framed!
GMG-5075 2012 2P PDF DCC #74.0 Blades Against Death
GMG-5076 2012 2P PDF DCC #75.0 The Sea Queen Escapes!
GMG-5077 2013 2P PDF DCC #76.0 Colossus, Arise!
GMG-5078 2013 PDF DCC #77.0 The Croaking Fane
GMG-50775 2013 PDF DCC #77.5 The Tower Out of Time
GMG-5079 2013 2P PDF DCC #78.0 Fate's Fell Hand
GMG-5080 2013 4P PDF DCC #79.0 Frozen in Time
GMG-50795 2013 PDF DCC #79.5 Tower of the Black Pearl
GMG-5081 2014 2P PDF DCC #80.0 Intrigue at the Court of Chaos
GMG-5082 2014 2P PDF DCC #81.0 The One Who Watches from Below
GMG-5083 2014 2P PDF DCC #82.0 Bride of the Black Manse
GMG-50825 2014 PDF DCC #82.5 Dragora's Dungeon
GMG-5084 2014 2P PDF DCC #83.0 The Chained Coffin
DCC #83.1: Tales of the Shudder Mountains
DCC #83.2: Death Among the Pines
GMG-5085 2014 PDF DCC #84.0 Peril on the Purple Planet
DCC #84A: Lost Tombs of the Ancients
DCC #84B: Purple Planet Companion
DCC #84C: Escape from the Purple Planet
GMG-50851 2015 PDF DCC #84.1 The Rock Awakens
GMG-50852 2015 PDF DCC #84.2 Synthetic Swordsmen of the Purple Planet
GMG-50853 2016 PDF DCC #84.3 Sky Masters of the Purple Planet
GMG-5086 2015 PDF DCC #85.0 The Making of the Ghost Ring
GMG-5087 2015 PDF DCC #86.0 Hole in the Sky
GMG-5088 2015 PDF DCC #87.0 Against the Atomic Overlord
GMG-50875 2015 PDF DCC #87.5 Grimtooth's Museum of Death
GMG-5089 2015 PDF DCC #88.0 The 998th Conclave of Wizards
GMG-50885 2015 PDF DCC #88.5 Curse of the Kingspire
GMG-5093 2016 PDF DCC #92.0 Through the Dragonwall
GMG-5094 2017 PDF DCC #93.0 Moon-Slaves of the Cannibal Kingdom
GMG-5095 2017 PDF DCC #94.0 Neon Knights
GMG-5096 2017 PDF DCC #95.0 Enter the Dagon
GMG-5097 2018 PDF DCC #96.0 The Tower of Faces
GMG-5098 2018 PDF DCC #97.0 The Queen of Elfland's Son
GMG-5099 2012 PDF DCC #98.0 Imprisoned in the God-Skull
GMG-5100 2019 PDF DCC #99.0 The Star Wound of Abaddon
GMG-5105 2023 PDF DCC #100.0 The Music of the Spheres is Chaos (boxed set)
GMG-5112 2022 PDF DCC #102.0 Dweller Between the Worlds

----- Dungeon Crawl Classics: Lankhmar -----

GMG-5206 2014 PDF Masks of Lankhmar
GMG-5210 2018 PDF #0: No Small Crimes in Lankhmar (part of 5219)
GMG-5211 2018 PDF #1: Gang Lords of Lankhmar
GMG-5212 2018 PDF #2: The Fence's Fortuitous Folly
GMG-5213 2018 PDF #3: Acting Up in Lankhmar
GMG-5214 2018 PDF #4: Violence for Votishal
GMG-5215 2018 PDF #5: Blasphemy & Larceny in Lankhmar
GMG-5216 2018 PDF #6: Cheating Death
GMG-5217 2018 PDF #7: A Dozen Lankhmar Locations
GMG-5218 2018 PDF #8: The Land of the Eight Cities
GMG-5219 2018 PDF DCC Lankhmar (Boxed Set)
GMG-5222 2019 PDF #9: Grave Matters
GMG-5223 .. .... ..... ...... #10: Unholy Nights in Lankhmar
GMG-5224 2020 PDF #11: The Rats of Ilthmar
GMG-5225 2020 PDF The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar (boxed set)
GMG-5226 2022 PDF #12: Mercy on the Day of the Eel

----- Dungeon Crawl Classics: Empire of the East -----

GMG-5239 2022 PDF DCC EofE #1: The Hunt for the Howling God
GMG-5240 2020 PDF Empire of the East (sourcebook for Fred Saberhagen's Empire of the East series)


GMG-5241 2020 PDF DCC Day #1 Shadow of the Beakmen
GMG-5242 2012 PDF DCC Day #2 Beneath the Well of Brass
GMG-5244 2023 PDF DCC Day #4 Crash of the Titans (MCC)

GMG-52013 2013 PDF DCC 2013 Holiday Module: The Old God's Return
GMG-53015 2020 PDF DCC Horror #1: They Served Brandolyn Red
GMG-53016 2016 PDF DCC Horror #2: The Sinister Sutures of the Sempstress
GMG-53017 2017 PDF DCC Horror #3: Shadow Under Devil's Reef
GMG-53018 2020 PDF DCC Horror #4: The Corpse That Love Built
GMG-53019 2019 PDF DCC Horror #5: Creep, Skrag, Creep!
GMG-53020 2020 PDF DCC Horror #6: The Web of All-Torment
GMG-53021 2020 PDF DCC Horror #7: It Consumes!

GMG-GC-13 2013 PDF Goodman Games Gen Con 2013 Program Book
GMG-GC-14 2014 PDF Goodman Games Gen Con 2014 Program Guide
GMG-GC-15 2015 PDF Goodman Games Gen Con 2015 Program Guide
GMG-GC-18 2018 PDF Goodman Games Gen Con 2015 Program Guide (The Black Heart of Thakulon the Undying)
GMG-GC-19 2018 PDF Goodman Games 2019 Yearbook (Riders on the Phlogiston)
GMG-GC-21 2022 PDF Goodman Games 2021 Yearbook (DCC, D&D 5E)
GMG-GC-22 2023 PDF Goodman Games 2022 Yearbook (DCC, D&D 5E

GMG-DCCD-20 2020 PDF DCC Day 2020 Adventure Pack (DCC, Lankhmar, MCC)
GMG-DCCD-21 2021 PDF DCC Day 2021 Adventure Pack (DCC, Dying Earth, MCC)
GMG-DCCD-23 2023 PDF DCC Day 2023 Adventure Pack (DCC x2)

GMG-FRPGD-22 2022 PDF Danger in the Air (Free RPG Day 2022)
GMG-FRPGD-23 2023 PDF Piercing the Demon's Eye (Free RPG Day 2023)

GMG-VTT-CH0 2012 PDF DCC 0-Level Funnel Character Token Pack

3rd Party

Blind Visionary Publications

BVP-1001 2019 2P PDF Tales from the Smoking Wyrm #1 (fanzine)

Bloat Games

BG-SSM-1 2022 1P PDF Space Station M (monsters book)

Crawling Under a Broken Moon

CUBM-5002 2018 PDF Twisted Menagerie Manual (monster book)

Gaming Honors

GHM-DCC-22 2022 PDF Chaos Before the Mast

Kill It With Fire

KIWF-1 2016 PDF The Wizardarium of Calabraxis

Crawl! Fanzine

Apr 2012 2E PDF #01 Special Edition! - Van den Danderclanden (patron with 3 new spells)
Jun 2012 PDF #02 The Loot Issue! - Loot! (random treasure generation)
Jul 2012 PDF #03 The Magic Issue! - Magic Wand (4th level wizard spell)
Sep 2012 PDF #04 The Tainted Forest Near Thorum (issue is this adventure)
Nov 2012 PDF #05 Monsters! - Monsters with Class (PC-like classes for monsters)

Purple Duck Games

PDG-AL15 2013 PDF AL 1-5: The Stars Are Falling (compendium of AL1 to AL5)
PDF-DCC-FT2 2014 PDF FT 2: Faerie Tales from Unlit Shores: The Portsmouth Mermaid
PDF-DCC-FT25 2015 PDF FT 2.5: Faerie Tales from Unlit Shores: Three Nights in Portsmouth

Purple Sorcerer Games

Jun 2019 PDF The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon

Raorgen Games

Jul 2022 v1.02 PDF Librum Draconis

Shinobi 27 Games

S27-G001 2014 PDF The Trolls of Mistwood

Studio 9 Games

S9G-10022 2021 PDF The Towers of Dr. Xill