Kevin C. Wong

The Dying Earth Collection


Pelgrane Press

PEL-001 2001 PDF The Dying Earth RPG
PEL-004 2001 PDF Cugel's Compendium of Indispensable Advantages
PEL-005 2002 PDF The Kaiin Player's Guide
PEL-006 2002 PDF The Scaum Valley Gazetteer
PEL-007 2003 PDF Turjan's Tome of Beauty and Horror
PEL-008 2003 PDF Demons of the Dying Earth
PEL-009 2004 PDF The Primer of Practical Magic (DE spells converted to d20)
PEL-011 2005 PDF Footsteps of Fools 1: All's Fair at Azenomei
PEL-012 2006 PDF The Day of the Quelo
PEL-013 2006 PDF Gomoshan's Tomb
PEL-014 2006 PDF Footsteps of Fools 2: Strangers in Saskervoy
PEL-015 2007 PDF Fields of Silver
PEL-016 2007 PDF The Compendium of Universal Knowledge
PEL-017 2006 PDF Rhialto's Book of Marvels
PEL-018 2007 PDF The Creep of Inaccuracy
PEL-019 2007 PDF Footsteps of Fools 3: The Lords of Cil
PEL-020 2010 PDF Footsteps of Fools 4: Beyond the Mountains of Magnatz
PEL-021 2011 PDF Footsteps of Fools 5: And Thence to Almery
PEL-022 2012 PDF The Dying Earth Revivification Folio (Skullduggery version of DE rules)

PDF The Dying Earth Quick-Start Rules

The Excellent Prismatic Spray

XPS-001 .... ..... ...... v1 #1. Pirates of the Jhardine Coast (free though link is 404)
XPS-002 2001 PDF v1 #2. Phasms
XPS-003 2001 PDF v1 #3. The Gold and Amber Cabal
XPS-004 2003 PDF v1 #4/5. Ascolais and the Land of the Falling Wall
XPS-006 PDF v1 #6. Dying Earth d20
XPS-007 PDF v1 #7/8. Tooth, Talon and Pinion