Kevin C. Wong

The Esoterrorists Collection


Pelgrane Press

PELG-01 2006 v1.3 PDF The Esoterrorists
PELG-03 2007 PDF The Book of Unremitting Horror (Gumshoe Version)
PELG-04 2007 PDF Six Packed
PELG-05 2007 PDF Albion's Ransom: Little Girl Lost
PELG-06 2008 PDF Profane Miracles
PELG-07 2008 MP3 Dissonance: Music for The Esoterrorists
PELG-08 2009 PDF The Esoterror Factbook
PELG-10 2011 PDF The Love of Money
PELG-12 2013 v2.4 PDF The Esoterrorists 2E
PELG-13 2013 PDF Albion's Ransom: Worm of Sixty Winters
PELG-14 2013 PDF Esoterror Summoning
PELG-16 2016 PDF Worldbreaker