Kevin C. Wong

HERO System Collection


HERO-001 1981 PDF Champions: The Superhero Role Playing Game
HERO-002 1981 PDF Enemies
HERO-003 1981 PDF The Island of Dr Destroyer (Adventure 1)
HERO-004 1981 PDF Escape from Stronghold (Adventure 2)
HERO-005 1981 PDF Gamemaster's Screen for Champions
HERO-006 1982 PDF Enemies II


HERO-001 1982 Rev PDF Champions (Revised, 2E)
HERO-002 1982 Rev,2P PDF Enemies (Revised)
HERO-007 1983 PDF Estionage! The Secret Agent Role Playing Game
HERO-008 1982 PDF Champions II
HERO-008 1982 Rev PDF Champions II (Revised)
HERO-009 1983 PDF Deathstroke (Adventure 3)
HERO-010 1983 PDF Border Crossing (for Espionage!)
HERO-012 1983 PDF The Circle and M.E.T.E. (Organizations 1)
HERO-013 1984 2P PDF Justice Inc.
HERO-014 1984 1P PDF Trail of the Gold Spike (Justice Inc Adventure #1)
HERO-015 1984 2P PDF Champions III
HERO-020 1985 1P PDF Lands of Mystery (for Justice Inc)

Firebird Limited

FBL-1001 1983 PDF The Armory v1 (for Espionage!)

Flying Buffalo

FBI-3101 1983 2019P PDF The Adventure of the Jade Jaguar (for Espionage!)
FBI-3301 1983 1P PDF Stormhaven (for Espionage!)
FBI-3304 1992 1P PDF Mugshots 2: Taking Care of Business (for Espionage!)

Steve Jackson Games

SJG-7107 1983 PDF Autoduel Champions


HERO-001 1984 6P PDF Champions 3E
HERO-011 1984 PDF The Great Super Villain Contest
HERO-016 1984 1P PDF Enemies III
HERO-017 1985 1P PDF Danger International
HERO-018 1985 PDF Primus and Demon (Organizations 2)
HERO-019 1985 PDF Champions Gamemaster's Screen
HERO-021 1985 1P PDF The Blood and Dr McQuark (Organizations 3)
HERO-022 1986 1P PDF Super Agents (Campaign Supplement)
HERO-023 1986 2P PDF Gadgets!
HERO-024 1985 1P PDF Fantasy Hero
HERO-025 1986 1P PDF The Hero System Bestiary
HERO-026 1986 1P PDF The Coriolis Effect (Adventure 5)
HERO-027 1986 1P PDF Robot Warriors
HERO-028 1986 1P PDF S.H.A.D.O.W. Over Scotland (for Danger International)
HERO-029 1987 1P PDF Magic Items (for Fantasy Hero)
HERO-030 1988 1P PDF Enemies: The International File
HERO-031 1987 1P PDF Wrath of the Seven Horsemen (Adventure)
HERO-034 1988 1P PDF Target Hero (Adventure)
HERO-035 1988 1P PDF Robot Gladiators (for Robot Warriors)
HERO-036 1988 1P PDF Enemies: Villany Unbound
HERO-038 1987 1P PDF Voice of Doom (Adventure)
HERO-039 1988 1P PDF Red Doom (Organizations)
HERO-040 1988 1P PDF Scourge from the Deep (Campaign)
HERO-041 1989 1P PDF The Spell Book (for Fantasy Hero)
HERO-042 1988 1P PDF Strike Force (Campaign Sourcebook)
HERO-044 1988 1P PDF To Serve and Protect (Adventure)
HERO-046 1989 1P PDF C.L.O.W.N. (Organizations)
HERO-047 1989 1P PDF Neutral Ground (Adventure)
HERO-048 1989 1P PDF Atlas Unleashed (Adventure)
HERO-050 1989 1P PDF Star Hero


CHA-2403 1984 PDF Trouble for HAVOC

Firebird Limited

FBL-1002 1985 PDF The Golden Age of Champions
FBL-1003 1986 PDF Here There Be Tigers (for Danger International)


ICE-1020 1988 1E PDF Mythic Greece: The Age of Heroes (for Fantasy Hero)



HERO-401 1989 1P PDF GM Screen and Accessories
HERO-402 1989 1P PDF Mind Games
HERO-403 1989 1P PDF Classic Enemies
HERO-404 1989 1P PDF Challenges for Champions
HERO-405 1989 1P PDF Mystic Masters
HERO-406 1989 1P PDF The Zodiac Conspiracy
HERO-407 1990 1P PDF Invasions: Target Earth
HERO-408 1990 1P PDF Day of the Destroyer
HERO-409 1990 1P PDF Invaders from Below
HERO-410 1990 1P PDF Kingdom of Champions
HERO-411 1990 1P PDF Champions in 3-D
HERO-412 1990 1P PDF Demons Rule
HERO-413 1990 1P PDF Alien Enemies
HERO-414 1990 1P PDF The Olympians
HERO-415 1991 1P PDF Road Kill
HERO-416 1991 1P PDF Classic Organizations
HERO-417 1991 1P PDF European Enemies
HERO-418 1991 1P PDF Champions Presents #1
HERO-419 1992 1P PDF Champions of the North
HERO-420 1992 1P PDF Normals Unbound
HERO-421 1992 1P PDF Champions Universe
HERO-422 1992 1P PDF High Tech Enemies
HERO-423 1993 1P PDF Dark Champions: Heroes of Vengeance
HERO-424 1993 1P PDF Champions Presents #2
HERO-425 1993 1P PDF VIPER
HERO-426 1993 1P PDF Shadows of the City
HERO-427 1993 1P PDF Allies
HERO-428 1993 1P PDF The Mutant File
HERO-429 1993 1P PDF Creatures of the Night
HERO-430 1993 1P PDF Justice, Not Law
HERO-431 1993 1P PDF Underworld Enemies
HERO-432 1994 1P PDF An Eye for an Eye
HERO-433 1994 1P PDF Murderers' Row
HERO-434 1994 1P PDF Corporations
HERO-436 1994 1P PDF Golden Age Champions
HERO-437 1994 1P PDF Pyramid in the Sky
HERO-438 1994 1P PDF Hudson City Blues
HERO-439 1995 1P PDF Enemies for Hire
HERO-440 1995 1P PDF Enemies Assemble!
HERO-441 1995 1P PDF Atlantis
HERO-442 1995 1P PDF Watchers of the Dragon
HERO-450 1989 1P PDF Champions: The Super Roleplaying Game

HERO-500 1990 1P PDF HERO System Rulesbook
HERO-507 1992 1P PDF HERO Bestiary
HERO-508 1993 1P PDF HERO System Almanac 1
HERO-510 1994 1P PDF The Ultimate Martial Artist
HERO-511 1995 1P PDF HERO System Almanac 2
HERO-512 1995 1P PDF The Ultimate Mentalist

PLUS-1996 1996 v1.0 PDF The Ultimate Super Mage
PLUS-1997 1997 v1.0 PDF Widows & Orphans
PLUS-1998 1998 v1.0 PDF New Bedlam Asylum
PLUS-1998 1998 PDF Primus
PLUS-1999 1999 PDF The Super Mage Bestiary

HERO-HP07 1997 1.0 PDF Widows and Orphans
HERO-HP14 1998 1.0 PDF New Bedlan Asylum
HERO-HP15 1998 PDF Kazel-5 (Anime Cyberpunk setting)

Atlas Games

AG-3500 1994 PDF Dystopia
AG-3505 1996 PDF Foxbat Unhinged
AG-3510 1996 PDF Blood Fury

Gold Rush Games

GRG-H100 1996 PDF Heroic Adventures Volume 1
GRG-H101 1996 PDF Heroic Adventures Volume 2
GRG-H300 1998 PDF San Angelo: City of Heroes
GRG-H301 1999 PDF Enemies of San Angelo
GRG-H302 2000 PDF Denizens of San Angelo
GRG-H304 2003 PDF The Dragon's Gate

Hero Games/Cybergames

HRG-3100 2000 2E     PDF     Champions: New Millenium
HG-10011 1997        PDF     Alliances
HG-10021 1997        PDF     Bay City



v1#1 1983/Fall PDF The Mechanon Gambit (Champions scenario)
v1#2 1983/Winter PDF What Rough Beast (Champions scenario)
v2#1 1984/Spring PDF Terror in the Treasures (Champions scenario)
#04 1984/Summer PDF Nova (Champions scenario)
#05 1984/Fall PDF The Hawkes Phantom (Justice Inc adventure)
#06 1984/Winter PDF Grasp, Inc (Champions/Danger International adventure)
#07 1986/Summer PDF Raid on Blackgulch (Champions adventure)
#08 1986/Fall PDF The Rockhall Curse (Fantasy Hero adventure)
#09 1987/Spring PDF Troubleshooters (Champions organization)
#10 1987/Summer PDF Hands of the Strangler (Justice Inc adventure); DC Heroes to Champions;
#11 1987/Fall PDF Death from the Skies! (Champions, Super-Agents, Robot Warriors adventure)
#12 1988/Summer PDF Double-Blind (Danger International, Super-Agents adventure)
#13 1989 PDF Legions of Hell (Champions adventure); The Raid on Fort Knox (adv)
#14 1989/Fall PDF Battle Zone (Champions adventure)
#15 1990/Winter PDF No More Mr. Nice Guy (Champions adventure)
#16 1990/Summer PDF Doomspoint (Fantasy Hero adventure)
#17 1991/Summer PDF (Martial Arts, Gladiators in FH, Old West fictional heroes)
#18 1992/Summer PDF The House That Jack Built (Warlock location/setting)
#19 1993/Winter PDF The Murder of Lord Ernesto (Fantasy Hero adventure)
#20 1993/Spring PDF Zip Zap Guns (Champions adventure)
#21 1993/Summer PDF (Justice Inc archaeology adventure advice, three villains)
#22 1993/Fall PDF (More martial arts; Alternate FH magic system)
#23 1994/Winter PDF The Cassandra Matrix (CyberHero adventure)
#24 1994/Summer PDF Battle at Castle Rockwell (Fantasy Hero adventure)
#25 1994/Winter PDF Slippery as an Eel (Dark Champions adventure)
#26 1995/Spring PDF A Matter of Heart (Champions adventure); INDEX for #1-25
#27 1995/Fall PDF Hogan's Reach (Champions setting)



Amateur Press Association (APA) Zine. 67 issues (split up into individual articles) from 1992-2014.



DOJHERO-101 2002 1P PDF The Ultimate Martial Artist
DOJHERO-102 2002 1P PDF HERO System Bestiary
DOJHERO-103 2003 PDF HERO System Resource Kit (aka DOJHERO-HP02)
DOJHERO-104 2003 1P PDF The Ultimate Vehicle
DOJHERO-105 2004 1P PDF HERO System Vehicle Sourcebook
DOJHERO-106 2006 Rev PDF HERO System SideKick, Revised
DOJHERO-107 2004 1P PDF The Ultimate Brick
DOJHERO-108 2004 1P PDF The Ultimate Mystic
DOJHERO-109 2004 1P PDF HERO System Fifth Edition, Revised
DOJHERO-110 2005 1P PDF The Ultimate Metamorph
DOJHERO-111 2005 1P PDF HERO System Equipment Guide
DOJHERO-112 2005 1P PDF HERO System Combat Handbook
DOJHERO-113 2006 1P PDF The Ultimate Speedster
DOJHERO-114 2006 1P PDF The Ultimate Mentalist
DOJHERO-115 2006 1P PDF You Gotta Have Character
DOJHERO-116 2006 1P PDF The Ultimate Skill
DOJHERO-117 2007 1P PDF The Ultimate Energy Projector

DOJHERO-200 2002 1P PDF Champions: Superpowered Roleplaying
DOJHERO-201 2002 1P PDF Champions Universe
DOJHERO-202 2002 1P PDF Conquerors, Killers and Crooks
DOJHERO-203 2003 1P PDF Millennium City
DOJHERO-204 2003 1P PDF UNTIL Superpowers Database
DOJHERO-205 2003 1P PDF Champions Battlegrounds
DOJHERO-206 2003 1P PDF VIPER: Coils of the Serpent
DOJHERO-208 2003 1P PDF UNTIL: Defenders of Freedom
DOJHERO-210 2004 1P PDF Gadgets and Gear
DOJHERO-211 2004 1P PDF Galactic Champions
DOJHERO-212 2004 1P PDF The Mystic World
DOJHERO-213 2004 1P PDF DEMON: Servants of Darkness
DOJHERO-214 2004 1P PDF Arcane Adversaries
DOJHERO-216 2005 1P PDF Villany Amok
DOJHERO-215 2004 1P PDF Vibora Bay
DOJHERO-216 2005 PDF Map Archive 1: Martial Art & Fantasy
DOJHERO-217 2005 1P PDF Hidden Lands
DOJHERO-218 2005 1P PDF Teen Champions
DOJHERO-219 2005 1P PDF UNTIL Superpowers Database II: 2005 Update
DOJHERO-220 2006 1P PDF Everyman
DOJHERO-221 2005 1P PDF Champions Worldwide
DOJHERO-222 2008 1P PDF Stronghold
DOJHERO-223 2006 1P PDF Evil Unleashed
DOJHERO-225 2007 1P PDF Champions Universe: News of the World
DOJHERO-226 2007 1P PDF Villains, Vandals, and Vermin
DOJHERO-227 2007 1P PDF Champions of the North
DOJHERO-228 2007 1P PDF Cops, Crews, and Cabals
DOJHERO-230 2008 1P PDF Book of the Destroyer
DOJHERO-231 2008 1P PDF Monster Island
DOJHERO-233 2009 1P PDF Book of the Machine

DOJHERO-300 2002 1P PDF Star Hero
DOJHERO-301 2003 1P PDF Terran Empire
DOJHERO-302 2003 1P PDF Spacer's Toolkit
DOJHERO-303 2003 1P PDF Alien Wars
DOJHERO-304 2006 1P PDF Worlds of Empire
DOJHERO-305 2008 1P PDF Scourges of the Galaxy

DOJHERO-400 2002 1P PDF Ninja Hero
DOJHERO-401 2009 1P PDF Lucha Libre Hero

DOJHERO-500 2003 1P PDF Fantasy Hero
DOJHERO-501 2003 1P PDF Fantasy Hero Grimoire
DOJHERO-502 2003 1P PDF Monsters, Minions, and Marauders
DOJHERO-505 2004 1P PDF Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds
DOJHERO-506 2004 1P PDF Fantasy Hero Grimoire II
DOJHERO-508 2006 1P PDF Nobles, Knights, and Necromancers
DOJHERO-509 2006 1P PDF Asian Bestiary v1
DOJHERO-510 2006 1P PDF Asian Bestiary v2
DOJHERO-513 2007 1P PDF Enchanted Items
DOJHERO-515 2008 1P PDF Urban Fantasy Hero
DOJHERO-516 2009 1P PDF The Book of Dragons

DOJHERO-600 2004 1P PDF Dark Champions
DOJHERO-601 2004 1P PDF Hudson City
DOJHERO-602 2005 1P PDF Predators
DOJHERO-603 2005 1P PDF Dark Champions: The Animated Series

DOJHERO-800 2005 1P PDF Pulp Hero
DOJHERO-801 2005 1P PDF Masterminds and Madmen
DOJHERO-803 2006 1P PDF Thrilling Places
DOJHERO-804 2009 1P PDF Thrilling Hero Adventures

DOJHERO-900 2007 1P PDF Post-Apocalyptic Hero

dojhero-cc01             PDF   Cardboard Chars - Champions
dojhero-cc02             PDF   Cardboard Chars - Master Villains
dojhero-cc03             PDF   Cardboard Chars - Team Villains 1

dojhero-hp001 2003 1P PDF   Shades of Black
dojhero-hp002 2005  PDF   Map Archive 1: Martial Arts & Fantasy (also DOJHERO-216)
dojhero-hp003 2005  PDF   Mystic Menaces Fun Pack
dojhero-hp004 2005  PDF   HEROglyphs Volume 1
dojhero-hp604            PDF   Hudson City Color Map 1

dojhero-hpa01 2005 1P PDF Spears of the Tisangani (Pulp Hero adventure)
dojhero-hpa02 2005 1P PDF Solar Smith and the Sky-Pirates of Arcturus! (Pulp Hero setting)
dojhero-hpa03 2005 1P   PDF   The Alchemy of Love (Dark Champions adventure)
dojhero-hpa04 2005 1P PDF The Dordogne Zodiac (Pulp Hero adventure)
dojhero-hpa05 2005 1P PDF The Radio Marauders (Pulp Hero adventure)
dojhero-hpa06 2005 1P   PDF   The Dragon Mandarin (Villain and minions)
dojhero-hpa07 2005 1P PDF The Locomotive Pirates (Pulp Hero adventure)
dojhero-hpa08 2005 1P PDF The Golden Idol of Sikrál (Pulp Hero adventure)
dojhero-hpa09 2005 1P PDF Pulp Heroes v1: The Raven and the Midnight Brigade
dojhero-hpa10 2005 1P PDF Pulp Heroes v2: Captain Battle and the Science Police
dojhero-hpa11 2005 1P PDF The Malay Coins (Pulp Hero adventure)
dojhero-hpa12 2005 1P PDF Inner-Earth (Pulp Hero setting)
dojhero-hpa13 2005 1P PDF Curse of the Vulture-God (Pulp Hero adventure)
dojhero-hpa14 2006 1P PDF Four Fiends (Pulp Hero villains)
dojhero-hpa15 2005 1P PDF Pulp Hero Vehicle Sourcebook v1
dojhero-hpa16 2006 1P PDF The Voodoo Cross (Pulp Hero adventure)
dojhero-hpa17 2006 1P PDF Strange Magics v1: Voodoo (Pulp Hero supplement)
dojhero-hpa18 2006 1P PDF The Tablets of Destiny (Pulp Hero adventure)
dojhero-hpa19 2006 1P PDF Fangs of the Scarlet Serpent (Pulp Hero adventure)
dojhero-hpa20 2006 1P PDF Nazi Death-Zombies of the Congo! (Pulp Hero adventure)
dojhero-hpa21 2008 PDF The Stronghold Files v1 (Champions villains)
dojhero-hpa21 2008 1P PDF Valley of the Spider Queen (Pulp Hero adventure)
dojhero-hpa23 2008 1P PDF Pterodactyls Over Broadway (Pulp Hero adventure)
dojhero-hpa24 2008 1P   PDF   Millennium City University
dojhero-hpa25 2009 1P PDF The Great White Hunter's Bestiary (Pulp Hero supplement)
dogjero-hpa26 2009 1P PDF Born To Be Wild (Pulp Hero adventure)
dojhero-hpa27 2009      PDF   The Crossroads Blues (Champions adventure)
dojhero-hpa28 2010 1P PDF The Masques of Mithras (Pulp Hero adventure)

Digital Hero

#1 06/2002 PDF Adv: Viper’s Folding Nest
#2 07/2002 PDF
#3 09/2002 PDF
#4 10/2002 PDF VTeam: The Chosen (of Abraxas)
#5 11/2002 PDF
#6 12/2002 PDF
#7 02/2003 PDF
#8 03/2003 PDF Anime and the Hero System
#9 04/2003 PDF
#10 05/2003 PDF
#11 06/2003 PDF
#12 08/2003 PDF Adv: Unearthed Mechana
#13 09/2003 PDF
#14 10/2003 PDF
#15 11/2003 PDF Deadwood, Missouri
#16 12/2003 PDF Biker Hero
#17 02/2004 PDF Adv: Forced Evolution
#18 03/2004 PDF
#19 04/2004 PDF
#20 05/2004 PDF Adv: The Enemy of My Enemy
#21 06/2004 PDF Adv: Your Horoscope: Capricorn
#22 08/2004 PDF
#23 09/2004 PDF Chars: Temporal Champions
#24 10/2004 PDF VTeam: The Choir
#25 11/2004 PDF Look! Up in the Sky!(Air vehicles)
#26 12/2004 PDF Team: The Colorado Crusaders
#27 02/2005 PDF Adv: Tsunami
#28 03/2005 PDF Blood Brothers (Vampires)
#29 04/2005 PDF Adv: Project: Predator
#30 05/2005 PDF Variant Human Genotypes
#31 07/2005 PDF Team: Euroguard
#32 08/2005 PDF Adv: Murder on Monster Island
#33 10/2005 PDF
#34 11/2005 PDF
#35 03/2006 PDF Leftover Hero (Ultimate Metamorph)
#36 04/2006 PDF Leftover Hero (Masterminds&Madmen)
#37 05/2006 PDF Team: Response Force One
#38 07/2006 PDF Adv: Through a Mirror Darkly
#39 08/2006 PDF Adv: War of the Worlds: Champions
#40 09/2006 PDF Adv: Chains of Doom
#41 01/2007 PDF But, I Thought They Were Good Guys
#42 03/2007 PDF
#43 05/2007 PDF
#44 07/2007 PDF Adv: ¡Viva Muerte!
#45 09/2007 PDF Adv: Murder at Montego Cay
#46 11/2007 PDF Species of Empire (Alien races)
#47 01/2008 PDF Atomic Monster Hero



Hero Games

DOJHERO-119 2009 1P PDF The Ultimate Base

DOJHERO-1001 2009 1P PDF HERO System 6E v1: Character Creation
DOJHERO-1002 2009 1P PDF HERO System 6E v2: Combat & Adventuring
DOJHERO-1003 2009 1P PDF HERO System Basic Rulebook
DOJHERO-1004 2009 1P PDF HERO System Advanced Player's Guide
DOJHERO-1005 2010 1P PDF HERO System Martial Arts
DOJHERO-1006 2010 1P PDF HERO System Bestiary
DOJHERO-1007 2010 1P PDF HERO System Equipment Guide
DOJHERO-1008 2010 PDF HERO System Skills
DOJHERO-1009 2011 1P PDF HERO System Advanced Player's Guide II

DOJHERO-1100 2010 1P PDF Champions: The Super Roleplaying Game
DOJHERO-1101 2010 1P PDF Champions Powers
DOJHERO-1102 2010 1P PDF Champions Universe
DOJHERO-1103 2010 1P PDF Champions Villains v1: Master Villains
DOJHERO-1104 2010 1P PDF Champions Villains v2: Villain Teams
DOJHERO-1105 2010 1P PDF Champions Villains v3: Solo Villains
DOJHERO-1106 2011 1P PDF Champions Beyond
DOJHERO-1107 2012 1P PDF Book of the Empress

DOJHERO-1200 2010 1P PDF Fantasy Hero
DOJHERO-1201 2010 1P PDF HERO System Grimoire
DOJHERO-1300 2011 1P PDF Star Hero

DOJHERO-2000 2012 1P PDF Champions Complete
DOJHERO-2002 2015 PDF Fantasy Hero Complete
DOJHERO-2004 2020 PDF Book of Templates

dojhero-hpa31 2009      PDF   Bloodsucker Rampage (Vampires in the HERO System)
dojhero-hpa32 2009 PDF Ninja Jamboree (generic ninja villains)
dojhero-hpa33 2009      PDF   Mutant Madness! (Post-Apocalyptic Hero's Mutant Powers Converted to 6E)

High Rock Press (HRP)

HRP-17 2016 2E PDF Aaron Allston's Strike Force
HRP-19 2017 2E PDF Encyclopedia of Golden Age Superheroes
HRP-20 2017 1P PDF Golden Age Champions

Tiger Paw Press (TPP)

TPP-MF-0001 2022 PDF The Muerte Files