Kevin C. Wong

Mörk Borg Collection


Free League Publishing

Feb 2020 PDF Mörk Borg (English)
Apr 2020 PDF Mörk Borg GM Screen
Oct 2020 PDF Mörk Borg Cult: Feretory
2021 PDF Mörk Borg Cult: Heretic

2022 PDF Mörk Borg Bare Bones Edition (without graphics)
2022 PDF Rotblack Sludge (or The Shadow King's Lost Heir)

Bird Silhouette Games

Feb 2022 PDF Qvke Borg


Dec 2021 PDF Born of a Bloody Film (4 monsters)

Christian Eichhorn

Apr 2021 PDF Vaults of Torment
Jul 2021 PDF The Temple of the Kraken God
Sep 2021 PDF Purgatory
Nov 2021 PDF Galgenbeck: Sacrifice
May 2022 PDF Dungeoneer's Black Book
Oct 2022 PDF Bergen Chrypt

Fire Ruby Designs

MB-002 2022 PDF Dire Mutterings

KRD Designs

2021 PDF Forbidden Psalm (Miniature gaming at the end of the world)
2021 PDF Forbidden Psalm: A Dead Festival

newyear Studios

2021 PDF Box of Shadows
2021 PDF Bridges of Mur

Philip Reed Games

PRG-MB06 2021 PDF Calo's Book of Monsters
PRG-MB10 2021 PDF Tower of Scoundrels
PRG-MB17 2021 PDF Curic’s Cursed Chapbook
PRG-MB21 2022 PDF A Wizard's Dying Wish and Other Tales

Richard Kelly

Aug 2021 PDF Fisk Borg
Oct 2022 PDF Bork Borg

21 Dec 2021 PDF Cthork Borg
06 Jun 2022 PDF Seven Strangers
13 Jun 2022 PDF Rumrunner's Arsenal
20 Jun 2022 PDF Miserere Mei Deus
27 Jun 2022 PDF Faces in the Crowd
04 Jul 2022 PDF Bork Cthorg
11 Jul 2022 PDF Tombs of Our Ancestors
18 Jul 2022 PDF Signs in the Entrails
25 Jul 2022 PDF Moonlight and Tide
01 Aug 2022 PDF A Quiet Country Home
17 Dec 2022 PDF All's Well at the Macallen Farm

SkeletonKey Games

SKG-TEDD01 2021 PDF The Endless Demon Deck
SKG-TMG01 2021 PDF The Masticator Gate

Therapeutic Blasphemy Games

Feb 2022 PDF Medusa in the Sleeping Garden