Kevin C. Wong

Mutant Chronicles Collection


Modiphius Entertainment

MUH-50001 2015 3E2P PDF Mutant Chronicles Roleplaying Game, 3rd Edition
MUH-50002 2016 PDF Dark Symmetry Campaign Book (Dark Trilogy p1)
MUH-50003 2015 PDF Mutant Chronicles Players' Guide
MUH-50004 2016 PDF Dark Soul Source Book
MUH-50005 2015 PDF Imperial Source Book
MUH-50006 2016 PDF Bauhaus Source Book
MUH-50007 2016 PDF Dark Legion Campaign Book (Dark Trilogy p2)
MUH-50008 2015 PDF Capitol Source Book
MUH-50009 2015 PDF The Brotherhood Source Book
MUH-50010 2015 PDF Mishima Source Book
MUH-50011 2016 PDF Cybertronic Source Book
MUH-50012 2016 PDF Whitestar Source Book
MUH-50013 2016 PDF Luna & Freelancers Guide Book
MUH-50014 2016 PDF Cartel & Orbitals Source Book
MUH-50015 2016 PDF Mutants & Heretics Source Book
MUH-50016 2016 PDF Dark Eden Source Book
MUH-50017 2017 PDF Venusian Apocalypse Campaign Book
MUH-50018 2017 PDF Dark Eden Campaign Book (Dark Trilogy p3)
MUH-50019 2017 PDF Mutant Chronicles Roleplaying Game, Savage Worlds Edition
MUH-50041 2016 PDF Mutant Chronicles GM Screen
MUH-50191 2016 PDF Mutant Chronicles Symmetry Deck
MUH-50192 2016 PDF Mutant Chronicles Chronicle Deck
MUH-50194 2016 PDF Mutant Chronicles NPC Deck
MUH-50195 2016 PDF Mutant Chronicles Locations Deck
MUH-50501 2016 PDF Mutant Chronicles Roleplaying Game Quickstart
MUH-50586 2022? PDF Mutant Chronicles Siege of the Citadel Crossover Book
MUH-52020 2019 PDF Mutant Chronicles Art Book
MUH-FREE11 2017 PDF Mutant Chronicles Universal Index