Kevin C. Wong

Old-School Essentials Collection



Necrotic Gnome

2019 v1.4 PDF Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy Rules Tome
2019 v1.4 PDF Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy Basic Rules

2021 v1.3 PDF Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Referee's Tome

Aug 2019 v1.4 PDF The Hole in the Oak
Mar 2021 v1.1 PDF Halls of the Blood King
Mar 2021 v1.4 PDF The Incandescent Grottoes (can be linked to The Hole in the Oak)
Mar 2021 v3.1 PDF Winter's Daughter
Jul 2021 v1.2 PDF Holy Mountain Shaker

Axian Spice

Sep 2022 PDF Falkrest Abbey

Cutter Mountain Simulations

Apr 2023 PDF Sepulchre of Dusk


S7 Nov 2022 v1.5 PDF The Sepulchre of Seven

James Holloway

Aug 2022 PDF The Magonium Mine Murders

Planar Compass

Sum 2020 v1.4 PDF #1 - Dreamhaven
Aut 2021 v2 PDF #2 - Buccaneers of the Big Black!

Prismatic Wasteland

Jul 2021 PDF Big Rock Candy Hexcrawl (OSE, Knights of the Road, Errant)

Ratking Productions

OLDRAT1 2021 PDF Hel's Crow's Final Rest (generic)

Crystal Frontier (setting for OSE)

CFINTRO 2021 PDF Tomb Robbers of the Crystal Frontier (OSE)
OPD1 2020 PDF Star Spire (OSE)
OPD2 2020 PDF The Bruja, The Beast and The Barrow (OSE)
OPD3 2021 PDF Broken Bastion (OSE)

Silverarm Press

2023.01.31 2023 PDF Secret of the Black Crag (OSE)

Swordlords Publishing / Brad Kerr

Sep 2022 PDF Wyvern Songs