Kevin C. Wong

RPG Supplements Collection

Generic supplements suitable for multiple systems.


Flying Buffalo - Catalyst Series

FBI-8501 1981 1P PDF Grimtooth's Traps
FBI-8502 2006 PDF Grimtooth's Traps Too (with extra Fudge conversions and comics)
FBI-8504 1990 2E PDF Grimtooth's Traps Fore
FBI-8508 1989 1E PDF Grimtooth's Traps Ate!

FBI-8511 1983 2P PDF CityBook 1: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker
FBI-8512 1984 1P PDF CityBook 2: Port O' Call
FBI-8513 1991 2P PDF CityBook 3: Deadly Nightside
FBI-8514 1990 1P PDF CityBook 4: On the Road
FBI-8515 1991 1P PDF CityBook 5: Sideshow
FBI-8516 1992 1P PDF CityBook 6: Up Town
FBI-8517 1997 1P PDF CityBook 7: King's River Bridge

FBI-8520 1984 1P PDF Treasure Vault

Midkemia Press

1981 PDF The Black Tower
1981 PDF Towns of the Outlands

Trilemma Adventures (Michael Prescott)

TACV1 2019 1.01 PDF Trilemma Adventures Compendium v1


DNA-DNH1 2016 PDF DNH1 The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil (Dark Naga Adventures)
Mar 2018 PDF The Gardens of Ynn (Dying Stylishly Games)
Oct 2018 v4.0 PDF Tomb of the Serpent Kings (Skerples/Coins and Scrolls)
NTX-2019 2019 PDF X1.5 Dead Men Tell New Tales (ThrowGames and North Texas RPG Con)
2020 PDF You Got a Job on the Garbage Barge (Amanda Lee Franck, web-published)
Mar 2021 v1.2 PDF The Waking of Willowby Hall (Jacob Hurst & Swordfish Islands LLC)

Hydra Cooperative/Hydra Collective

HC-01 2014 PDF Slumbering Ursine Dunes (Labyrinth Lord)
AZ-01 2017 PDF Mortzengersturm, The Mad Manticore of the Prismatic Peak (D&D 5E)

Melsonian Arts Council

MAC-012 2017 PDF Fever Swamp (LotFP)
MAC-H001 2017 PDF Wet Grandpa (d20-like)