Kevin C. Wong

Warhammer 40k Collection

Fantasy Flight Games


DH01 2008 PDF Dark Heresy RPG
DH02 2008 PDF The Game Master's Kit
DH03 2008 PDF Purge the Unclean
DH04 2008 PDF The Inquisitor's Handbook
DH05 2008 PDF Disciples of the Dark Gods
DH06 2008 PDF Creatures Anathema
DH07 2009 PDF Haarlock's Legacy 1: Tattered Fates
DH08 2010 PDF Haarlock's Legacy 2: Damned Cities
DH09 2010 PDF Haarlock's Legacy 3: Dead Stars
DH10 2009 PDF The Radical's Handbook
DH11 2009 PDF Ascension
DH12 2010 PDF Blood of Martyrs
DH13 2011 PDF The Apostasy Gambit 1: The Black Sepulchre
DH14 2011 PDF The Apostasy Gambit 2: The Church of the Damned
DH15 2012 PDF The Apostasy Gambit 3: The Chaos Commandment
DH16 2011 PDF Daemon Hunter
DH17 2011 PDF Book of Judgment
DH18 2012 PDF The Lathe Worlds

DHP2 2008 PDF Edge of Darkness (46-page introductory adventure)
DHXX 2009 PDF Salvation Demands Sacrifice (8-page supplement)


DH19 2014 PDF Dark Heresy 2E RPG
DH20 2014 PDF Game Master's Kit
DH22 2014 PDF Forgotten Gods
DH23 2015 PDF Enemies Within
DH24 2015 PDF Enemies Without
DH25 2015 PDF Enemies Beyond



RT01 2009 PDF Rogue Trader Core Rulebook
RT02 2009 PDF The Game Master's Kit
RT03 2010 PDF Lure of the Expanse
RT04 2010 PDF Into the Storm
RT05 2010 PDF Edge of the Abyss
RT06 2011 PDF The Frozen Reaches (Warpstorm 1)
RT07 2011 PDF Citadel of Skulls (Warpstorm 2)
RT08 2011 PDF Fallen Suns (Warpstorm 3)
RT09 2011 PDF Battlefleet Koronus
RT10 2011 PDF Hostile Acquisitions
RT11 2012 PDF The Koronus Bestiary
RT12 2012 PDF The Soul Reaver
RT13 2012 PDF The Navis Primer
RT14 2013 PDF Stars of Inequity
RT15 2013 PDF Faith and Coin
RT16 2014 PDF Twilight Crusade
RT17 2014 PDF Tau Character Guide
RT18 2014 PDF Shedding Light

RTP1 2009 PDF Forsaken Bounty (Intro to Rogue Trader)
RTP2 2009 PDF Dark Frontier (Intro Adventure)
RTP4 2009 PDF Epoch Koronus
RTP5 2009 PDF Drydock


BC01 2011 PDF Black Crusade Core Rulebook
BC02 2011 PDF Black Crusade: The Game Master's Kit
BC03 2012 PDF Hand of Corruption
BC04 2012 PDF The Tome of Fate
BC05 2012 PDF The Tome of Blood
BC06 2013 PDF The Tome of Excess
BC07 2014 PDF The Tome of Decay
BC08 2014 PDF Binding Contracts

BCP1 2011 PDF Broken Chains (Free RPG Day)


IG01 2012 PDF Only War Core Rulebook
IG02 2012 PDF Only War: The Game Master's Kit
IG03 2013 PDF Final Testament
IG04 2013 PDF Hammer of the Emperor
IG05 2013 PDF Enemies of the Imperium
IG06 2013 PDF No Surrender
IG07 2014 PDF Shield of Humanity
IG14 2014 PDF Salvaging Solace

IGP1 2012 PDF Eleventh Hour (Free RPG Day)