Kevin C. Wong

The Yellow King Collection

Fantasy Flight Games

The Yellow King

Pelgrane Press

PELG-Y01 2019 PDF The Yellow King
PELG-Y01-GMS 2019 PDF TYK GM Screen
PELG-Y01-IC 2019 PDF TYK Injury Cards
PELG-Y01-SC 2019 PDF TYK Shock Cards
PELG-Y02 2019 PDF TYK Book One: Paris (included in Y01)
PELG-Y03 2019 PDF TYK Book Two: The Wars (included in Y01)
PELG-Y04 2019 PDF TYK Book Three: Aftermath (included in Y01)
PELG-Y05 2019 PDF TYK Book Four: This is Normal Now (included in Y01)
PELG-Y06 2018 PDF Absinthe in Carcosa
PELG-Y07 2018 1P PDF The Missing and the Lost (novel)
PELG-Y10 2017 MP3 The Yellow King Suite (OST)

Arc Dream Publishing

APU-9001 2019 1P PDF The King in Yellow: Annotated Edition

Atomic Overmind Press

AOP-1007 2013 1P PDF New Tales of the Yellow Sign (anthology)