Kevin C. Wong

Journeys Magazine Collection

Journeys (Game Designers’ Workshop)

Sep 1992 Mag #1
Oct 1992 Mag #2 Slammin' (GURPS Cyberpunk adv, 9p)
Dec 1992 Mag #3 For Love of Mushrooms (Fantasy Hero adv, 5p)
                The Antares Factor (GURPS Space adv, 7p)
    1993 Mag #4 Deeds, Not Words (Champions adv, 7p)
    1993 Mag #5 Operation: Connecticut (GURPS Time Travel adv, 4p)
                NPC Warriors (Hero System, 5p)
    1993 Mag #6 Walking Dead in Gilmer (GURPS Horror adv, 6p)