Kevin C. Wong

Protodimension Fanzine Collection

Protodimension (Kinstaff Media)

Summer  2009 PDF #01 Billy and the World All Topsy-Turvy (CoC Tome)
                     The Dark Fertility (CoC Ritual)
                     The Great Dragon (WoD NPC)
Fall    2009 PDF #02 Dread Tales of Myster (CoC Red Herring)
                     Smith & Wesson Model 500 Magnum (CoC Hardware)
Winter  2010 PDF #03 The Spear of Y'Golonac (CoC Adventure)
Spring  2010 PDF #04
Summer  2010 PDF #05 Hunters Hunted (WoD Adventure)
Fall    2010 PDF #06 Sarah's Friends (CoC Adventure)
Winter  2011 PDF #07 Friendly Fire (CoC Mekong Delta Adventure)
Spring  2011 PDF #08 The Tablet of Leng (CoC Modern Age Adventure)
Summer  2011 PDF #09 Kimmy Neuheisel and Her Special Friend (CoC NPC)
                     The Lonely Road (CoC Solo Adventure)
Fall    2011 PDF #10 Whitechurch, Vermont (CoC Sandbox Setting)
Winter  2012 PDF #11 A Collection of Prepared Scenes (ToC)
                     A Strict Protein Diet (CoC Modern NPC)
Spring  2012 PDF #12 Left 4 Dead (Savage Worlds Adventure)
                     Ampney Down (CoC Eldritch Horror)
Fall    2012 PDF #13 Clifton Magna, Dorset, UK (CoC Location)
                     Three Babies and a Shoggoth (CoC d20 Adventure)
Winter  2013 PDF #14 Savage Conspiracy (Dark Conspiracy to Savage Worlds)
                     That Howling Frontier p1 (CoC Adventure)
Spring  2013 PDF #15 Izhmash International (CoC Hardware)
                     Elsewhere for Inspiration (CoC GM Advice)
Summer  2013 PDF #16 The Haunted Heart (CoC Adventure)
Fall    2013 PDF #17 That Howling Frontier p2 (CoC Adventure)
Winter  2014 PDF #18 The Toll of Madness (CoC Encounter)
Spring  2014 PDF #19 Ghouls at Midnight (CoC seed), 8 Surfaces (CoC seed)
Summer  2014 PDF #20 Thunder Five (CoC firearm)
Fall    2014 PDF #21 The Shadow of the Fleshless Ones (CoC race)
                     Call of Cthulhu Fate Hack (add CoC elements to FATE)
                     The Digital Tome (p1, FATE CoC)
                     Red Carpet Ready (CoC 6e chars/seeds)
Winter  2015 PDF #22 Beyond the Silver Threshold (CoC adv)
                     The Shattered Hole (CoC adv)
Spring  2015 PDF #23
Jan     2016 PDF #24 Remnants (War of the Worlds Martian machines in CoC)
Feb     2016 PDF #25 White Wedding (Cthulhu Dark)
Mar     2016 PDF #26
Sep     2016 PDF #27
Oct     2016 PDF #28 Hallowanigans (CoC adv)