Kevin C. Wong

Signs & Portents Magazine Collection

Signs and Portents (Mongoose Publishing)

5500  08/2003 Mag (Conan RPG Preview)
5502  09/2003 Mag Conan: RPG Preview - Classes, 4p
5503  10/2003 Mag Conan: RPG Preview - Sorcery, 5p
5504  11/2003 Mag Conan: RPG Preview - Codes of Honour, 6p
5505  12/2003 Mag Conan: RPG Preview - Combat, 5p
5506  01/2004 Mag Conan: Of Chariots and Acheronians, 5p
5507  02/2004 Mag Conan: Solo and Duo Play, 4p
5508  03/2004 Mag Conan: Roleplaying in the Hyborian Age, 5p
5509  04/2004 Mag Conan: The White Hand of Hyperborea, 6p
5510  05/2004 Mag Conan: Return of the [Real] King - King Conan, 2p;
                         Danger in the Westermarck! lv 1 adv, 6p
5511  06/2004 Mag Conan: What's in a Name? - Aquilonia, 2p
5512  07/2004 Mag Conan: The Bandit, class, 3p;
                         What's in a Name? - Argos, Cimmeria, 2p
5513  08/2004 Mag Conan: Three Sides of the Coin - Mercenaries, 4p
5514  09/2004 Mag Conan: Sons of Snshan - Iranistani RP Guidelines, 2p
5515  10/2004 Mag 
5516  11/2004 Mag Conan: The Kordavan Way, 3p
5517  12/2004 Mag Conan: Plunderers of the Dead, lv 2-5 adv, 12p
5518  01/2005 Mag Conan: Refusal to Submit, 3p; Riders of Tombalku, 1p
5519  02/2005 Mag Conan: Map of Hyboria, 2p; Wilds of Hyboria, 6p
5520  03/2005 Mag Conan: Darkarra - The Spirit Eaters of Darfar, 5p
5521  04/2005 Mag Conan: Khemi, 7p
5522  05/2005 Mag Conan: Red Nails - Tlazitlan Characters, 1p
5523  06/2005 Mag
5524  07/2005 Mag Conan: Tortage - The Capital of the Barachans, 5p
5525  08/2005 Mag
5526R 09/2005 PDF Conan: Field Guide t/t Creatures o/t Hyborean Age I, 11p
5527R 10/2005 PDF Conan: Field Guide t/t Creatures o/t Hyborean Age II, 8p
                  Conan: Ghosts of the Deep, adv, 9p
5528R 11/2005 PDF
5529R 12/2005 PDF Conan: Xuthal, 12p
5530R 02/2006 PDF Conan: The Martial Disciple, class, 5p
5531R 03/2006 PDF
5532R 04/2006 PDF Conan: Aghrapur, 10p
5533R 05/2006 PDF
5534R 06/2006 PDF Conan: Stygian Spells, 1p
5535R 08/2006 PDF Conan: Scenarios for Shadizar, 7p
5536R 09/2006 PDF
5537R 10/2006 PDF The Staff of Ibis, lv 9 adv, 15p
5538R 11/2006 PDF Conan: Gladiators of Messantia, 9p
5539R 12/2006 PDF
5540R 01/2007 PDF
5541R 02/2007 PDF Conan: The Saami, race, 5p
5542R 03/2007 PDF
5543R 04/2007 PDF
5544R 05/2007 PDF Conan: Noble Followers, 7p; Horror in Numalia, adv, 10p
5545R 06/2007 PDF Conan: The Scarlet Citadel, 10p
5546R 07/2007 PDF Conan: Mount Yimsha, 10p
5547R 08/2007 PDF Conan: The Vault of Thedipides, adv, 12p
5548R 09/2007 PDF Trav:  Welcome Home, Weary Traveller, non-g, 3p
5549R 10/2007 PDF Conan: The Pits Where the Mad Things Drum, adv, 12p
5550R 11/2007 PDF Conan: Healers and Gladiators, 7p
5551R 12/2007 PDF CT:    The Saga of CthulhuTech, non-g, 3p
5552R 01/2008 PDF Conan: The Ark of Delight, adv, 7p
5553R 02/2008 PDF Conan: Temple of Tears, adv, 16p; Monsters of Legend, 5p
5554  03/2008 PDF Conan: Hyrkanian Steppe Nomads, 6p
5555  04/2008 PDF Trav:  The Rescue, adv, 6p
5556  05/2008 PDF Conan: Alt. Borderer Combat Styles, 4p; CT: Spells, 2p
5557  06/2008 PDF Trav:  Starchild, adv, 14p; CT: Anywhere Map, adv, 25p
                  Trav:  Reptii Assault Triax, ships, 6p
5558  07/2008 PDF Trav:  Starchild p2, 13p;
                  Conan: Book ot Elephant p1, adv, 8p;
                  CT:    Peace Through Superior Firepower, 9p
5559  08/2008 PDF Trav:  Fair Game, adv, 9p; Conan: Book/Elephant 2, 7p
5560  09/2008 PDF Conan: The Book of the Elephant p3, 9p
5561  10/2008 PDF Conan: Pygmies of the Hyborean Age, 5p
                  Trav:  Adapt and Overcome, adv, 3p
5562  11/2008 PDF Conan: Wildlife and Monsters in Atlaia, 6p;
                  Trav:  Jury-Rigging #2,4p; Fall o Rigella Namsey, adv,4p
5563  12/2008 PDF Trav:  Medic! Part 1: Physicians in Traveller, 6p
5564  01/2009 PDF Trav:  Medic! p2, 10p; Zephnil, planet, 5p
                  Conan: Body & Spirit, Hyrkanian Medicine/Religion, 10p
5565  02/2009 PDF Conan: Hyborian Age Monsters, 27p;
                  Trav:  Systems Defence Missile Boat & Command Frigate,5p
5566  03/2009 PDF Trav:  Levall Affair p1, adv, 5p;
                         The Sad Death of Sadder Villin, adv, 7p
5567  04/2009 PDF Trav:  Levall Affair p2, adv, 7p;
                  Conan: Manly Games & Festivals, 5p
5568  05/2009 PDF Conan: Man’s Best Friend, 6p; Palace of Centriss, 6p;
                  Trav:  Beltstrike Errata, 1p; Kresdekka I, planet, 5p
5569  06/2009 PDF Trav:  The Arhiyao Clan, 7p; Ship’s Locker - Clothes, 9p
                  Conan: Wine of the Gods, adv, 9p;
5570  07/2009 PDF Conan: Ten Reasons to Leave Cimmeria, 3p
                  Trav:  Ship’s Locker: Non-Lethal Weapons, 6p
5571  08/2009 PDF
5572  09/2009 PDF Trav:  Creating Kinships, 7p; The Derelict, adv, 4p
                  Trav:  Ships Locker: Nuclear Dampers & Disintegrators,9p
5573  10/2009 PDF Conan: Bitter Oranges, adv, 7p
5574  11/2009 PDF Trav:  Friend in Need, 2p; Heavy SDB, 3p
                  Conan: Cimmerian Moons, adv, 7p
5575  12/2009 PDF Conan: Praise the Serpent, 7p; Hunting the Falcon, 13p
                  Trav:  Friend in Need, 2p
5576  01/2010 PDF Conan: Piercing Magic, 3p; Dead Eyes, adv, 6p
                  Trav:  Fuel Efficiency, 1p; Duellist + Berserker, 5p
5577  02/2010 PDF Conan: The Bloodling, monster, 3p
                  Trav:  Conditioned Soldier + Information Warfare Spec,5p
5578  03/2010 PDF Conan: The Underhanded Side of Sorcery, 4p
                  Trav:  SF Ref’s Emergency Toolkit, 9p; The Gangster, 6p
                         Gods of the Space Age, 6p
5579  04/2010 PDF Trav:  Xenologist, 8p; Gallery of Outsiders, 5p
5580  05/2010 PDF Trav:  Availability, 1p; Sword Worlders, 8p
5581  06/2010 PDF Conan: The Dagger, 3p; Barachan Isles, 7p
                  ChtSt: Chthonian Stars (preview), 4p
5582  07/2010 PDF Trav:  Darrian Characters (preview), 5p
                         Augmetics and Prosthetics, 10p;
                         Armed Free Trader, 2p
                  ChtSt: Preview of the Planets (preview), 4p
                  Conan: Faith and Blood, adv 5-7, 19p
5583  08/2010 PDF Trav:  Ships: Antique Trader, Assault Craft, Boarding
                         Shuttle, Centaur Class Mercenary Carrier
                  Conan: New Armour, 2p
5584  09/2010 PDF Trav:  Ships: Lots of ships, 30p
                  ChtSt: The UWC Wardens (preview), 2p
5585  10/2010 PDF Trav:  Ships, 6p; SuSAG, 4p
                  ChtSt: The UWC Wardens (preview), 3p
                  Conan: Gambling, 4p
5586  11/2010 PDF Trav:  Ships, 5p; Where no Woman has Gone Before, 1p;
                         Give the Bank a Fighting Chance, 2p
                  Conan: Sneak Attack!, 2p; To Save a Kingdom (adv), 31p
5587  12/2010 PDF Trav:  Death Station (adv), 13p; Old Flame (npcs), 4p
                  ChtSt: Chupucabra, 4p
5588  01/2011 PDF Trav:  Space Bazaar, 6p; Destiny: Within t 2k Worlds, 4p
5589  02/2011 PDF Trav:  A Friend in Need (Patrons), 2p; Bestiary, 1p
                         The Thing in the Pit (adv), 6p
5590  03/2011 PDF Trav:  Balancing the Books, 6p; Mass Battles, 5p
                         The Flying Money Pit (adv), 2p
5591  04/2011 PDF Trav:  A Helping Hand, 2p; Otherworld Blues (adv), 4p
5592  05/2011 PDF Trav:  Old Acquaintances (adv), 4p
5593  06/2011 PDF Trav:  Annic Nova (ship), 10p; Apologies for Absence, 2p