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White Wolf Magazine Collection

White Wolf

Issue 1 (Aug 1986, PDF) - Items for Any Realm; Grislick Mountain (D&D adv)

Issue 2 (Sep 1986, PDF) - Is It Real? (illusions); Balshaam (D&D NPC with background)

Issue 3 (Oct 1986, PDF) - The Coach of Dreadmen's Road (D&D adv); The Alter of Power Enhancement

Issue 4 (Nov 1986, PDF) - In the Waters of Wyman (CoC adv); The Walls of Mecknar (D&D adv)

Issue 5 (Dec 1986, PDF) - "The Messenger" character class, new magic items, "The Bane" presents new monsters for fantasy campaigns, plus regular columns.

Issue 6 (Feb 1987) - "Breezy Town" a fantasy adventure, "How to Attract Gamers" to help round out your gaming group, regular columns and current Art Director Richard Thomas' first cover.

Issue 7 (Apr 1987) - "Skills for Sale" for fantasy games, numerous reviews, and regular columns.

White Wolf Magazine

Issue 8 (Dec 1987, Print) - Jorune; Minos 4 (BT); The Grove of Heroes (D&D adv); Scope of Magic (D&D)

Issue 9 (Feb 1988) - (Robert E. Howard Issue), featuring: "The Moon of Skulls" part 1, "Gads of Golems" for fantasy campaigns, "The Useless Mechs" for Battletech, "The Sylvan Gate" a fantasy adventure, "Gaming on Jorune."

Issue 10 (May 1988, PDF) - (SF & PBM Issue), "Buy Jupiter" by Isaac Asimov, "The Moon of Skulls" part 2, "Building a Better Mech" for Battletech. "Grislick Mountain" a fantasy adventure, "Nutz & Voltz" a complete SF RPG, and "Segment Jorune."

Issue 11 (Aug 1988, PDF) - (Fantasy Issue), "A Worm's Price" a fantasy adventure in an Oriental setting, "Peril at Stopover" for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, the conclusion of "The Moon of Skulls" by Robert E. Howard, "Segment Jorune," "The Order of Hermes" for Ars Magica, plus several new magic spells.

Issue 12 (Oct 1988, PDF) - (Halloween Issue), "The Knocking Box" for Call of Cthulhu, "Burglary" a fantasy adventure, "Segment Jorune," "Tayl of the Black Unicorn" an excellent fantasy short story, and more.

Issue 13 (Dec 1988, PDF) - (Review Issue), "The City of Westgate" for fantasy campaigns, "The Limits of Magic" for Ars Magica, part one of "Demon Killer," "The Cloud Abode" a fantasy adventure, plus several reviews and the first appearance of "The Silicon Dungeon."

Issue 14 (Feb 1989, PDF) - (Superhero Issue), "Automated Champions" for Champions, "A New Experience" for V&V, "Devil on the Moon" for Enforcers, "The Fate of the Grog" for Ars Magica, "Something's Rotting in Dankmart" a fantasy adventure, "Protecting the Shield" for Rolemaster, part two of "Demon Killer," "Segment Jorune," and new magic items.

Issue 15 (Apr/May 1989, PDF) - (SF Issue), "Let the Dice Decide" for Star Wars RPG, "Life's a Beach" for Expendables, "Cammarata's Irregulars" for High Colonies, "The Turzig Jousts" for Manhunter, "Segment Jorune," "The White Horse" a fantasy adventure, "Demon Killer" part 3, and "Skill Mastery" for Ars Magica.

Issue 16 (Jun/Jul 1989) - (PBM Issue), a huge list of PBM games currently on the market plus reviews of several more, "The Cults of Yelm" for Runequest, "The Search for Mabar" a fantasy adventure, "The Houses of Hermes" for Ars Magica, "Demon Killer" part 4, plus "Segment Jorune" and other regular columns.

Issue 17 (Aug/Sep 1989, PDF) - (Fantasy Issue), "Riches in Plenty" a fantasy adventure, "Mordag's Little Finger" for GURPS, "Night of the Faeries" for Ars Magica, new spells for Warhammer, reviews of 2nd Edition AD&D and Shadowrun, and "Demon Killer" part 5.

Issue 18 (Dec/Jan 1990, PDF) - (Horror Issue), To Kill a Dead Man (Shadowrun), Cannibal Express (CoC), Light of the Silvery Moon (Palladium RPG)

Issue 19 (Feb/Mar 1990, PDF) - (Alternate Fantasy Worlds Issue), "Underworld" fantasy adventure in Talislanta, "The Minotaurs of Northplains" for City-State of the Invincible Overlord, "Wizard Archetypes" for Ars Magica, "Into the Heart of Darkness" a fantasy adventure, "Charms of Kulthea" for Shadow World, and "Demon Killer" part 7.

Issue 20 (Apr/May 1990, PDF) - (Superhero Issue), "Do it With Mirrors" adventure for DC Heroes, "The Cult of Lodril" for Runequest, "Splendors of the Past" a fantasy adventure, "Expanding Skills in Enforcers" for Enforcers, the final installment of "Demon Killer," and many reviews.

Issue 21 (Apr/May 1990, PDF) - (Torg & PBM Issue), "The Final Countdown" a Torg adventure, "Shadowrun Archetypes" for Shadowrun, "Troupe Style Role-Playing" for any game system, "Seigeshire" a fantasy adventure, and many reviews.

Issue 22 (Jun/Jul 1990, PDF) - (Fantasy Issue), "Gass Reunion" a fantasy adventure, "Classical Magic" for AD&D, "The Scorpion Queen Bagog" for Runequest, "The Golden Ship" adventure for Ars Magica, and new magic spells.

Issue 23 (Oct/Nov 1990, PDF) - (Horror Issue), "Giving the Devil his Due" for any fantasy system, "Shadowrun Novice Archetypes" for Shadowrun, "The Key and the Gate" for Call of Cthulhu, "Drough at Dirty Emies" for Age of Ruin, "Reign Storm" a fantasy adventure, and many reviews.

Issue 24 (Dec/Jan 1991, PDF) - (3rd Anniversary Issue), "Rat's Den" for Shadowrun, "Tomes of the Three Witches" for Quest of the Ancients, "In the News Tonight" for Torg, "In the Shadow of the Magi" for Ars Magica, "Charmed I'm Sure" for Warhammer FRP, and new magic items for AD&D, plus many more reviews.

Issue 25 (Feb/Mar 1991, PDF) - (3rd Annual Superhero Issue), Meta-Physical Problems (DC Heroes), Appled Sciences (Torg - Nile Empire), A Dagger of Jade (Rolemaster - Shadow World)

Issue 26 (Apr/May 1991, PDF) - (Annual Science Fuction Issue), Fireball (Cyberpunk 2020), Damsel in Distress (Torg-Cyberpapacy), The King Beneath the Hill (D&D/AD&D chivalric adventure)

Issue 27 (Jun/Jul 1991, PDF) - (Annual PBM Issue), The Mystic Flame (Torg), Armor Down (Justifiers)

Issue 28 (Aug/Sep 1991, PDF) - (Annual Fantasy Issue), Purgatory (Vampire), The Wolfling of Hurst (Legendary Lives), Spelljack (Torg/Living Land), Tarepo's Troubles (Solo, Custom system)

Issue 29 (Oct/Nov 1991, PDF) - (Halloween Issue), Love (Torg/Orrorsh), Hunger (Chill with Neanderthal PCs), Cray Canyon Cold Snap (GURPS Old West/Horror)

Issue 30 (Feb 1992, PDF) - (Near Future Issue), Raiko (Torg/Nippon), Deadly Legacy (Age of Ruin)

Issue 31 (May/Jun 1992, PDF) - (format change), Shadows Across the Big Easy (Shadowrun New Orleans p1), Dice Not Included (LARP adventure)

Issue 32 (Jul/Aug 1992, PDF) - Infiltration of the Mind Maggot from Planet V (LARP), Natives of the Big Easy (Shadowrun New Orleans p2), The Dark Tower (Vampire and Werewolf)

Issue 34 (Jan/Feb 1993, PDF) - Magic Over Bourbon Street: Voodoo for ShadowRun (Shadowrun New Orleans p4), Court-Martial of a Price (LARP)

Issue 35 (Mar/Apr 1993, PDF) - The Darkest Shadow (adventure, Shadowrun New Orleans p5), The Sorceress' Tower (Ars Magica setting), The Calling of Craxuul-Thk (LARP)

Issue 36 (PDF) - Identification: Friend or Foe (Millennium's End), Captain Reinald's Buried Treasure (LARP)

Issue 37 (PDF) - The Treasure of Galilee (Pendragon), Mind Over Matter (Mage the Ascension)

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