Kevin C. Wong

Military Fiction Collection

Sharpe | Bernard Cornwell

1981 1987p TPB Sharpe's Eagle
1981 2004p PPB Sharpe's Gold
1982 2004p PPB Sharpe's Company
1983 1994p TPB Sharpe's Sword
1984 2001p TPB Sharpe's Enemy
1985 1994p TPB Sharpe's Honor
1986 1994p TPB Sharpe's Regiment
1987 1994p TPB Sharpe's Siege
1988 1989p TPB Sharpe's Rifles
1989 1990p TPB Sharpe's Revenge
1990 2001p TPB Sharpe's Waterloo
1992 1993p PPB Sharpe's Devil
1995 1996p PPB Sharpe's Battle
1997 1999p TPB Sharpe's Tiger
1998 2000p TPB Sharpe's Triumph
1999 2002p TPB Sharpe's Fortress
2000 2002p TPB Sharpe's Trafalgar
2001 2001p TPB Sharpe's Prey
2002 2002e 3/5 Sharpe's Skirmish (novella)
2003 2003p 3/5 Sharpe's Christmas (novella)
2003 2004p TPB Sharpe's Havoc
2004 2005p PPB Sharpe's Escape
2006 1E HdC Sharpe's Fury
2021 ..... ....... Sharpe's Assassin (HdC: Dec 7 2021)


1997 2E Large Sharpe's Victory: The Story of a Hero's Triumph
2001 2003p Large Marching with Sharpe
2003 2005p TPB The Sharpe Companion: The Early Years
2006 HdC Sharpe Cut: The Inside Story o/t Creation of a Major Television Series
2007 2E 3/5 Sharpe's Story: The Story Behind the Sharpe Series

Horatio Hornblower | C. S. Forester

1937 1974p PPB Beat to Quarters (aka The Happy Return)
1938 1980p PPB Ship of the Line (aka A Ship of the Line)ff
1938 1980p PPB Flying Colors (aka Flying Colours)
1945 1972p PPB The Commodore (aka Commodore Hornblower)
1946 1946p HdC Lord Hornblower
1950 1963p PPB Mr. Midshipman Hornblower
1952 1980p TPB Lieutenant Hornblower
1953 1974p PPB Hornblower and the Atropos
1958 1980p PPB Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies (aka Hornblower in the West Indies)
1962 1980p PPB Hornblower and the Hotspur
1967 1976p PPB Hornblower During the Crisis (aka Hornblower and the Crisis) [unfinished novel]

1964 1975p PPB The Hornblower Companion

1952 1952 Radio The Adventures of Horatio Hornblower (52 episodes)


1984 1990p PPB The Hunt for Red October (Tom Clancy)
1986 1987p PPB Red Storm Rising (Tom Clancy)
1987 1988p PPB Team Yankee: A Novel of World War III (Harold Coyle)
1978 1985p PPB The Third World War: August 1985 (General Sir John Hackett)


Chronological Order

1992 1998p PPB Crusade (David Weber and Steve White)
1997 PPB In Death Ground (David Weber and Steve White)
2002 2009p PPB The Shiva Option (David Weber and Steve White)
1990 2004p PPB Insurrection (David Weber and Steve White)
2006 2008P PPB Exodus (Steve White and Shirley Meier)
2011 2012p PPB Extremis (Steve White and Charles E Gannon)
2016 ..... ....... Imperative (Steve White)

Honorverse (David Weber)

Honor Harrington

1993 1994p PPB+iBk On Basilisk Station
1993 1997p PPB The Honor of the Queen
1994 2011p PPB The Short Victorious War
1994 PPB Field of Dishonor
1995 PPB Flag in Exile
1996 2000p PPB Honor Among Enemies
1997 2006p PPB In Enemy Hands
1998 1999p PPB Echoes of Honor
2000 2006p PPB Ashes of Victory
2003 2003p PPB War of Honor
2005 2007p PPB At All Costs
2010 2011p PPB Mission of Honor
2012 2014p PPB A Rising Thunder
2018 ..... ....... Uncompromising Honor

Worlds of Honor

1998 2005p PPB More Than Honor
1999 2000p PPB Worlds of Honor
2001 2009p PPB Change of Worlds
2003 2004p PPB The Service of the Sword
2011 2012p PPB In Fire Forged
2013 2014p PPB Beginnings

Crown of Slaves

2003 2010p PPB Crown of Slaves
2009 2011p PPB Torch of Freedom
2014 ..... ....... Cauldron of Ghosts
2021 ..... ....... To End in Fire

Saganami Island

2004 2010p PPB The Shadow of Saganami
2009 2021p PPB Storm from the Shadows
2013 ..... ....... Shadow of Freedom
2016 ..... ....... Shadow of Victory

The Star Kingdom

2011 1P HdC A Beautiful Friendship
2012 2013p TPB Fire Season
2013 ..... ....... Treecat Wars

Manticore Ascendant

2014 ..... ....... A Call to Duty
2015 ..... ....... A Call to Arms
2018 ..... ....... A Call to Vengeance
2022 ..... ....... A Call to Insurrection